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PC Hancock, courtesy of Tom Cook




Herbert Malin

Steve Cook, courtesy of Tom Cook

of those families who have been recorded here.

The page includes families so far researched, mostly of three generations or more. The families recorded below have not been recorded with any particular preference in mind, but they do have to have had some impact on Harvington, if only to have lived here for one generation.

ANDREWS:           of Harvington and Childswickham.
HOUSE: The Steps.

Most of the information on the Andrews family has been supplied by Terry Prudden. For further information please go to the section on 'The Steps' in Buildings.

William Andrews, 1815-1895, married Elizabeth Hartwell, 1812-1897 and had issue:-

  1. William Andrews, 1850-1909, born Wickhamford, married Harriet Craddock of Wolverhampton (later known as 'Granny Andrews'), and lived at The Steps from at least 1901. There is a pdf file on the life of William Andrews. Harriet died in 1947 aged 90. They had issue:-
    1. Annie Elizabeth, born Wolverhampton 1877, married 1897, Alfred Ludlow, a market gardener and carrier. He died in 1924, she died in 1927. They has issue:
      1. Reginald, married and died in 1999.
      2. Nancy, married 1931 to Cyril Geoffrey Shailer who died in 1999. She died in 1999 aged 92. They had issue:-
        1. John.
        2. Rex.
      3. Dorothy Winifred Rose, married 1925 Reginald Penfold Prudden and died in 1937. Reg died in 1976 after marrying Mary Cross. Dorothy and Reg had three sons:-

        Dorothy Prudden
        1. Derek.
        2. Ivor.
        3. Roy, he married Jill Harris.
      4. Gerard, died 1944, married Gwendoline Huskey who died in 1933.
    2. Daisy May, born North Littleton 1888. She lived with Harry Rogers and had Carol & Vena and moved to Canada.
    3. Lily, born North Littleton 1891. She married Frank Rapley at Caterham.
    4. William Alfred Victor Richard (Vic), born 11th Aug 1897 at The Steps in 1897. He died 7th March 1923. There is a pdf file on the life of Victor Andrews. For more information on Victor, see the page on War Dead.

Harriet with Daisy, Lily & Victor; Victor with his Granny Harriet; Victor in uniform; Victor with Dorothy.

A pdf file of a note by Steve Cook, the local Harvington historian to Nancy Shailer née Ludlow, the great aunt of Terry Prudden.

See the page on Memorials for the Andrews tombstone.

BEST:           of Harvington.
HOUSE: Crooked Walls.

Thomas Best, born Laverton c1796. He married in Broadway 31st Oct 1836 to Sarah Dobbins who was born c1811. They were living in Broadway 1836, in Salford in 1841 and Harvington by 1844. They had issue:-

  1. William Best, bap Broadway 7th Dec 1836. He was married in Harvington in 1861 to Elizabeth Sorrell. She died in 1914. He died in 1906. They had issue:-

    Rosa and Herbert Best in a school photograph circa 1928.
    1. William, born Harvington c1861.
    2. Rosa, born Harvington 1866.
    3. Frederick, born Harvington 1868.
    4. Charles, born Harvington 1870.
    5. George, born Harvington 1872.
    6. Herbert John, born Harvington 13th June 1874. He married Rhoda A Cox in 1912. They were probably living in number three Crooked Walls by 1914. After the War they moved to 15 Leys Road. They had issue:-

      Herbert and Rhoda Best
      1. Mabel Lucy (Lucy), born 1912. She married Arthur Hartiss.

        Mabel Lucy and Arthur Hartiss

        Family group at Atch Lench Baptist Chapel in 1932:-
        Granddad H.J. Best, Granny Rhoda Best, Howard Reeve G Cox's husband (Rhoda's daughter)

      2. Rosa Elizabeth Hilda, born in Crooked Walls, Harvington on 20th March 1914. Her daughter remembers her stating that she was born on the ground floor near the window and oven. She firstly married Henry T. Jones in 1938 and had no issue. Henry died within a few months. Rosa married secondly Edmund Beasley on 13th May 1940 at Bromsgrove and had issue:-

        Rosa and Edmund Beasley
        1. John, born 1941.
        2. Keith, born 1943.
        3. Kenneth, born 1945.
        4. Shirley, born 1952. Visited Crooked Walls in 2022.
      3. Herbert G F K, born Harvington 1915.
      4. Nancy D. born Harvington 1920.
      5. Kenneth Gordon born Harvington 1922.

      Kenneth Gordon Best

    7. Ralf, born Harvington 1876.
    8. Lucy Ann, born Harvington 1867. There was a tradition in the Best family that she owned Crooked Walls. Lucy would not have actually owned Crooked Walls but she could well have inherited the tenancy in 1901 of number two (or three) from her grandmother Lucy Sorrell. Family tradition again states that she owned several properties in Harvington. She was married in 1901 to William Charles Weager. In 1911 they were living in Harvington, he was a Railway labourer aged 42. She died in 1940, he died in 1949 aged 80.
    9. Walter Ernest, born Harvington 1878.
  2. Mary Ann, born Salford c1841.
  3. Albert, born Harvington 1844.

BISHOP:           of Harvington.
HOUSE: Malt House.

From about 1905 onwards William Bishop, garden labourer, and his wife Sarah lived at 1 Malthouse Cottages. Their grandson was born in number one in 1939.

William Henry Bishop, born Bishampton, aged 39 in 1911. He was married in 1894 to Sarah Ann Stanley, born Harvington 1874, aged 36 in 1911. She was the daughter of Job & Hannah Stanley and sister of Constance. William and Sarah had issue:-

  1. William Francis E, born Harvington 1894, a farm labourer aged 16 in 1911.
  2. Alfred Seymour, born Norton 1896, a plough boy aged 14 in 1911.
  3. Phyllis Eveline, born Norton 1898, aged 13 in 1911.
  4. Rosa Lillian, born Norton 1899, aged 12 in 1911.
  5. Raymond Redvers S, born Norton 1900, aged 10 in 1911.
  6. Albert Edward Victor, born Norton 1901, aged 9 in 1911.
  7. Edna Gwendoline Ellen, born Harvington 1905, aged 5 in 1911.
  8. Alick G, born Harvington 1911.
  9. Walter H L, born Harvington 1913. He was married in 1934 to Hilda M Baylis and they lived at 4 Malthouse Cottages until they moved to Coles Cottages. Walter worked on Cole's farm. They had issue:-
    1. Marshall John (John), born 1938. He was married in 1962 to Valerie I Speake. They lived at No.2 Leys Road. They had issue:-
      1. Gary J, born 1962.
      2. Suzanne, born 1966.
      3. Michele, born 1969.
  10. Sidney J J, born Harvington 1915, married in 1938 to Dorothy (Dot) Mills. They lived at 4 Coles Cottages, Village Street. He died in 1982. She died in 1993. They had issue:-
    1. David Roy, born Harvington 4th Sep 1939. He served in the Royal Navy for 21 years and then in 1977 he emigrated to Australia where he served another 26 years in the Australian Navy. He Married Patricia Lesley Bishop. They divorced in 1984 and she died circa 2006. They had issue:-
      1. Colin, born 1962, 24 years in the Australian army.
      2. Catherine, born November 1965. Lives in England. She married an Ellison.
      3. Christopher Michael, born May 1967.
      4. Claire, born 1970. Lives in England.
    2. Margaret A, born Harvington 1941. She married James (Jim) Jelfs of Broadway. Now (2016) living in Evesham. They had issue:
      1. Pauline.
      2. Nicola.

    1974 in garden of No.4 Coles Cottages
    Syd & Dot Bishop,
    [L to R] Auntie Rose, Sue Bishop (Phelps) Nicky Jelfs (Foster), Catherine Bishop (Ellison), Col Bishop, Pauline Jelfs (Speake), Gary Bishop,
    [front] Claire Bishop (Braid), Christopher Bishop.

BOMFORD:           of Harvington.
HOUSE: Harvington Lodge & The Laurels.

There is a large and comprehensive work covering this very large family titled 'The Bomford's of Worcestershire' by William Bruce Norris Bomford, privately published in 1983. It now appears on the Internet under and should be referred to when studying the Bomford family. The following has been mostly extracted from the above mentioned Bomford family history. Only the major Bomford family members that have effected Harvington are noted here in more detail.

Benjamin Bomford, of Harvington Lodge
Benjamin Bomford, born 12 Oct 1857 at White House, he was married in 1885 to Gertrude Brewer Kendrick, born 24 Sep 1856 at Birmingham. He and his wife moved in to Harvington Lodge shortly after their marriage and became major landowners in the parish. Benjamin, Raymond, Ernest George Cooke Bomford and James Fergusan Bomford, Walter Ernest Kendrick Ernest Martineau (Solicitor) appear in the Deeds of Crooked Walls.

Benjamin was in partnership with his brother Raymond in R & B Bomford and then Bomford and Evershed. He was first chairman of Harvington P C on its foundation, a school manager and a trustee of Parish Charities. Captained the Harvington cricket team for many seasons in his younger days. He died 18 Mar 1929, at Harvington Lodge, she died 21 Mar 1929 at Harvington Lodge. They were buried, as where many of the Bomfords, at Atch Lench Baptist Chapel. They had a number of children born at The Lodge.

Benjamin Bomford's daughter, of Harvington Lodge
Gwendoline Gertrude Bomford (Daisy ), born 21 Dec 1894, died 16 Mar 1984. She was married 1922 at Dunnington to Percy Hughes, born 1894, died 10 Jun 1984 at Salford Lodge. She worked as a clerk at Pitchill while living at Harvington Lodge.

Benjamin Bomford's son, of Harvington Lodge
Harold Kendrick Bomford (Ken), born 16 Apr 1899 at Harvington Lodge, died 18 Nov 1958. He married Lilias Heath, born 28 Oct 1904, died 25 Feb 1978. He lived at Harvington Lodge. Farmed in partnership with Pip Hughes for several years. He was a fine shot and a keen fisherman. Had a collection of guns and fishing rods. Collected antique clocks, which were auctioned for some £60 000 after his death. He had a workshop where he made all sorts of things including toys much prized by his nephews. He was a director of Bomford and Evershed from 1930 to 1958

George Frederick Bomford, of The Grange
Fred, was born 19 Dec 1876 at Atch Lench, died 1953 at Harvington. He was married 1904 to Annette Louisa Lewis, born 1 Dec 1854, died 2 Sep 1936 at Harvington. He lived at The Grange, Harvington, and farmed in quite a big way, owning a set of steam engines at one time. In addition to the grange farm he owned a farm at Aldington and was tenant of the Atch Lench farm. He had no children, but Annette's niece Lilian Morrow came to live with them and stayed on to care for Fred in his old age. She appears on a WI photograph taken in the 1950's.

Benjamin's brother, of The Laurels
Alfred William Bomford, born 1868 at Pitchill, died 18 Jul 1924 at The Laurels, Harvington, married Caroline Ruth Millar, and had issue. After Alfred's death Caroline married Arthur H Cutler, see under the Cedars, Harvington. The 1911 census records Alfred as 'traveller feeding cakes manures'.

Ernest George Cooke Bomford, Baker at The Mill
Ernest George Cooke Bomford, born 1849 at Pitchill, died 8 Mar 1901 at Springhill, married 1890 at Fosseway to Janet Elizabeth Ferguson, born 1865 at Fosseway, Perthshire, died 16 Sep 1953 at Bredon, and had issue. He was a great innovator. Grew up to 100 acres of hops. Started a brewery and had many tied houses in the Chadbury Fladbury area. The brewery eventually moved to Birmingham. Had a bakery in Harvington, The Avon Pure Bread Company. In 1884, Ernest Bomford, farmer of Spring Hill, Fladbury, near Pershore was summoned for selling or consigning milk from which 20 per cent of the cream had been abstracted. Mr Carter deputy town clerk prosecuted. Fined 40s and costs (Worcestershire Chronicle: Kim Bomford email 22 Aug 2012).

Hilda Grace Bomford relative of the above, of Dalkeith
Grace, was born 18 Feb 1885, died 1980 at Harvington, was married 9 Apr 1908 at Alcester to Raymond Hodgkinson.

BREWER:           of Harvington.
HOUSE: The Brickyard .

According to the 1851 Census, the Brewer family were living at a ‘cottage on road’ to Alcester, Harvington.

Thomas Brewer, born in Suffolk 1804, Ag lab. His wife Mary, was born at Great Alne, Suffolk 1809. They had issue:-

  1. George, bap Harvington 29th January 1837, ag lab.
  2. John, bap Harvington 2nd June 1839, ag lab.
  3. Sarah, bap Harvington 16th January 1842.
  4. Thomas, born Harvington 1843. According to the 1901 Census, Thomas Brewer, Lab., lived at the Brickyard, Harvington, with his wife Jane, born Besford 1853, and their children. Thomas died 23rd Aug 1905, aged 62 and Jane died 29 July 1928, aged 86. They had issue:-
    1. Fanny, born Harvington 1885, Dressmaker.
    2. May, born Harvington 1888.
    3. Arthur Brewer, born Harvington 1890.
    4. Elsie, born Harvington 1893.
  5. Henry, bap Harvington 7th March 1847.
  6. Elizabeth, bap Harvington 19th April 1849.

See the page on Memorials for the Brewer tombstone.

BROMLEY:           family of Harvington & Bildeston, Suffolk.
HOUSE: Croftland

A fine pedigree of the Bromleys by John S Serman

John S Serman of Evesham, created the above pedigree and sent a copy to Jean Spires in Harvington in 2001.

Bromley Family
John Mills Bromley, born Bildeston, Suffolk 1824. He was married in 1843, to Eliza Neale, born Aston Cantlow in 1825. In 1881 they were living in Wilmcote, Worcs where he was a Carpenter and Joiner. Eliza was the daughter of John Neal and Sarah, who lived at Hardwick Farm near Wilmcote. She died 1909 aged 84 and he died at Wilmcote 1909 aged 86. They had issue:-

  1. Joseph William, born Wilmcote 1846.
  2. Thomas, born Wilmcote 1851 and died 1931. He married in 1870 to Annie Eliz Cox. They had issue:-
    1. John Henry Clifford Wilmcote 1870-1870.
    2. Alfred Joseph, born Wilmcote 1871.
    3. Alfred, born 1873, bap 1883.
    4. Thomas, Wilmcote 1877-78.
    5. Arthur William, born 1883.
  3. Mary Ann, born 1851. She had issuew:-
    1. Joseph, born 1872.
  4. Thomas Hunt, born Sproxton, Leics 1852, died Wilmcote 1929. Married 1876 Lucy Jane Hopkins, Newnham 1852-Wilmcote 1929. They had issue:-
    1. Thomas, Wilmcote 1876.
    2. John Henry, 1877-196-, had one eye. Married 1900 Catherine Hannah Keysey, born Wilmcote 1880. They had issue:-
      1. Aubrey Hunt Keysey, born 190- and had a crippled foot.
    3. Mary Ann, 1879-1880.
    4. Maud Beatrice, born 1881.
    5. Lucy Mary, born 1884.
    6. Eliza, Wilmcote 1887-1904. She married John Serman, 1881-1945. They had issue:-
      1. Sylvester John, 1808-1993 Birmingham. He married Jessie H Waterhouse, born Aston 1910 and had issue:-
        1. John Sylvester, born Birmingham 1932.
        2. David, Birmingham 1938.
        3. Joan, born Birmingham 1942.
    7. Rose, 1889-1963.
    8. Sarah Ann, born 1891.
    9. William, lived in Brighton, died 1966. He married and had issue:-
      1. Kenneth, born 1922.
      2. Peter, born 1930.
      3. Christine, born 1945.
  5. John, Wilmcote 1856-1856.
  6. Augusta, born 1858.
  7. John Neal Bromley, born Bearley 1856, He was married in Aston 1881 to Elizabeth Puncker Hawkes. They were living in Wilmcote in 1891, he as a Carpenter and Licensed Victualler of the Masons Arms in Wilmcote. She was aged 28 in 1891. He died in 1922 aged 65. They had issue:-

    Marriage of John Neal Bromley & Eizabeth Puncker Hawkes

    1. William John, undertaker and licensee of Harvington, was born 1882. He married firstly Gertrude Lowe in 1903. Gertrude died in the same year. He married secondly Janet Hughes at Harvington in 1906 (see Mona Cottage), for further details of the Hughes Family. From the obituary below, he lived for a while on Cress Hill. Presumably this was between his marriage in 1903 and the time when he took over the running of the Coach & Horses in 1905, when he became its licensee, a position he held until 1934. It is from the Coach and Horses that he carried on his business as undertaker and carpenter. In 1934 he had built and moved to Croftland on the corner of Anchor Lane, opposite to Candle Cottage. During much of the time he was undertaker, he was in possession of the village bier. There is a separate article to cover its story. He also made his own coffins. He stored the wood for the coffins in the old Hop kiln. His undertakers table still survives as a table in the Coach & Horses (2013). When he died, his stipulation was that he should be laid out on his old table and his coffin taken to the church on the old bier. His wife died in 1959 aged 73, he died in 1966 aged 84 after living for some time at The Drift Nursing Home in Evesham.

      Mr Bill Bromley senior

      There is an obituary of William John Bromley, published in a local paper under 'Deaths', kindly loaned by Jean Spires.

      "Mr. William John Bromley, of Croftland, Harvington, who for over 50 years was an undertaker at Harvington, died in Avonside Hospital, Evesham, last Friday. He was 84. He had been in Hospital since February. Mr. Bromley was born at Bearley and later moved to Wilmcote, where his father, who was also an undertaker, kept the Masons Arms. He came to Harvington over 60 years ago, living first on Cress Hill.

      In 1905 he became licensee of the Coach and Horses Inn at Harvington, where he remained until 1934, when he moved to his present address. He was engaged as a carpenter and undertaker for the whole of the time, only retiring two years ago. Evidence of his skill with wood can be seen in St. James's church, Harvington: he made the hand rails to the pulpit; the altar rails and the trestles.

      He was for many years chairman of the Harvington and District Darts League and was also treasurer of the Cirencester Benefit Society. During the Second World War he served in the Home Guard. His wife died and he is survived by two sons and a daughter. His third son died in 1938.

      The funeral service was at St. James's church on Wednesday. Family mourners were: Mr. W. Bromley, Mr. R. Bromley, (sons) Mrs. B. Bayliss (daughter). Mrs. L. Bromley (daughter-in-law), Mr. S. Bayliss (son-in-law), Mr. R. Bromley (grandson), Mr. and Mrs. L. Spiers (grand-daughter and husband) and Mrs. Grace Bromley (niece)."

      William John and his wife Janet had issue:-

      1. Gladys (Bess) Winifred, born 1908, she was married in Cheltenham 1937 to Sydney G Baylis and died without issue.

        Mr Bill Bromley junior
      2. William John, born 1912. He was married in 1937 to Lilian Mary Knight, born 1912. They lived in Mona Cottage in Hughes Lane. William died in 2000. They had issue:-
        1. Reginald H, born 17 Oct 1937.
        2. Jean M, born in Mona Cottage Harvington in 1943. She was married in 1964 to Lionel W Spires and had issue.

        Mr Ron Bromley

      3. Ronald, born 1914 and lived in Croftlands. He died without issue.

        Letters to Ron.

      4. Harry H, born 1917. He died in 1938 aged 20.

    2. Ernest Thomas, born in Bearley 29 Aug 1883. In 1911 he was a Brewer's clerk living in Roseleigh, Wilmcote with his wife Annie, baby daughter Grace and his brother-in-law Archibald Jeffrey Neale, a Draper's clerk, aged 25. In 1908 Ernest married Annie Matilda, daughter of William & Lucy Neale. She was born in 1880, baptised at Aston Cantlow 11 Jan 1880. Ernest and his wife Annie died at 'The Crofts', Wilmcote in 1974. They had issue:-

      1. Grace Mary, born 1911.
      2. Archibald Ernest H, born 14 July 1913. He was married in the Stratford area in 1936 to Dorothy Marion Smaill, born 13 Jan 1913. He died 27 Dec 1994 aged 81, she died 1995, aged 82. They had issue:-

        1. Yvonne, born 1937
        2. David J, born 1946. He died in 2007.
        3. Anne E, born 1951
        4. John E, born 1951
      3. Iris, born 1916
    3. George Edwin Holmes b1891 who had issue:-
      1. Douglas George, born 1920.
    4. Harry Hawkes, born 1892, he was married in Stratford on Avon 1912 to Gertrude Woodward and had issue>-
      1. Kathleen Charlette, born 1913.
      2. John Woodward, born 1916.
      3. Gladys Hawkes, born 1919
      4. Philip H, born1930.
    5. Elizabeth Gladys known as Gladys Elizabeth Bromley, born 1897 and married in Alcester 1917 ( most probably Wilmcote).
  8. Elizabeth,born 1860.
  9. Sarah Ann, born 1862.
  10. Fanny,born 1865. Married 1889.
  11. George Mills, born 1867, Married 1894 Helen Baylis, 1867-1922. Died 1919 aged 52.
    1. Mills Thomas, born 1895.
    2. Mabel Lillian, born Wilmcote 1900, married 1939.

Hawkes Family:
William Hawkes, born 1835, married Elizabeth Hughes, born 1841. He died in 1864. Elizabeth married 2ndly in 1880 John Hewitt. (They had issue - see below.) Elizabeth Hewitt died 11th March 1911 aged 77.

Marriage of William Hawkes & Elizabeth Hughes

Death certificate of Elizabeth Hewitt

William Hawkes and Elizabeth Hughes had issue:-

  1. William, born 1861. He married Blanche M Breakspere. In 1901/11 they were living at the Bearley Cross Inn, Bearley. They had issue.
    1. John C, born 1891.
    2. Mary E ,born 1893.
    3. Barry S, born 1895.
    4. Wilfred H, born 1898.
  2. Elizabeth Puncker, born 1863. She married John Neale Bromley.
  3. Mary Ellen, born 1864. In 1888 she was married in Wilmcote, Warwickshire to Charles H Tyack, 1867. They moved to Aston Cantlow and to Harvington. In 1891 they ran the Golden Cross Inn. They had issue: see under Tyack.

    Hewitt Family:
    Elizabeth Hawkes, née Hughes, and John Hewitt had issue:-

    Marriage of John Hewitt & Elizabeth Hawkes
    1. Agnes, born 1870, and was married firstly in Wilmcote 1893 to Thomas Baylis, born 1869 and died 1895. They had issue:-
      1. Helena A, born 1894 who had no issue.
      2. Thomasina, born 1896. She married Wilfred Rowley and had:-
        1. Derek Baylis Rowley, born 1926.

      Census return for Hewitt & Neale.
      Agnes married secondly in 1901 Albert Neale, born 1866, a relation to the above Eliza Neale, and had issue:-
      1. Ann Elizabeth Grace, born 1901 and had issue.
      2. Albert Harry, married Louisa A Monsuer and had:-
        1. Muriel
      3. Mabel I, born 1907 who Albert Drew.
      4. Ernestine Daisy , born 1908.
      5. Agatha Catherine, born 1910. She married Jack King and had issue:-
        1. John.
      6. Richard John, born 1911. He married Edith Edney and had issue:-
        1. Ann Catherine, married John Jaques and had issue:-
          1. Sarah, had issue.
          2. Claire, had issue.
          3. Richard, had issue.
        2. Kay Frances, married David Smith.
        3. Patricia, married twice.
        4. Jane, married twice.

BULLOCK:           family of Harvington.
HOUSE: Manor Farm

The Bullock's were farmers at the Manor Farm from about 1832. James Bullock married Sarah and had issue:-

  1. John Bullock was born in Wormington on 20th Aug 1807. He married Harriet in Harvington 12th Jan 1832. In the 1851 Census he was farmer of 105 acres, in 1861 he had 135 acres, in 1871 he had 114 acres. In 1881 he farmed 400 acres and was living with Harriet his wife and two sons William and John, and also a servant Sarah Brown aged 19 and born in Grafton Flyford. John died Harvington 22 Dec 1883. Harriet died 16th December 1892. John and Harriet had issue:-
    1. William James, born Harvington 1838, a farmers son in 1881. He married Ann Emily Sisam, 1840-1915, at Arrow, Worcs on 21st Jan 1871. In Harvington until about the early 1900's and then moved to Alcester.
    2. Helen Elizabeth, born Harvington 1840
    3. Harriet Maria, born Harvington 1842
    4. Adelaide Amelia, born Harvington 1844
    5. Agnes Louisa, born Harvington 1846
    6. John, born Harvington 1848, a farmer's son in 1881. He married Maria Malin, born 1854 and died 28th June 1940. John died 9th Oct 1928.
  2. Eleanor, born 1808, died 1867
  3. Sarah, born 1810
  4. James, born 1812

See the page on Memorials for a number of Bullock graves.

CALE:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: Golden Cross

JOHN CALE, died 1819 aged 86, see under memorials. He was married at Harvington on 16 Oct 1764 to Elizabeth, dau of William & Hannah Huband. Elizabeth came from an old Harvington family, was baptised 4 Jun 1738 and died 1801 aged 63. They had issue:-

  1. Hannah, bap Harvington 6 Jan 1766, witness to marriage of her sister Sarah & William Williams' wedding in 1802. Died 28 Oct 1804 aged 38.
  2. William, bap Harvington 26 Feb 1768 as Cole.
  3. George, bap Harvington 28 Feb 1773.
  4. Sarah, bap Harvington 18 Jun 1776. She was married under 'Cole' at Harvington on 12 Dec 1803 to William Williams of Salford Priors, he was born 1777. They were living with her brother Joseph at the Golden Cross and by 1851 he had taken over as the publican. See under Williams family.
  5. Joseph, bap 5 Feb 1777. In the 1841 Census he was the publican of the Golden Cross aged 60. It is possible that he was the person, or closely related to him, who was responsible for creating the tapestry hatchment hanging in the church, see under church memorials.

Joseph, aged 60 in the 1841 Census as a publican of the Golden Cross aged 60, living there were William Williams, ag lab., Sarah Williams, Joseph Williams, aged 25, Mary [not born in county], aged 20, John Williams, ag lab., Thos Williams, aged 3 & William Birch [not born in county], aged 20. The next family is: John Cole, farmer aged 60, Mary Cole, aged 50, Amelia Cole, aged 20, [all not born in county]. No relationships are mentioned in 1841.

See under memorials for their tombstones.

CARELESS:           family living in Harvington.

Richard Careless married at Harvington 13 July 1797 to Sarah Hawkes, born Harvington 1782. She was a widow in 1841 and died in 1867. They had issue:-

  1. Ann, born 1797.
  2. John, born 1799.
  3. George, born 1801.
  4. Joshua, born 1803, died 1848. Alive in 1841.
  5. Mary, born 1808. Alive in 1841.
  6. Hebe, born Harvington 10th Jun 1809. In 1871 she was living at Heath Farm in Redmarley, Glos. With her daughter Flora Birt, and son in law John Birt, Farmer, born Dymock 1823. She died 1884. She had issue:-
    1. Sophia, born Harvington 4th Nov 1827, died 1915.
    2. Agnes, born Harvington 29th Sep 1830.
    3. Flora, bap Harvington 7 May 1841. She was a gloveress and married John Birt and died 1929. They had issue:-
      1. John.
      2. William E.
      3. Reginald.
      4. Catherine.
  7. William, born 1818.
  8. Sarah, born 1821.

Where the Careless family lived is not known but on the Deeds of Crooked Walls, the adjacent lane on one of the plans has 'Careless' written against it.

See the page on Memorials for Careless graves.

CHATTAWAY:           family living in Alcester/Chipping Campden.

Joseph Chattaway, was born in Alcester circa 1816. His wife Jane was born at Moreton in Gloucestershire circa 1817. In 1881 he was a retired farmer living in Wixford, Worcestershire with his wife Jane. They had issue:-

  1. Albert Edward F, was born in Salford 1857. He was a Miller. He married Mary Keyte Malin (Maria in 1881 Census), at Harvington in 1883. She was the daughter of George & Catherine Marshall Malin (of Bank House, Harvington). (An entry gives the family line). she died in the Kings Norton area 28th March 1884 aged 34. Albert Edward died in the Alcester area in 1892 aged 38. They had issue:-
    1. Albert Joseph, died 3 days after his mother aged 8 days.
  2. Florence B, born Salford 1858.

See the page on Memorials for Chattaway, Keyte, Marshall and Malin graves, family group.

CLARKE 1:           family living in Crooked Walls.
HOUSE: Crooked Walls

John Clarke, Churchwarden and Yeoman of Harvington married Anne in or before 1648. He died in 1684. She died in 1666/7. See more details under Buildings/Crooked Walls.

CLARKE 2:           family living in Harvington & Church Lench.
HOUSE: Harvington Lodge Cottage

William Clarke, born Sheriff's Lench 1826. He married Sarah Green, born Church Lench 1834. They had issue:-

  1. Hemming, born Church Lench 2 Oct 1853. He was the farm bailiff for R & B Bomford from at least 1900 to 1936. He married Mary Greening, born 15 Aug 1851, on 12th Aug 1877. They lived at Harvington Lodge and in 1911 at Harvington Hill (Glebe Farm). They later moved to Church Lench.

    Hemming and Mary Clarke

    Hemming Clarke in 15 Jan 1939, and his wife Mary died 19 Jan 1938. They had issue:-

    1. William Henry, born Church Lench 1878. He married Jane Ward in 1901. He died in the Pershore area 1967, and was burid in Harvington.
    2. Annie Elizabeth, born 1879. She was married in Harvington on 28th December 1908 to John Halls. She died in 1929.
    3. Albert, born Church Lench 1883. He was married to Annie Gladwin at St Lawrence's, Evesham on 18th Jan 1908. He was in the Royal Army Service Corps in WW1, attached to the New Zealand ASC and whilst with them was awarded the Belgian Croix de Guerre. He died in the Alcester district August 1926, aged 43.
    4. Louisa Mary, born Church Lench 1884. She was unmarried in 1939, living at Moorfield, Alcester with sister-in-law Annie Clarke (neée Gladwin above). Louisa had been a witness at Albert & Annie's wedding.
    5. Leonard, born Church Lench 1885. He was married at Salford Priors to Annie Elizabeth (Betty) Davis. He died of influrenza in France 1918, aged 33. Leonard Clarke R.A.S.C died 7th Dec 1918 in WW1 buried at Valenciennes, France- Info from CWGC. She died in 1978 and is buried in Queen's Park Cemetery, Calgary, Canada.
    6. Dora, born Church Lench 1888, She was living at The Hill, Harvingon and was styled a school teacher in 1910 when she died of TB 25th June 1910, aged 22, she was buried in Harvington.
    7. Ellen, born Church Lench 29 Nov 1890. She died a spinster in Hazel Grove, Cheshire in 1979 where she is buried.
    8. Edith, born Church Lench 19 Feb 1893. She married William (Bill) Moulden in 1932 and died in Jan 1980.
    9. Gladys Ethel, born Church Lench 14 Apr 1896 and died in Cheshire 26 Dec 1972. She married at Harvington 23rd Sep 1920 to George Benjamin Lambert, Railway Station Master on L.N.E.R. Her grandson Ian Lambert has kindly supplied some of the above information. Gladys is buried in Cheshire.

Leonard Clarke

See the page on Memorials for the Clarke grave.

COLEY:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: Oldlands, Mandeville & The Grange

The Coley family came from Welford on Avon. John Coley, born Welford circa 1839. A Farmer in 1881 living at Alcester Lodge, Alcester. He married Ann and was living with son Samuel in 1911. He had issue:-

  1. Sarah, born Welford circa 1869.
  2. John, born Welford circa 1870.
  3. Ann, born Welford circa 1872.
  4. Samuel, born Welford 26th Jan 1876. He married Edith Eliza Ainge (born 2nd Jan 1876) in 1903. He was a publican of the Eyston Arms in Salford Priors before taking on the Golden Cross from the Tyacks. He bought land in the village and built Oldfields before 1939 and ran an agricultural business from there. Samuel died 19th Aug 1963, Edith died 19th Dec 1967. They had issue:-
    1. Winifred E, born c1905. She Frederick S Lovell in 1930.
    2. Reginald Samuel, born 26th July 1908. He went to the village school and then to Evesham Grammar School. He married Doris I Rock (born 11th Dec 1910) in 1932. They bought Mandeville in Evesham Road, next to but not part of the Harvington caravan site, before 1939. In 1962 he bought land off Ted Robbins and built Greenacres at the end of Greenacres Lane for his son George to live in. Reg died in 1995, Doris died in 1987. They had issue:-
      1. Elizabeth Ann, born 1933 known as Ann. She married Robert W Morgan in Harvington church 1957.

        Wedding of Ann Coley & Robert Morgan in 1957.
        Jim Morgan, Janet (bridesmaid), Ann Coley, Sue Coley

      2. Samuel John, born 13th Nov 1834, known as John. He lived at Mandeville until he bought the Grange in 1953 from the estate of George Bomford.
      3. Susan P, born 1937. Living (2019) in Greenacres. Sue Coley helped to published the Millennium book. She also contributed to creation of this section on her family with the supply of photographs,
      4. Leslie George, born 1940, known as George. He married Mavis Izod at Pershore in 1961. He lived in Greenacres (once called Balihai) from 1962. George and Mavis moved away and he became head groundman at Wandsworth College in Hampshire and then Worcester Grammar School. They had issue:-
        1. Melanie J, born 1962.
        2. Daniel G S, born 1964.
        3. Andrea Mary, born 1966.
COOK:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: Church House, Cotswold View & Greycoat

John Cook, born Evesham 1854. He married in Evesham in 1882 to Annie Spires, born Evesham 1855. He died 26th Aug 1929 aged 74 and she died 23rd Sep 1927 aged 72 and were buried just into the graveyard on the right. See the page on Memorials for their stone. They had issue:-

Taken in the kitchen at Cotswold View: Starting from left standing:
Joe Cook with daughter Celia, David Cook, Stephen Cook at the very back,
Elizabeth (Betty) and Granny (Alice née Hancock).

  1. John Stephens, born 1878, drowned in the village pond 8th May 1882, aged 4.
  2. Nancy, born Harvington 1879, domestic help living at home in 1911.
  3. Godfrey Dyke, born Harvington 1881. A wheelright living at home in 1911.
  4. John Bazaleel/Bazaliel (Jack), born Harvington 1883. He was married in 1909 to Alice, born Halesowen aged 23 in 1901, dau of Tom (PC Redbeard) Hancock. In 1911 John was a Grocer's asst in Bidford and worked at Noakes & Croft's in Bidford. They had issue:-
    1. Stephen (Steve), born 1910. In the Grenedier Guards in WW2. Lived in Stetion Road. He married Joan, dau of William Marland Sellors and Isobel Buchart of Peabody Buildings, Abbey Orchard Street, Westminster. Joan was in the ATS in the War. They had issue:-
      1. Stephenie, she married in 1962 to Terence E Hartley.
      2. Zoë, she married Mr Stephens.
    2. Elizabeth (Betty), born 1912.
    3. David, born 1914, working for Birminham Fire Brigade.
    4. Joseph, born 1930. Living in Aylesbury in 2017, and is writing remeniscences of Harvington. He married and had issue:-
      1. Celia
  5. Sarah Beatrice, born 1886.
  6. Lucy Hannah, born 1888, aged 12 in 1901.
  7. Bernice May, born 1890, aged 10 in 1901.
  8. Frank Felix, born Harvington 1892. A clerk living at home in 1911. In WW1 he was a private in the 9th Batt of the Worcestershire Regiment and was killed in action in Gallipoli 9th Aug 1915, aged 23. See the page on War Dead for his story.
  9. Margaret Hilda, born Harvington 1894. domestic help living at home in 1911. Died in 1985.
  10. Benjamin Charles, born Harvington 1895, an apprentice wheelright living at home in 1911.
They also had a boarder in 1911 called Joseph Robinson, born Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. He was the Station master in 1911.

Steve Cook was a great collector of information on Harvington people, which mostly he retained in his head. He had collected material over much of his life. His mother, also interested in local history, was Post Mistress at ‘Cotswolds View’ built in 1897, and a few doors down from the present (2012) post office. John Cook had bought the land on which Cotswold View stands in 1884.

Contibution from Zoë Stephens in two sheets:-

See Buildings/Cotswold View.htm, Buildings/Church House and under Churchyard for more information on the Cook Family.

CRESSWELL:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: Cleeve View, Cress Hill.

The family were originally called Crosswell but, especially in this area, is known as Cresswell and most of the local family call themselves Cresswell. However, registrars & enumerators sometimes wrote Crosswell and sometime wrote Cresswell, even with siblings of the same parents, therefore caution must be exorcised as to how they called themselves. I have, perhaps incorrectly, used Cresswell with the following although some of them were known as Crosswell.

John Crosswell, born Worcestershire 1758. He was a Blacksmith. He married Mary Barnett, 1763-1837. In 1841 John was living in Bidford on Avon and had his grand daughter Elizabeth, William & Winifred's daughter living with him. They had issue:-

  1. Henry Crosswell, 1793-1875. He married Sarah Lambley, 1795-1879, and had issue:-
    1. Hemming Crosswell, bap Church Lench 22 Mar 1835. An ag lab/steam Engine driver. He married in Salford Priors 1858 to Emma Newman, born 1836. In 1861 they were living in 'Brickyard House (one of the houses at the Brickyards). By 1881 they had moved to Salford Priors. He died Salford Priors 1892. They had issue:-
      1. Ellen Crosswell, born Harvington 1867, died 1899.
      2. William Crosswell, born Harvington 1869, died 1943.
      3. Sarah Ann Crosswell, born Harvington 1875.
  2. William Cresswell, 1797-1876. In 1852 he is mentioned in the will of William Hawkes Marshall as his farm bailiff. He married Winifred Abel, 1802-1892. Winifred is also mentioned in the same when she was given a cottage in Church Lench. They had issue:-
    1. Henry Cresswell, born 1821. Married Eliza, born 1820
      1. Sarah Cresswell, born 1847
      2. Thomas Cresswell, born 1849. Received a legacy from William Hawkes Marshall. Married Kezia, born 1850. They had issue:-
        1. Reginald Cresswell, born 1880
      3. Emma Cresswell, born 1852
      4. Robert Cresswell, born 1854. Married Jane, born 1855. They married and had issue:-
        1. Alice Cresswell, born 1880
        2. Eve Cresswell, born 1881
        3. Raymond Cresswell, born 1885
        4. Jane Cresswell, born 1886
        5. Rosella Cresswell, born 1889
      5. William Cresswell, born 1857
      6. Eliza Cresswell, born 1860
    2. Jesse Cresswell, born 1821. Married Letitia Smith, born 1828. They had issue:-
      1. Albert Cresswell, 1846
      2. Frederick Cresswell, born 1849. Married Emma, born 1852. They had issue:-
        1. Albert Cresswell, born 1876
      3. George Cresswell, born 1850. Married Rosa Nightingale, born 1852. They had issue:-
        1. Millicent Cresswell, born 1873
        2. Lillia Cresswell, born 1875
        3. James Cresswell, born 1877
        4. Lucy Cresswell, born 1878. Married Richard Hughes. They had issue:-
          1. George Hughes
          2. Charles Hughes
          3. Alice Hughes, married George Plested. They had issue:-
            1. Ann Plested
          4. May Hughes
          5. Gladys Hughes
        5. Ann Cresswell, born 1879
        6. Egbert Cresswell, born 1881
        7. Jesse Cresswell, 1882-1967. Married Louisa Tuckwood, 1888-1964. They had issue:-
          1. David Cresswell, 1913-2002.
          2. Ernest Cresswell, 1915-2003.
          3. Amelia Cresswell, born 1916 died 2009.
          4. Nellie Cresswell, 1922-2004.
          5. Bertha Cresswell, born 1923 died 2015.
          6. Vic Cresswell, born 1925 died 2007.
        8. Lilly Cresswell, born 1885
        9. Elsie Cressell, born 1888
        10. George Cresswell, born 1888
        11. Rosetta Cresswell, born 1890
        12. Thomas Cresswell, born 1893
        13. John Cresswell, born 1893
      4. Abel Cresswell, born 1856. Married Martha, born 1858
        1. Stephen Cresswell, born 1881
        2. Ellen Cresswell, born 1883
        3. Edith Cresswell, born 1890
      5. Olive Cresswell, born 1862
    3. William Cresswell, born 1824
    4. Charles Cresswell, born 1824. Married Elizabeth, born 1826. They had issue:-
      1. Sarah Cresswell, born 1848
      2. Charles Cresswell, born 1851. Married Winifred, born 1852. They had issue:-
        1. James Cresswell, born 1875
        2. Walter Cresswell, born 1878
      3. Mary Cresswell, born 1864
      4. Herbert Cresswell, born 1856. Married Emily, born 1857. They had issue:-
        1. Mary Cresswell, born 1876
        2. Albert Cresswell, born 1877
        3. Eunice Cresswell, born 1879
        4. Charles Cresswell, born 1881
        5. William Cresswell, born 1883
        6. Edith Cresswell, born 1885
        7. Frederick Cresswell, born 1886
        8. Ralph Cresswell, born 1888
        9. Alice Creswell, born 1889
        10. Flora Cresswell, born 1890
      5. Flora Cresswell, born 1860
      6. Daniel Cresswell, born 1867
    5. Elizabeth Cresswell, born 1827. Mentioned in the will of William Hawkes Marshall. She married ----- Bearley?
    6. John Cresswell, bap Church Lench 17 Dec 1828. He was married in 1850 to Caroline Cole, born Wyre Piddle in 1830. He died Ashton under Hill 16 Jan 1903. She died Ashton Under Hill 28 Aug 1906.
      Worcestershire Chronicle Wednesday 17 Feb 1858: Important to Publicans, Thomas Mathews, landlord of the Golden Cross, Harvington was charged by P.C. Watcham with wilfully and knowingly permitting drunkenness in his house on Saturday evening, the 23rd ult. This case had been adjourned, in order to enable the defendant to disprove the charge. Robert Huband deposed that he went to the Golden Cross on the 23rd ult., about one o'clock and remained there smoking and drinking, till nearly midnight; that he got too much, and after he left the house he fell into a ditch, near the inn, where he lay for some time in a helpless state, and was ultimately rescued by P.C. Watcham. --- P.C. Watcham, in reply to questions from the Bench, stated that there was great noise and disorder at the Golden Cross on the 23rd ult., in consequence of a raffle, which, he believed, at the instigation of defendant, was held in the road opposite to the inn, instead of the inn itself, in order to evade the law. -- Mr. Eades, solicitor, appeared for defendant and produced two witnesses, named John Cresswell and James Stallard, who were both examined at great length. They failed to satisfy the Bench that the offence had not been committed, so after being reprimanded for attempting to evade the law with regard to raffles, the defendant was mulcted in the mitigated penalty of 1/- and 18/- expenses.
      John and Caroline had issue:-
      1. George John Crosswell, born Harvington 1851. A Bricklayer. Died Ashton under Hill 27 Sep 1875.
      2. Catherine Emma Crosswell, born Harvington 1853. She married Alfred Porter and died 1932.
      3. William Crosswell, born Harvington 1854. A bricklayer. Married Ann B Roberts and died Cheltenham 1938.
      4. Elizabeth Cole Crosswell, born Harvington 1856. A Governess. She married James Taylor and died Ashton under Hill 1914.
      5. Thomas Cole Baylis Crosswell, born 1857, died 1859.
      6. Frederick Cresswell, born Harvington 1858. A Farmer's boy/Bricklayer. Married Ophelia Allington and Mary Ann Jones.
      7. Walter Crosswell, born Harvington 1860. A Bricklayer/Market Gardener & Publican in Ashton under Hill in 1911. Married c1884 Ellen Jeynes and died Evesham 16 Jan 1937. They had issue:-
        1. Percy S J Cresswell, born c1884, market gardener in 1911.
      8. Agnes Cresswell, born Harvington 1863. She married Joseph Swift Flockton and died Edmonton, Middx 1951.
      9. Albert George Cresswell, born Ashton under Hill 1873, died Ashton under Hill 1 Apr 1874.
    7. Thomas Cresswell, born 1832. Mentioned in the will of William Hawkes Marshall. Widower in 1911 living with son Frank in Portway Farm, Flyford Flavell. Married and had issue:-
      1. Frank Cresswell, born 1865. Living as Farmer at Portway Farm in Flyford Flavell in 1911. Married 1991 Catherine, born Little Comberton 1869. They had issue:-
        1. Winifred Cresswell, born Flyford Flavell 1992. Dressmaker in 1911.
        2. A----- Cresswell, born Kington 1902.
    8. Shadrach Crosswell, bap Church Lench 12 Nov 1833. Shadrach was married firstly in 1851 to Anne Sheriff of Dodderhill, she was bap at Dodderhill near Droitwich on 6th Aug 1820. A housekeeper to the Rector at Church Lench, she died of consumption at Rashwood, Dodderhill 19th Mar 1853. He married secondly Eliza Crosswell, 1832-1910, at Bedwardine on 18 Mar 1856. In 1861 they were living in Rouse Lench and in 1871 they were in Abbots Lench.
      Worcestershire Chronicle 9 Jun 1858: Shadrach Crosswell, of Harvington, joiner, for assaulting and beating Timophy Mayrick, on the 27th of May at Harvington was fined 1/- and 13/6 costs. The quarrel took place at Harvington wake and was entirely provoked by the defendant. ----- Geo. Crosswell was charged with assaulting Timophy Mayrick at Harvington on the 28th ult. Defendant met complainant and asked him if he had got a summons for his brother Shadrack. Complainant said he should if he liked. George then Struck and kicked him. Fined 1/- including costs.

      Worcester Journal 3 10 1868. County Court: William Wheatley and Shadrach Cresswell were each committed for fourteen days, in default of payment.

      Worcestershire Chronicle Tuesday 23 2 1878: Pershore. Police Court, Shadrach Cresswell was charged with using threatening language towards Joseph Gardener, at Dormstone, on the 10th February. The complainant detailed the conversation as to the threats, which were not denied, and said he was now afraid of the defendant. Bound over to keep the peace for 3 months, with costs.

      Worcestershire Chronicle 2l 9 1878: Accident, Shadrach Cresswell of Flyford Flavell, carpenter, was yesterday admitted into the Worcester Infirmary, suffering from a fractured leg which he received by falling into a ditch on Wednesday night.

      Worcestershire Chronicle 5 3 1881: Fowl Stealing, Shadrach Cresswell, carpenter, was brought up on remand charged with stealing a fowl from the Boot Inn, Flyford Flavell, on the 14th of February. Thomas Clarke, the landlord, and Charles and Caroline Futerill identified the prisoner as the man seen to go and come away from the fowl pen when the robbery took place. P.C. Rowley proved finding the missing fowl in his garden hedge, and comparing his boots with footmarks close to the fowl pen, which prisoner admitted were his. Mr Bentley having addressed the bench on prisoner's behalf he was sentenced to one months hard labour.

      Worcestershire Chronicle 12 5 1894: Highway Offences, Shadrach Cresswell, carpenter, Kington, was charged with tethering a donkey on the highway at Kington on May 2nd. Defendant's son appeared, and said he was the owner of the donkey and admitted tethering it on the road. P.C. Pass proved the case, and defendant was fined 10/= including costs.

      Worcestershire Chronicle 21 7 1894: Triviality, Shadrach Cresswell, carpenter,Kington, was charged by Elizabeth Griffin, Kington, with assaulting her at Flyford Flavel on July 2nd. Complainant said that she was going to Flyford for her husband, when defendant came out of the hedge and caught her by the shoulder, that being the assault complained of. She got away from him and he hooted after her. Defendant called his son to prove that he was in bed by 10' clock on the night of the occurrence, but witness could not remember more than it had happened on a Monday night. George Bluck was also called but his evidence did not bear on the case, which was dismissed, complainant to pay costs.

      Worcester Journal 8 8 1894: Alleged assault at Kington, Elizabeth Griffin, Kington, was summoned by Shadrach Cresswell, carpenter, Kington, for assault on August 4th. Complainant said he was in his garden at Kington at 8.30 at night. Defendant came up to him and smacked him twice in the face, scratched his hand and said he wanted burning. He called Frederick Wise who said he saw defendant smack complainant in the face, William George Bluck corroborated. Defendant called her brother, John Pitt, who said complainant "blackguarded" defendant " something disgraceful" and spat in her face. Defendant only hit complainant once with her cap because he was using such filthy language. The case was dismissed, complainant having to pay the costs 19/=.

      Worcestershire Chronicle 1 7 1899: Adjourned, Shadrack Cresswell, carpenter, Kington, was summoned for allowing a cow to stray. He did not appear, and as there was some doubt as to the ownership of the animal, the case was adjourned for his attendance.

      Worcestershire Chronicle 15 7 1899: Pershore, Petty Sessions, Astray, Shadrach Cresswell, labourer, Kington, summoned for allowing a cow to stray, was fined 2/6 and 6/- costs.

      Shadrach died in 1904.

      Shadrach had by Anne:-

      1. Frederick William (Crosswell), bap Harvington 8th Aug 1852. He was bur Harvington 13th Nov 1852 aged 3 months.
      Shadrach had by Eliza:-
      1. Amelia Crosswell, 1856-1890.
      2. Sarah Agnes Crosswell, born 1858.
      3. Cora Cresswell, 1860-1918.
      4. Harvey Cresswell, born 1863.
      5. Owen Cresswell, 1864-1893.
      6. Philappa Cresswell, born 1866.
      7. William Henry Cresswell, 1869-1956.
      8. Alma Cresswell, born 1871.
      9. Ernest Cresswell, born 1876.
    9. George Crosswell, born Church Lench 1835. A hedgecutter.
      Worcestershire Chronicle Wednesday 16 Aug 1854: George Crosswell of Harvington was summoned by Sarah Partridge for assaulting her on the 11th July. The defendant, it appeared, obstructed her egress from the churchyard, afterwards followed her towards her father's house, and "pulled her about". He was fined 6d and 14s 6d costs. Mr Kettle appeared her defendant.

      Worcestershire Chronicle Wednesday 17 January 1855: ASSAULT, Charles Williams summoned George Crosswell for an assault on the 11th December. Complainant said he was standing in the alley, when Crosswell came up and struck him on the head and ran away. He was followed and identified. The Mayor suitably admonished Crosswell, and he was fined 17s with costs 13s, or 2 months imprisonment. The money was paid.

      Worcester Journal Saturday 24 January 1863: DRUNKENESS, William Ansell and George Crosswell, of Harvington for the same offence, case dismissed.

      He married in 1855 Mary Paddock, born Harvington 1836, died Cresswell 1902. He died Cresswell in 1913.
      1. Thomas Crosswell, bap Harvington 20 Apr 1856, died 1926. He married in 1879 to Ann Sparkes, born Harvington 1857, died 1921. A market gardener. They had issue:-
        1. Grace (adopted - surnamed Aldington), born Offenham 1884. Married Harry Read.
      2. Amelia Crosswell, born Harvington 1858.
      3. William Creswell, born Harvington 1859. A ploughboy and groom. He died in 1890.
      4. Pheobe Crosswell, born Harvington 1862. Moved to Monkskirby to work. Married a local man William Hall and had children and moved to Rugby.
      5. Jessie Crosswell, bap Harvington 2 Jul 1863, he joined the Oxfordshire Light Infantry under the name Edward. He died Leicester 1924. An ag lab/Railway Porter in Leicester. He married in the Leicester area in 1896 to Mary Louisa Lenton and had issue. The family were called Cresswell from the 1890's.
      6. Edward Crosswell, bap Harvington 2 Aug 1865, died Cresswell in 1930. He married at Harvington in 1897 Harriet Emma Hancock, 1867-1936. He was a bricklayers Labourer/Plate Layer for the Midland Railway. They had issue:-
        1. Edward Henry Crosswell, born Harvington 30 Nov 1901, died Stratford upon Avon 1980. He married Edith Stephens in 1927 and had issue:-
          1. Joan Cresswell, born 1929.
        2. Amelia Crosswell, born Harvington 1904.
      7. Henry Crosswell, born Harvington 1867, died 1870.
      8. George Crosswell. born Harvington 1869. An ag lab. Died Cresswell in Birmingham 1894.
      9. Sophia Crosswell, born Harvington 1871.
      10. Frank Crosswell, born Harvington 1876, died Cresswell 1894.
      11. Mabel Mary Crosswell, born Harvington 1877. She married George Matthews and died 1968.
      12. Edgar Crosswell, born Harvington 1879 garden labourer in 1911. Married c1992 Sarah Harriet Smith, born Lenchwick 1874, died as a Cresswell in 1942, daughter of George Smith and Luisa Guise. He died as a Cresswell Harvington 1972. They had issue:-

        Edgar Crosswell

        1. Sydney Edgar Cresswell, born Lenchwick 13 May 1903. He married at Harvington in 1932 Irene May Beasley, born 28 Oct 1907, died 1974. He died Harvington 1991. They had issue:-

          Sidney & Irene Cresswell

          1. Patrick A Cresswell, born 1936. Patrick was born at The Retreat where his parents lived for a short time. He married Diana F Davis. They have lived on Cress Hill since the 1950's. They had issue:-

            Diana Cresswell

            1. Nicholas Cresswell, born 1973. Married Emma. They had issue:-
              1. Oliver Cresswell, born 2006
            2. Mark
        2. Raymond Victor Cresswell, born Lenchwick 1905, died 1970. He was an amateur boxer. Married at Harvington Christie S Helena Beasley, born Abergavenny area 1910, died Harvington 10 Jun 1994. They lived for a while in one of the two timber-framed houses once in Grange Lane, Harvington. Raymond was a churchwarden in Harvington 1957-1994, and the gates into the cemetery are dedicated to him. Christie was a teacher at Harvington School and the first woman churchwarden at Harvington.

          Ray & Christie Cresswell

        3. Rosamond May Cresswell, born Lenchwick 18 Jul 1906, died 1972. Married Reginald (Reg) Thomas Fleetwood, 1901-1973.

          Rosamond & Reginald Fleetwood

        4. Francis (Frank) George Cresswell, born Harvington 1913, died Harvington 14 Apr 1983. Married Violet Gwendoline Wilson, born Elham, Kent 1913, died Harvington 8 Jan 1994. They had issue:-

          Frank and sister-in-law Christie
          1. Joan Cresswell, born 1934. She married William H Merriman.
      13. Allen Crosswell, born Harvington 1882. Living Sutton Coldfield in 1911 as a gardener/domestic. He was married in 1909 at Kings Norton to Elizabeth Alice Linton, born Worcester 1907. Allen died Cresswell in Sutton Coldfield in 1962.
    10. Caleb Cresswell, born 1838. Married Emma Cresswell. They had issue:-
      1. Ruth Crosswell, born 1870
      2. Louisa Crosswell, born 1873
      3. Caleb Crosswell, born 1877
      4. Major Crosswell, born 1880
      5. Albert Crosswell, born 1886
    11. Amelia Crosswell, born 1841
EMENY:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: The Coach and Horses.

William Emeny, was born in Sibton in Suffolk 8th Oct 1820. In 1851 he was living in Salford, Worcs as a 'Drill Man'. He firstly married Frances Charlotte Browne in Alcester on 10th Oct 1853. By 1854 they were living in Harvington. In 1861 he was living at the Coach & Horses as an Inn Keeper with his wife Frances. Frances passed away in 1865. He had issue by Frances:

  1. Sarah Maria, born Harvington 1854, alive in 1871.
  2. Catherine Mary, born Harvington 1857.
  3. Ann Martha, born Harvington 1858, In 1881 she is living with her father and Selina at the Coach and Horses under the name of Annie.
By 1871 William is still at the Coach & Hoses but now with his second wife Selina and his daughters Sarah Maria and Ann Martha. It is believed that he was married to Selina Smith, in Harvington in 1871 but the marriage in the National Registry Index cannot be traced. By 1881 they were still living in the Coach and Horses where William is described as a Farmer & Publican. The Emeny daughters are no longer in the village by 1891.

For Selina and her family, please see the Smith family.

See the page on Memorials for the Emeny grave.

FFIELD:           family living in Harvington & Knightsbridge, Middx.
HOUSE: Crooked Walls

John Bernard Edmund ffield was an importer of foreign goods based at the Round House, Addlestone, Chertsey, Surrey in 1901. He had married 1893 Emma D’Inry Beatrice Hays, daughter of William Hays of Nevern Square, London. In 1914 they were living at the Old Bank House, Coleshill, Worcs, where he was styled Manufacturer. He died Meriden 1916 aged 53. Beatrice moved to Crooked Walls, Harvington, as a Widow in 1930. The property was found by her son Paul. It was she who converted the one-time four properties into one. She was an artist and exhibited at the R.A. in London. She painted many scenes of Crooked Walls. She was listed in 1939 phone directory as living Crooked Walls. In the same year she visited Boston on the ship Laconia, arriving 8 May 1939. She died in 1947. They had issue:-

  1. Bernard Osborne, born Weybridge in Surrey, 1894. Flight sub-lieut in the RFC. RN Long Service and Good conduct medal. Killed in a plane crash while training 24th December 1914. There is a detailed write up of his death including a photograph of him. A propeller from his plane survives as a banister at Crooked Walls.

  2. Barbara Fulumena, born Weybridge in Surrey, 1896. Lived at Crooked Walls, with her mother. On 4 May 1936, she visited the USA arriving in Boston and met up with her brother Paul. After her mother’s death in 1947, she moved away from Crooked Walls and died in 1954. Crooked Walls was auctioned in 1949 and bought by the McClares.
  3. Cyril Joseph, born Weybridge in Surrey, 1898. It was he who designed the present layout of the garden after convalescing from a serious illness. He married at Holywell, Flintshire 1929, Mary Gertrude Adamson. He died in the New Forest 1966. His wife Mary Gertrude and son Oswald visited the house in 1989. They had issue:-
    1. Keyna M G, born Wirral 1930, living London 1955-7. Living 15 Overton Park Road, Cheltenham.
    2. Bernard O, born Bromley 1932.
    3. Edmund J, born Wirral 1941. Became a Monk attached to Ampleforth Abbey and living in Zimbabwe.
    4. Oswald J, born Wirral 1945. Married Gloucester 1970 Mary F King and living in Birmingham.
  4. Antoinette Mary A (Netta), born Weybridge in Surrey, 1899. She mar. Meriden 1924, Geoffrey Badger. She died Bristol 1990. They had issue:-
    1. Jeremy
    2. Michael G, born Grt Ouseburn 1927. Mar. Kensington 1955 to ------ Laine.
    3. Jill
    4. Adrian Antony, born Evesham 28 June 1938. Died Birmingham 1979.
  5. Paul D’Inry, born Waybridge, Surrey, 1st Jun 1901. He emigrated to the USA arriving on 20 Sep 1926 and was naturalised in Massachusetts 6 Feb 1939. He lived at 125 Nashua Str., Boston. After a visit to Britain he arrived on 12 Sep 1955 arriving New York from Prestwick, Scotland. On 30th Oct 1956 he took a flight from Brussels to New York. He visited Crooked Walls in 1978 and died in Boston 20 May 1980. He married at St Patrick's Cathedral, New York, 10th September 1927 Marjery Isabella Nolan, born 28th Dec 1897/8 in Duarte, California (her family came from Dublin) and had issue:-
    1. Paul Edward d'Ivry Jnr, born Amily Harton, NY 1928. Visited England in 1949 & 52. He married Marian Comstock Spaulding in 1955 and died 1989
      1. Paul III, born 1957
      2. Robert, born 1959
      3. Amy, born 1964.
    2. John Cromwell, born 1931, married Amy Carr (Dudek) and had issue:-
      1. Jeremy Cyril, born 1965>
      2. Gabriel Bernard, born 1968

GARRARD:           family living in Harvington & Knightsbridge, Middx.
HOUSE: The Laurels

Samuel Ellis Garrard, born Knightsbridge, Middlesex c1793. Vicar, living Park House, Salford Priors in 1851. He married Frances Harriet, born London, Middlesex c1798. She was living as a widow at the Vicarage in Salford Priors in 1881. He died in 1860. She died 12 Nov 1883 aged 85. John G Stephenson, whose brother was later to live at Langton House as a curate, was living with them in 1851 as a classical & mathematical tutor. They had issue:-

  1. Samuel, born Dumbleton c1829. Vicar of Salford Priors. He married Amelia, born London, Middlesex c1828 and had issue:-
    1. Samuel Bromley, born Salford Priors c1855. MA Oxford, solicitors clerk in 1881. He married Evelyn Houghton Kaye in 1886 She was born Harvington c1862. They were living at Whittington, Worcs in 1901.
    2. Frederick Ernest, born Salford Priors c1857, undergraduate Oxford in 1881.
    3. Amelia Harriet, born Salford Priors, c1861.
  2. George Henry, born Dumbleton c1830. A magistrate and ordinary in 1881 living in Bengeworth. He was partner in a firm of Solicitors in Evesham called New, Prance & Garrard. The firm became bankrupt in 1895. He married Mary Ann, born Bloomsbury, Middlesex c1829, she died 1887 aged 58. In 1911 George Henry Garrard and his children George Ellis and Mary Henrietta were living at the Laurels as tenants. He died 1913 aged 82. They had issue:-
    1. Mary Henrietta, born Evesham 1856. She died a spinster at Worcester in 1920 aged 64.
    2. George Ellis, born Evesham 1860. Solicitors clerk in 1881. He died a bachelor in 1919 aged 59.
  3. Matilda, born Dumbleton c1832.
  4. Francis, born Dumbleton c1833.
  5. Edward H, born Dumbleton c1836.

See the Deeds of Cotswold View, for further information.

HARRIS:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: The Malt House, The Old Store & Valley View

Thomas Harris, 1793 died 1857. Married Phoebe Nash, born 1796. They had issue:-

  1. Sarah, 1826-1893.
  2. Thomas, 1827-1903.
  3. Phoebe, born 1832.
  4. Ann, born 1835.
  5. Samuel, 1838-1916.
  6. William, born 1938.
  7. Benjamin, born 1841. He married Sarah Reeves, born in Snowsall (probably Snowshill) in 1839 and died 1914. In 1911 he was a farm labourer living in Harvington. Benjamin died in 1928. They had issue.
    1. Oliver Harris, born Dunnington 1860. Farm Labourer & Coal Merchant in Harvington. Married 1884 Annie Johns, born Bengeworth 1864, later a domestic at Rous Lench. They lived in Moss's shop from at least 1917 (The Old Store) and also under Bank House. They had issue:-
      1. Mary Elizabeth, born Rous Lench 1885. She married 1905 Henry Alfred Moyle. He died in 1962, she died at St Austell, Cornwall 1951.
      2. Florence May (May), born Harvington 1888. Died 1924. See, for more information, including photographs.
      3. Edith, born Harvington 1890. Died 1906.
      4. Charles Henry, born Harvington 1891. Married 1915 Lucy Grinnell. Died 1968.
      5. Frederick John, born Harvington 1892. Died 1960.
      6. Cecil Victor, born Harvington 1898. Died 1979.
      7. Agnes Rose, 1899. Died 1906.
      8. Lily, born Harvington 1900.
      9. Kathleen Joyce (Joyce), born Harvington 1904. She later became the 'Mrs Moss' of 'The Old Store' but firstly she was married in 1921 to Arthur Bradshaw and had issue:-

        1. Kathleen Eileen (Eileen), born 1921. She married Doug Marshall (Dougy) who worked for Wheelers as a jobbing builder, for his family see under No.6, The Brickyards. They lived in number 4 Malthouse Close where their daughter Anita was born. They had issue:-

          1. Mervyn D, born 1948.
          2. Anita G, born 1952 at number 4 Malthouse Close. Her husband is Nigel Barrett. They now live in No.2, Malthouse Cottages and have two children, Emma and Ricky.
          3. Glynis J, born 1954.
          4. Stuart T, born 1959.
        2. Terence A (Terry), born 1923, he ran the Harvington Football team.
        Joyce married secondly in 1930 Cyril Denis Moss who was cowman working for H.J. Phipps & Son, who had cows on Cress Hill. She died in 1985. They had issue:-
        1. Lynn Joyce, born 1945. Married in 1967 Arthur E Manning and had issue:-
          1. Edward Timophy James (Tim)
      10. Horace Clement, born Harvington 1906. He married Hilda from Pear Tree Cottage, Norton, dau of Solomon & Alice May Rollins in 1936. They lived at 11 Leys Road and he died 1977. They had issue:-
        1. Horace Michael (Mike) Harris, born 1938 Married 1959 to Sheila R E Taplin.
        2. Jill, born 1940.
        3. Malcolm F, born 1948
    2. Albert, born 1863.
    3. Charles, born 1866.
    4. Sarah A, 1869-1950.
    5. Walter, born 1872.
    6. Mary E, 1877-1927.

For further information on the Moss family and The Old Store see the page on Houses.

HARWARD:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: Manor Farm

Robert Harward, married Magdalen Kempe 22 July 1595. See the Kemp family. They had issue.

  1. Thomas, born 1596.
  2. Kempe, born 1598. Married in 1629 to Mary Sambage of Barton-on-the-Hill. He rented Manor Farm from the Dean & Chaptor of Worcester on 23rd June 1641. Kempe was buried 3rd November 1691, aged 93. They had issue:-
    1. Kempe, born 1630.
    2. Marie, born 1634.
  3. Anthony, born 1602.
  4. Joan, born 1602.
  5. a boy, born 1604.
  6. Alice, born1605.
  7. Thomas, born 1607, died 1609.
  8. Rebecka, born 1609.
  9. Katherine, born 1611.

HUBAND:           family living in Harvington, Salford & Inkberrow.

The Hubands have been settled the Worcestershire and Warwickshire from the time of the conquest, a Hugh Huband was apparently granted an estate at Ipsley by William. The main branch were established at Ipsley for centuries where they later became Baronets. There were also branches at Inkberrow and Salford. See Burke's Landed Gentry 1939 and Burke's Extinct Baronetcies 1844 etc.

The first to settle in Harvington was Francis who, with his wife Anne, started their family in Harvington with the birth of Mary in 1661 at the time of the Civil War. The Hubands are recorded as in the village for about 100 years. It is not at present known where they lived in the village. It was very likely to have been in several properties.

FRANCIS HUBAND, married Anne. She was buried Harvington 1st Apr 1694 aged 55 (see tomb). They had issue:-

  1. Mary, bap Harvington 23rd Jun 1661.
  2. Francis, bap Harvington 24th Nov 1663. He Married Frances Yearnold at Harvington 9th Oct 1684. He was buried Harvington 10th Apr 1729. They had issue:-
    1. John, bap Harvington 23rd Sep 1685, buried Harvington 11th Mar 1711.
    2. Elizabeth, bap Harvington 20th Mar 1686. Buried Harvington 12th Jan 1704 aged 18 (see tomb).
    3. Henry, bap Harvington 23rd Dec 1688. He married at Harvington 3rd Nov 1711 to Elizabeth Alcocks of Harvington and had issue:-
      1. Mary, bap Harvington 8th Jul 1714. Married at Harvington 4 Jul 1736 to Richard Reeve.
      2. Francis, bap Harvington 20th Mar 1715.
      3. John, bap Harvington 18th Aug 1727.
      4. Thomas, he married Elizabeth who was buried Harvington 24th Aug 1727.
    4. Anne, bap Harvington 9th May 1693.
    5. Thomas, born 31st Aug & bap Harvington 6th Sep 1696. He married Mary who was buried Harvington 20 Aug 1727.
    6. William, bap Harvington 21st Jan 1701.
    7. Elizabeth, bap Harvington 1704.
    8. Francis, bap Harvington 22nd Feb 1706.
  3. John, bap Harvington 2nd Jan 1666. He married at Harvington 4th Dec 1690 to Elizabeth Smith of Salford. She was buried Harvington 19th Mar 1727. He was buried Harvington 18th Feb 1729. They had issue:-
    1. Anne, bap Harvington 18th Oct 1691.
    2. Thomas, bap Harvington 13th Sep 1693. Bur Harvington 21 May 1695.
    3. Eleanor, born 3rd Nov & bap Harvington 8th Nov 1696.
    4. Thomas, bap Harvington 21st Feb 1699. He was married at Harvington 7th Oct 1722 to Anne Dudley of Harvington.

    5. Elizabeth, bap Harvington 23rd Aug. 1702, buried Harvington 15th Sep 1706.
    6. Anne, bap Harvington 1st Jan 1705, buried Harvington 1723.
  4. Edward, bap Harvington 14th Feb 1668. He married Hester, she was buried Harvington 23rd Apr 1707. He had issue by Hester:-
    1. Francis, bap Harvington 30th Jan 1692, bur Harvington 1st Oct 1693.
    2. John, bap Harvington 1st Jul 1694.
    3. Hester, born 19th Jun & bap Harvington 21st Jun 1696.
    4. Edward, born 10th Dec & bap Harvington 19th Dec 1697. Buried Harvington 19th Oct 1700.
    5. Richard, bap Harvington 3rd Sep 1699, buried Harvington 19 Oct 1700.
    6. William, bap Harvington 3rd Sep 1701.
    7. Anne, bap Harvington 17th Sep. 1703, buried Harvington 19th Nov 1704.
    8. Richard, bap Harvington 1st Jan 1705.
    Edward Huband, married Frances. She was bur Harvington 5th Oct 1727. He had issue by Frances:-
    1. Francis, bap Harvington 19th Aug 1709. Bur Harvington 13 Apr 1743.

    Edward Huband was buried Harvington 6th Jul 1729.

  5. Anne, bap Harvington 8th April 1673.
Francis married 2ndly at Harvington 30th Jul 1699, Ann Rolf of All Saints, Evesham. Ann later married at Harvington 16th Oct 1701 to Thomas Tandy as a widow. Francis Huband senior was buried 5th Jun 1700.

WILLIAM HUBAND, son of either Francis or John, married Hannah and had issue:-

  1. George Negus, bap Harvington 21st Apr 1723, bur Harvington 6th Jan 1733.
  2. Hannah, bap Harvington 2nd Nov 1725.
  3. John, bap Harvington 1st Jan 1731.
  4. George, bap Harvington 8 Sep 1734. Married at Cleeve Prior to Mary Harbor and had issue.
    1. William, born 1765.
  5. Elizabeth, bap Harvington 4 Jun 1738. She married at Harvington 16th Oct 1764, John Cale of Harvington.
  6. Anne, bap Harvington 5 Nov 1741. Bur Harvington 21 Dec 1748.
  7. Diana, bap Harvington 17 Feb 1744. Bur Harvington 15 Jul 1747.
  8. Hannah, bur Harvington 8 Nov 1748.

THOMAS HUBAND, was married in Abbots Morton 23 Apr 1728, to Sarah Hemming and had issue:-

  1. John, bap Harvington 25th May 1729.
  2. Thomas, bap Harvington 30th Jun 1731.

JOHN HUBAND, married Anne Edwin in Harvington 22 Oct 1764 and had issue:-

  1. John, bap Harvington 19th Jan 1766.
  2. Hester, bap Harvington 15th October 1769.
  3. George, bap Harvington 10th Jan 1772. He was married in Studley on 24th March 1794 to Ann Mogg and had issue:-
  4. John, born Studley and moved to Birmingham.
  5. several other children.

WILLIAM HUBAND, married at Harvington 9th Oct 1720 to Mary Griffin. Mary is possible the Mary Huband buried on 8 Sep 1756.

ANNE HUBAND, bur Harvington 13th Mar 1723.

ELIZABETH, wife of Thomas was buried Harvington 24th Aug 1727.

ANNE HUBAND senior, buried 25 Dec 1758.

THOMAS HUBAND, bur March 12th 1767.

MARY HUBAND, bur 1781.

HENRY HUBAND, bur Mary 18 1789.

ANN HUBAND, of Harvington married Richard Painter of Cropthorn 30 Nov 1767.

HUGHES 1:           family living in Hughes Lane, Harvington.
HOUSE: Mona Cottage

It is not certain why Hughes Lane is so called but it is very likely that it was because of the Hughes family and in particular Edward Hughes who was responsible for building Ivydene in 1901 and the building or rebuilding of Mona and Horse Shoe Cottages in Hughes Close.

The name Hughes is fairly common in the area. This family was based in Norton from at least the eighteenth century and a branch of the family settled in Hughes Lane:-

Hughes Family 1 - Mona & Ivydene:-
William Hughes, born Norton 1781. He was married to Elizabeth Baggot. They had issue:-

  1. John, born 1816. He married Charlotte Churchill, born 1813. He died 1882 - She died 1890. They had issue:-
    1. Josiah, 1840-1841.
    2. John, born 1843. He was married to Elizabeth Deville, aged 22 in 1181. He died 1924. They had issue:-
      1. Walter William, born 1878. He was married to Emily Goodyear and lived in Birmingham. He died 1957. They had issue:-
        1. Doris May.
        2. Ethel.
        3. Elsie.
        4. Winifred.
        5. Lily.
      2. Beatrice, born 1880.
      3. Harold, 1883-1922.
      4. Allan, 1885-1959.
      5. Ellen, 1888-1912.
      6. Edgar, born Norton 1896. Died 1980.
    3. George, 1844-1891.
    4. Charles, 1847-1851.
    5. William, 1847-1907.
    6. Job, 1849-1912.
    7. Alfred, 1853.
    8. William, 1854-1907.
    9. David, born 1856. He was married to Sarah Bishop, born 1858. He died 1910. They had issue:-
      1. Ernest, born Norton 1879. He was married to Mary Elizabeth Griffiths. He was a market gardener in Harvington. He died in 1916. She later lived at 3 Glebe Cottages with her son Walter. She died 1964 aged 81.

        1. William, aged 7 in 1911.
        2. Margaret Amelia, born 1907.
        3. Walter Joseph, born 1908.
      2. Herbert Henry, born 1881. Died Harvington 1969.
      3. Albert Frederick, born 1884. Died Harvington 1970.
  2. William Hughes, born Norton 1817. He was married to Charlotte Tombs, born Evesham 1824. He was an Ag Lab and died in 1892. She died 1890. They had issue:-
    1. William, born Norton 1847.
    2. Charles, born Norton 1849.
    3. Alfred, born Norton 1853.
    4. Edward Hughes, was born Norton in 1856. He was married to Louisa Smith, born Rouse Lench, aged 41 in 1901. He became a builder, purchsed land on which he built Ivydene, owned Mona and Horse Shoe Cottages in Hughes Lane. He died 13th June 1939 aged 64. She died 29th March 1929 aged 69. They had issue:-
      1. Lily Louisa, born 1879. She was married in 1904 to Thomas Albert Mansell, see under Families. It is believed they separated. Lily was later the owner of Horse Shoe & Mona cottages, Ivydene, Valley View cottages. She was the aunt of Jean Spires née Bromley.

      2. Rhoda Blanch, born 1884. She was married in 1903 to Albert Edward Carter.
      3. Janet, born Norton 1886. She was married 1903 to William John Bromley. She died in 1959 aged 73. See the Bromley family for further information.
      4. Elsie E, born 15th April 1887. She was married in 1911 to Cyril Raynor Eden Prowlin and lived in The Retreat. She died in 1966 aged 79. They had an only son:-
        1. Derby, born 19th Jan 1916. He was married in the Alcester area in 1939 to Dorothy H Wilks, born 10th Mar 1918. He was a house decorator in 1939, living with his parents. They had a daughter:-
          1. Irene, born Alcester area 1943.
    5. George, born Norton 1859.
  3. Charles, born 1823. He was married to Mary Dancer, born 1814. He died 1901. She died 1896. They had issue:-
    1. George 1843-1955.
    2. Mary A, born 1846.
    3. Ellen, born 1850.
    4. Frederick William, 1855-1936.

HUGHES 2:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: The Retreat

The name Hughes is fairly common in the area. George Hughes was a butcher and settled in the previous property to The Retreat:-

Hughes Family 2 - The Retreat
Worcestershire Chronicle Wednesday 10th September 1856:- "On Saturday, a little before noon, a fire broke out on the premises of Mr. George Hughes butcher, Harvington. The premises being thatched, and framed of timber, were soon a prey to the destructive element. The District engine was sent for but part of the roof fell in before it arrived. The goods were mostly rescued."

George Hughes, born Salford Priors about 1775. He was married to Ann and had issue:-

  1. George Hughes, born Salford Priors 1801, He was married in Great Alne on 30th June 28 to Sarah Pollard, born Wixford 1812. George became a butcher and after living in the Wootton Waren area, settled in Harvington at the Butcher's house. In the 1841 Census George Hughes, aged 40, butcher, was living in the property with his wife Sarah, aged 30 and children, Michael, aged 12, Sarah, aged 10, Elizabeth, aged 9, George, aged 8 and James Hughes, aged 6. In 1851 George was 50, born Salford, Warwickshire, his wife Sarah was 43, born Wixford, their children were Sarah was 20, born Wootton Waren and a dressmaker, Elizabeth was 19 born Wootton Waren and a dressmaker, James was 15, Edward was 7, Ann was 5 and Thomas was 11 months, last three born in Harvington. By 1861 they were living in the new Butcher's Shop as a Master Butcher with Sarah and children. George died in the Droitwich area in 1874 aged 75. Sarah died in Kings Norton 1885. See under The Retreat. They had issue:-
    1. Richard, born 1828, butcher in Harvington in 1861. Died 1888. Married Elizabeth and had issue.
    2. Sarah, born Wootten Waren 1829. Died 1915.
    3. Elizabeth, born Wootten Waren 1831.
    4. William George, called George, born Harvington 1833. Died 1896.
    5. James John, born 1835, butcher in Harvington in 1861. Died 1914.
    6. Selina Maria, born Harvington 1837, died same year.
    7. Charles, Harvington born 1840.
    8. Edward, born Harvington 1844. Living Earls Croom as a gardener in 1881. He was married in Aston 1868 to Emma Wright, aged 35 in 1881, They had issue:-
      1. Henry aged 12.
      2. Thomas aged 7.
      3. Edward aged 7.
      4. Caroline aged 5.
      5. William aged 1.
      6. Frank.
      7. Dennis.
    9. Anne, born Harvington 1846.
    10. Thomas, born Harvington 1850.
    11. Wilson Henry, born Harvington 1852, died 1956.

HUGHES 3:           families living in Harvington.
HOUSE: Lansdowne and misc.

The name Hughes is fairly common in the area. This is a miscellaneous collection of Hughes connected to Harvington.

In 1949 'Lansdowne' was occupied by Mary T Hughes, Edith E Hughes, Edith R Hughes.

This Hughes are believed to be connected to the Bomfords both in business and family. Miss Hughes of Lansdowne moved into a new house she had built next door called Appledore in 1988.

Beverley: Mr & Mrs Hughes of Beverley in Station Road.

Hop Pole: A John Hughes lived in the Hop pole.

KEMPE:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: Manor Farm?

John Kempe, Churchwarden 1573-84 & 1594. married Margaret, witness in the Registers in 1575, 1577, 1578, 1583, 1584 and died in 1599. John died in 1615. They had issue:-

  1. Elizabeth, bap. Harvington 18th March 1573, died 1574.
  2. Magdalen, bap. Harvington 30th March 1576. Witness in 1585. Married 22 July 1595 to Robert Hardwarde and had issue. See the Harward family.
  3. John, born 1578.
  4. Thomas, bap. Harvington 27th March 1578.
  5. Thomas, bap. Harvington 14th June 1579.

Mary Kempe was a witness in 1573. Edward Kempe was a witness in 1573. Thomas Kempe was a witness in 1575. George Kempe was a witness in 1575. Rebecca Kempe was a witness in 1577, 1578 & 1583. Anne Kemp was a witness in 1578. John Kempe the younger was a witness in 1579. John son of George, bap. Harvington 1st August 1585. George son of George, bap. Harvington 4th March 1589.

JONES 1:           family living in Harvington.
Pool House

Samuel Jones, born Littleton circa 1851. He was married in 1877 to Maria Halling, born Sedgeberrow 1882.

  1. Anne, born Harvington circa 1878.
  2. Ada, born Harvington circa 1880.
  3. Charles Thomas, born 15 Sep 1881. market gardener in Harvington, lived in Poole House, died Harvington 26 Dec 1959, aged 78.
  4. William John Jones, born Harvington 4th Oct 1883. A market gerdener, He was married in 1905 to Ann Hodgkins, born Evesham 17 Feb 1884 - died 11 Aug 1928. In 1939 he was living in Pool House along with Ada E[dna J] Beasley (Tuck), born 1906] and Charles Jones. Pool House was eventually inherited by Arnold Langley. William was buried in Harvington 1970 aged 86. They had issue:-
    1. Evelyn Dorothy, bap 1 Dec 1907. She was married in 1944 to Arnold Biddulph Langley. See that family.

KEYTE:           family living in Birmingham but connected to Harvington.

William Keyte married Ann Haynes and had issue:-

  1. Samuel Keyte, born Chipping Campden 14th May 1795. He married in St Phillips, Birmingham 12th Oct 1820 Catherine Hawkes Marshall. He died 23 Feb 1863 and she died 21st Feb 1862, aged Aged 65. They had issue:-
    1. Catherine Marshall, 1823-1893. She married George Malin in Edgbaston on 23rd May 1847. See that family.
    2. Jane, born 1826
    3. Mary, born 1827
    4. Elizabeth, born 1829
    5. William, born 27th Jan 1831. He married 1853 to Mary Fincher, 1825-1886, and died Birmingham 29th Oct 1916. They had issue:-
      1. Mary, born Balsall Heath 1854.
      2. Kate R, born 1855
      3. Florence J, born 1857
      4. Helena Maud, born 1858
      5. William Samuel, born 1861
      6. Lizzie Jeanette, 1864-1937
    6. Samuel Frederick, 1834-34

    William Keyte, born Birmingham 1849, a Coppersmith and Widower in 1891.

    1. Mary, born Birmingham 1854.
    2. Millicent, born Birmingham 1864.

    See the page on Memorials for the Keyte grave.

KNIGHT:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: The Old Forge?

The Knight Family lived at the Wheelwright's House in Harvington. The house stood opposite the Village Hall, in the grounds of what is now Cedar Lodge. The old house was destroyed by fire and Cedar Lodge was its replacement.

Joseph Knight, born circa 1725. Described as a Plough-Wright on his tombstone in Harvington Churchyard. He died 12th March 1812, aged 86.

Samuel Knight, born circa 1742. Described as being a parish clerk for Forty-six Years on his tombstone in Harvington churchyard. He died 19th April 1829, Aged 87.

Joseph Knight, born circa 1758. Described as a Plough Wright on his tombstone in Harvington churchyard. He married Mary, who died 8th August 1836, aged 75. He died 20th August 1834, aged 76. They had issue:-

  1. Sarah, born circa 1805. died 24th Oct 1830 aged 25.

William Knight, born Harvington 1801. styled ‘Plow maker’ in 1841. He married Rebecca, born Dorsington 1816. Described as a shopkeeper in 1861. He lived and his wife in the Wheelwright's House. William died 5th April 1862, aged 61. After the old house burnt down in 1870, Later she lived in Poplar Cottage until sometime before 1920. They had issue:-

  1. Frederick, born Harvington circa 1837. Living at home in 1861, aged 23. He is mentioned in the Deeds on the Reading Room as living or owning the Wheelwrights house in 1866. His house burnt down in 1870. In 1871 he is described as a ploughmaker living with his mother Rebecca and sister Mary.
  2. Joseph, died 12th Feby 1837, Aged 11 Months.
  3. Frances, born Harvington circa 1845, aged 15 in 1861.
  4. Elizabeth, born Harvington 1853 aged 7 in 1861.
  5. Mary Ellen, born Harvington 1855 aged 5 in 1861. In 1871 she was living with mother and brother Frederick.
  6. Sarah-Ann, died in infancy.
  7. Fanny, died in infancy.
  8. Joseph Henry, died in infancy.
  9. Catherine-Emma, died in infancy.
See the page on Memorials for Knight graves.

LANGLEY:           of Harvington and Birmingham.
Pool House

Thomas Stuart Langley, born Middlesbrough, Yorkshire 10th Aug 1872. He was married to Isabella Biddulph, (born Birmingham circa 1878), in 1896. In 1911 they were living at 75 Burlington Road, Solihull with their three children. He was a printers overseer for a newspaper. Isabella died 1930 aged 56. Thomas married secondly Lois Driver (born 25 Mar 1887) in 1934. Thomas and Isabella had issue:-

  1. Thomas Biddulph, born Birmingham 10th Jan 1899. He was married in Birmingham in 1922 to Kathleen E Osborne. Living 216 Stechford Road, Birmingham in 1939 with wife Kathleen (born 7 Sep 1897). Having issue:-
    1. Thomas R, born 17 Sep 1923.
    2. Paul A, born 29 June 1929.
    3. Philip C, born 1933.
  2. Arthur Biddulph, born Birmingham 13th June 1903. In 1939 living with wife Elfreda M Harcourt (born 16 Apr 1909) at 146 Wagon Lane, Solihull. They had married in Birmingham in 1932. He died in 1987. They had issue:-
    1. Pauline, born 1938.
    2. Judith, born 1939.
  3. Arnold Biddulph, born Birmingham 14th Mar 1909. Living at 75 Burlington Road, Solihull in 1939. He was married in 1944 to Evelyn Jones (see under Jones for her family), and lived in Pool House, Harvington. She was born 7th October 1907 and died in 1997. Arnold died in 1983. They had issue:-
    1. John S, born Birmingham 1946. Living in Harvington
    2. Peter W, born Birmingham 1949, died 2009.

LILLEY:           of Harvington, Kings Norton, Birmingham & Thorpe le Soken, Essex.

James Lilley, Printer, was born in Thorpe le Soken, Essex 1839. He married at Tendring, Essex 1862 to Catherine A Downing, who was born Manningtree, Essex 1839. In the 1891 Census, the Lilley family lived at 47 Kingswood Road, Kings Norton, Birmingham. He had a sister called Charlotte, a widow under the name of Scadgell aged 80 in 1911 living with James & Catherine. They had issue:-

  1. Maria Lilley, born Harborne, Staffordshire 1868, died 9 July 1895 and buried at Harvington when parents were styled as‘of Moseley’. There is no known connection between the Lilley's and Harvington except via the Chattaways or Malins, therefore they have been considered part of the Malin/Chattaway/Hunt family plot, maybe they were friends.
  2. James Robert Lilley, Clerk in Newspaper Office, born Kings Norton 1876. He married Kings Norton 1902 to Miriam Olive Herbert who died in Colchester 1960 aged 81. In the 1911 census he was a Journalist. He died Colchester 1961 aged 66. They had at least:-
    1. Marjorie Olive aged 7 in 1911. She married at Tendring in 1924 to Douglas Hill N Stansbury (died 1936). They had issue:-
      1. Joy M L, born Lexdon 1925. Married Bristol 1947 to John F Goff. They had issue:-
        1. James S, born Northampton 1948
      2. Stella D L, born Coventry 1927
    2. Catherine Hilda aged 4 in 1911
    3. Doris Elizabeth aged 3 in 1911, died 1932.
    4. Constance Mary aged 1 in 1911. She married at Colchester 1939 to John S Parry.
  3. Catherine Ann, born Edgbaston, Warwickshire 1865, in 1911 she was living in Cuba House, Weeley, Essex with her parents. In 1901 they were living back in Essex. She was an artist & painter,

LUDLOW:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: Church House?

Charles Ludlow, born Church Lench 1840. He was married in 1861 to Selina Elizabeth, born 1842, daughter of Edward Skinner of Harvington. He became Village Postmaster of Harvington. For extensive material on the Ludlow Family please follow this link.

MALIN & HUNT:           families living in Harvington, Kings Norton & Birmingham.
HOUSE: Bank House
George Malin, born 1805, married Jane Hawkes, born 1807 and had issue:-
  1. Sidney, 1825-1889
  2. George Malin, born Warwickshire 1826. In 1853 he was the main benificiary of William Hawkes Marshall. He married Catherine Marshall Keyte in Edgbaston 23rd May 1847. She was born Birmingham in 1823, the daughter of Samuel Keyte 1795-1863, by Catherine Hawkes Marshall, 1796-1861. She died on 13th November 1893 styled of Salford Priors on her probate. In 1871 they were living in a ‘village farm house’ in Harvington. George was a Landman of 35 acres employing 9 men and 4 boys. In 1871 they had three servants: Prescilla Hughes, aged 20, Iliva Knight, aged 16 and John Bennett, aged 21. In 1881 Catherine was the head as farmer of 310 acres employing 10 men. A servant living with them was Emily Greening aged 29. George died 6th Nov 1879 aged 53. Catherine died 14th Nov 1893 Aged 72. They had issue:-
    1. Catherine Mary, born Harvington 1847. She was married in Harvington 1870 to Harvey Hunt and died 11th May 1899, aged 51. See under Houses - Bank House.
    2. Mary Keyte, born Harvington 1849.
    3. George, born Harvington 1851/2.
    4. Jane, born Harvington 1853, died 1925.
    5. Maria, born Harvington 1854. Maria married John Bullock, of Manor Farm. She died 28th June 1940, John died 9th Oct 1928.
    6. Rosa, born Harvington 1857. Living at Campden House 63 Oakfield Road, Selly Hill, Birminghm in 1891 with her sister Amelia Maud Malin. She moved into the lower cottage on The Bank in 1900 and then into Avon Villa (Bank House) after 1901 when she inherited the estate of Harvey Hunt her brother in law, see under Houses - Bank House. She died 21st Jun 1925 leaving her estate to her sister Amelia Maud.
    7. William Marshall, born Harvington 22nd April 1858. In 1871 he was a fee paying boarder at Newport's School, Alcester,(forerunner of Alcester Grammar School). By 1881 he had returned home and was described as a Farmer's son. He married circa 1887 Eliza (Lily), born 1863, daughter of William Ansell a farm labourer of Harvington and his wife Ann. in 1881 Lily was a dressmaker's assitant. By 1887 they were living in Chilver's Coton near Nuneaton. In 1891 William, Lily and the children were living in Kensington Gardens, Kings Norton where William was a Railway Porter. By 1901 William, Lily and family had moved to Brunswick Road, Kings Norton where William was now a Railway Signalman. By 1911 the family had moved to the Handsworth area where William (now 53) was still a signalman, while Lily (now 47) was recorded as a dressmaker. Son William was a Railway Clerk and Margaret an Assistant Teacher. William, Lily and Margaret then moved to 210 Highbridge Road, Boldmere and became pensioners at St Michaels. William Marshall died 1933 aged 75, Lily died 1940 aged 76 after moving to 44 Oakmoor Road, Boldmere. Both William, Margaret and Lily were buried toether at St Michaels. Most of the information about William and his family came from Peter Knight in 2018 who was carrying out research on those buried at St Michaels. William and Lily had issue:-
      1. William, born Chilver's Coton 1888. In 1911 William was a Railway Clerk and Margaret an Assistant Teacher, both living at home.
      2. Margaret Lillian, born Chilver's Coton 1889, died 1918 aged 29.
    8. Herbert, born Harvington 1860. He married Beatrice Louise Potter, born Bambury, Oxon in 1863/5. In 1991, Herbert was living at 92 High Street, Evesham as an Engineer. His wife Beatrice Louise was born in Banbury, Oxon in 1865. By 1911 they had been married 21 years and they had a boarder Annie Nowell, a typist born Bromsgrove aged 20. He died 8th July 1920 aged 60, and she died 25th Sep 1942 aged 78. They were both buried in Harvington churchyard. They had issue:-
      1. Dorothy Jefferies, born Harvington 1890. She was a Telephone Operator born Harvington aged 21 in 1911.
      2. Herbert Lloyd, born Harvington 1891 and died in Western Australia 24 Dec 1976.
      3. Daisy Annie, born Harvington 1893
      4. George, born Harvington 1896, aged 16 in 1911.

      Herbert Malin, 1860-1920.

    9. Amelia Maud, born Harvington 1864. In 1891, she, along with her sister Rosa, was living with William Keyte, a retired Coppersmith, Widower, born Birmingham 1849, William's daughters Mary, was born Birmingham in 1854, and Millicent Frances Keyte, born Birmingham 1864. Amelia died 8th July 1940.
    10. Walter, born Worcestershire 1865. Lived at Bank House until dying in 1948, aged 83. Towards the end his gardener Charlie Taylor, who lived in Bank Cottage, took care of him and was promised the cottage but when Walter died his estate passed to William Tomkins, Nancy Tomkins and Leonard Cox. They sold the estate and included the cottage. See under Bank Cottage.
  3. Amelia, 1834-1902
  4. Christopher, born 1834
  5. Emma, born 1836
  6. Lucy, born 1839
  7. Angelina, born 1842

There is an excellent family pedigree of the Malins' and the Keytes' on and much information has been gleamed from the site, including the above photograph of Herbert Malin.

See the page on Memorials for the Malin graves.

Harvey Hunt, born Evesham 1846. He married Catherine Mary Malin at Harvington in 1870. In 1891 the Hunt family were living in ‘The Village’. Harvey Hunt, Auctioneer & Valuer. He died 2nd Mar. 1901 aged 55. His wife Catherine Hunt, died 11th May 1899 aged 51. Their servant was Kate Pitt, born Cleeve Prior 1874.

See the page on Memorials for the Hunt grave.

MANSELL:           family living in Harvington. Some of the following information and pictures was donated by Janet Lowe of Chester.
HOUSE: The Shakespeare & Sunnybank.

William Mansell, had issue:-

  1. William Mansell, bap Guiting Power 15 Feb 1669, married Ann and had issue:-
    1. John, bap Temple Guiting 25 Aug 1685.
    2. Richard Mansell, bap 3 Oct 1688, married Ana Reave 1687-1749 and had issue:-
      1. William Mansell, bap Winchcombe 29 Sep 1713, married Mary Best and had issue:-
        1. Richard Mansell, bap Winchcombe 21 May 1742, died circa 1817. He married at Toddington 16 Jan 1768 to Elizabeth Curtis/Cowles, dau of John and Elizabeth Curtis. John was bap 23 Apr 1719 and they had five children. He had a brother Thomas Curtis who married at Temple Guiting in 1737 to Elizabeth Mansell, bap 1 Apr 1716 and died 1766. Their father was Thomas Curtis, churchwarden of Didbrook in 1709. They had issue:-
          1. Ann, bap 7 Dec 1777.
          2. John Mansell, bapt Toddington 28 Feb 1781. Lived Didbrook, Hailes & Bengeworth. He was married at Didbrook on 11 Oct 1802 to Mary Bayliss, bap Toddington 1 Mar 1781, dau of William & Ann Bayliss. They had issue:-
            1. ?
            2. Richard, born Didbrook 21 Aug 1808, journeyman & shoemaker. He was married at Temple Guiting on 5 Oct 1830 to Sarah Fardon.
            3. Jane, bap 10 Sep 1811. She was married at Great Hampton 27 Nov 1833 to Robert Mason.
            4. Mary, bap 1 Jan 1814. She was married on 1 Oct 1835 to Thos Timbrell.
            5. Sarah, bap 16 Jan 1818, bur 1 Nov 1821.
            6. Ann, bap 20 Oct 1820.
            7. Thomas Mansell was baptised at Didbrook 23 Feb 1823. He married at St Mary’s, Cheltenham 30 Mar 1844, Ann Knight. Ann, was baptised at Newnham 4 Jun 1826, the daughter of Richard and Mary Knight. She was resident in Awre in 1841. They moved to Harvington on or before 1860 and in 1861 Thomas was a Carpenter Journeyman. In 1881 Thomas and Ann were at the Old Shakespeare Inn. There were also three boarders mentioned: John Emms, George Stiles, Oliver Harris, all local men. In 1891 the Mansell family were still living at the Old Shakespeare Inn. A visitor was Thomas W Amos, aged 23, telephone clerk

              Thomas left probate: MANSELL, Thomas of Harvington, Worcestershire, Innkeeper, died 6 November 1898 aged 75. Probate Worcester, 30 December to Ann Mansell, widow and Sarah Ann Amos (wife of Thomas Amos). Effects £50 6s.. Ann died 8 May 1904, buried Harvington. They had issue:-

              1. John, born Hampton 1849, son of Thomas Mansell. John married Harvington 1872 Sarah Ann Robbins, born Harvington 1854, and in 1911 was living at Sunnybank, Harvington. In 1911 John Mansell, aged 61, and his wife Sarah, aged 57 and son Thomas, aged 30 were living in 'Sunnybank'. They had issue:-

                1. Julia Mary, born Harvington 1875. Married Harvington 1897 to John M Fennell. In 1901 she was a servant in Oxford.
                2. John Leonard, born Harvington 1877. He married Annie Mary and had issue:-
                  1. Horace, born 1900
                  2. Lillian May, born 1901. She never married and died in Harkewick near Tewkesbury and was buried in Harvington 25th March 1929, aged28.
                3. Thomas Albert, born Harvington 1880 and living with parents in 1911. He was married at Harvington in 1904 to Lily Louisa Hughes. In 1911 Lily, aged 31, was staying with William & Janet Bromley at the Coach and Horses, it is believed that they had parted. Lily was later the owner of Horse Shoe, Mona cottages, Ivydene and also one of the Valley View cottages, see under those properties. They had issue:-

                  1. Horace Leonard, born Harvington 1900
                  2. Eustace Albert, born Harvington 1904, died 28 March 1910, aged 5 years & 4 months. See his memorial.
                4. William Henry, born Harvington 1883. Married in Harvington 1906 Alice Maud M King. In 1911 William Henry Mansell, House painter, aged 28, was living in 'Sunnybank' with his wife Alice Maude Mary, aged 31, Frederick William, aged 3, and Bernard George aged 1/12. They were living with his parents John and Sarah Ann.
              2. Thomas, born Childswickham 22 Aug 1858.
              3. William Albert, born Murcott, Childswickham 1855, married Mary Ellen Knight, born Harvington 3 May 1856, dau. of William and Rebecca Knight. William Albert was a house painter. He was buried 18 Mar 1903. In 1911 Mary Ellen was a widow living with Arthur, Egbert & Victor at 193 Beaumont Road, Bournville, Birmingham, she was buried 30 Apr 1926. They had issue:-
                1. Harold Guy, born Harvington 1878. In 1911 he was an Incorporated Accouintant, aged 32, living in 'Cleeve View' near Harvington with wife Nellie Constance Louise, aged 25.

                  Aunt Miller with Harold Mansell & Foster Jeavons
                  at Avon Bank, Harvington

                2. Harry Norman, born Harvington 1879. Married Florence M Boston in Kings Norton 1901. He was a domestic gardener. In 1911 Harry was living in Selly Oak as a Chauffeur, with his family.
                3. Francis Gould, bap Harvington 30 Dec 1883.
                4. Nellie Constance Louise, bap Harvington 27 Jun 1886. Married 1914 to Sidney Charles Ashmead. She died 1940. They had issue.
                5. Arthur, born Harvington 4 May 1888. He married in 1916 to Leah Gertrude Stevens and died in 1955.
                6. Egbert, born Harvington 1890
                7. Victor, born Harvington 1893
              4. Mary Ann, bap Harvington 21 Jun 1868.
              5. Thomas Albert, born Harvington 23 May 1860, bap 25 May 1860. A Market Gardener in 1911 living in 'Avon Bank'. He married in Harvington 9 Apr 1884, Elizabeth Matilda Jackson (Granny Mansell), bap Atherstone 5 Jul 1859. A hat trimmer. Her aunt Matilda Miller (see the Jacksons & Millers below), was living with them in 1911, aged 74. He was buried 24 Jul 1913 after dying of lead poison. She died Harvington 6 Nov 1949, aged 89 and buried 11 Nov 1949.

                Avon Bank on Cress Hill

                Matilda Jackson
                wife of Charles Miller (Auntie Miller)


                Jacksons & Millers
                William Jackson married Elizabeth and had issue:-

                1. Thomas. He married Sarah Jeffrey and had issue:-
                  1. John was bap at Mancetter 7 Jul 1883 and married Mary in 1857. She was bap at Atherstone 3 Aug 1928. They had issue:-
                    1. Elizabeth Matilda, she was bap at Atherstone 5 Jul 1859. She was a hat trimmer. she married in Harvington 9 Apr 1884 to Thomas Albert Mansell and had issue, see above.
                    2. Alfred, born circa 1863.
                  2. Matilda, was bap at Atherstone 18 Jun 1837. She married Charles Miller on 28 Oct 1863, he was a cabinet maker. Matilda was bur in Harvington 8 Mar 1929. She had many pregnancies but none survived. She was known as Auntie Miller.

                Avon Bank circa 1914/5
                Back row: Alice Mansell (Whitton), Charles Miller Mansell, Agnes Mansell, Florence Mansell
                Auntie Miller, Elizabeth Mansell (Granny)

                Thomas Albert and Matilda Elizabeth had issue:-

                1. Florence Edith, bap Harvington 7 Mar 1885. married John Robert Orton of Leicester in Harvington in 1912. She died 23 Feb 1929 of sleeping sickness, aged 43, after which the family was broken up as the father John Robert Orton of Leicester was unable to look after the Children. He died 9th April 1945. They had issue:-
                  1. John Goodacre, born Leicester 13th June 1913. He served in the RAF. Married Leicester 1940 to Amelia A Champion. He died 22 Jan 1987, she died 2nd Nov 1997.

                    John Goodacre Orton

                  2. William Robert (Bill), born in Leicester 23 Jun 1914. Joined the army in 1929 and became a Major. Married 1: Staines 1939 Lilian J Urmston, 2: Westminster 1972 Phyllis Tyrell. He was bur Harvington 21st Jan 1982 with no issue.

                    William Robert Orton

                  3. Edna M, born Leicester 1915.
                  4. Emily Florence Mary, born in Leicester 6 Jun 1916. Lived with her aunt Agnes Mansell in 1929. She married Francis Lowe of Chester. She died Chester 29 Jan 2015. They had issue:-

                    Emily Florence Mary Orton

                    1. Peter James, born Leicester 1 Jan 1943, He married in 13 Mar 1965 Janet Hollis, born 12 Jun 1944.
                  5. Richard Noel Goodacre (Dick), born in Leicester 31 Dec 1920. Lived with his granny Florence in 1929 who lived at Avon Bank. He married Leicester to Joyce Wiggington. He was a Major R.E.M. He died Harvington 29th Mar 1987, aged 66. They had issue:-

                    Richard Noel Orton

                    1. Phillip Orton.
                2. Agnes Mary, born Bidford 6 May 1887. She married Percy Alfred Wager, born 20 Aug ---- who died in 1958. They had no children. She looked after her neice Emily after 1929. She died 12 Mar 1976 and was bur Harvington.

                  Agnes Mary Mansell

                  Agnes Mary Mansell on Station Bank with parasol

                3. Charles Miller Mansell, bap 24 Feb 1889. Died March 1929 aged 41 and was bur in Harvington. No issue.

                  Grove Cottages, Station Bank

                4. Alice Jane, born Harvington 6 Dec 1891, bap 19 Jun 1892. She married 3 Feb 1923. She married Arthur Whitton, born 21 Jul 1886 and died Stratford 24 Jan 1945. He was a GWR engine driver. They lived in Stratford. She died Nov 1983. They had issue:-
                  1. Hilda Alice, born 10 Oct 1923, lived 7 Broad Walk, Stratford and died 7 Jun 2005 living Albany Road, Stratford.
              6. Morgan, born Harvington 1869, alive in 1881.
              7. Mary A, born Harvington 1869. She married Charles James Finch
              8. Sarah Ann, born 1871 bap Harvington 9 Jul 1871. She married in Harvington 1892 Thomas William Amos

MARSH:           family living in Harvington & Broadway.
HOUSE: The Golden Cross.

William Thomas Marsh was an Innkeeper at the Golden Cross. He was born Broadway in 1834. In the 1871 Census, he was apparently a Publican in St Peter le Bailey in Oxfordshire. By 1881, he was Innkeeper at the Golden Cross. He married in 1856 to Mary Castle, born Willersey,1841. According to a 'Public Family' entry in, she had married in 1896, William Davis, a builder and was still living in Harvington in 1901. William Thomas Marsh and Mary had issue:-

  1. Walter, born 1858.
  2. Agnes Florence Susannah, 1858-1949.
  3. Herbert William, 1860-1904.
  4. Allen Joseph, 1862-1901.

See the page on Memorials for the Marsh grave.

MARSHALL 1:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: Harvington Lodge.
The Marshalls appear to have lived in the village from the early eighteenth until the mid nineteenth centuries. It is not at present known when they acquired the estate upon which Harvington Lodge is built, but in 1807 the Marshalls are described as 'of the Hill'.

Following, are a number of details which will help one to understand the family.

Nicholas Marshall, of Abbots Salford, aged 26 and Alice Butcher, of Norton Lic. aged 23 on 29 July 1663 to be mar. at S. Martin's Worcester. [This reference is mentioned by Rev Davenport as possibly relevant to the family.]


Nicholas Marshall of Harvington senior, married Sarah Wilson of Badsey at Norton by Lic. 6 Oct. 1710. He was buried 8th July 1749. The probate to his PCC Will was proved 1st Sep 1749. She died 21st Sep 1759, aged 63. A number of their children died in infancy and there is a fine headstone surviving in the churchyard recording their loss. They had issue:-

  1. John, bapt Harvington 15 Oct, died 23rd Oct 1711.
  2. Thomas, bapt Harvington 15th Jun 1713, buried 21st Jun 1713, an infant.
  3. Nicholas junior, bapt Harvington 10th Jul 1714. He married Mary Chamberlain at All Saints, Evesham on 21st Sep 1752. He died 17th July 1765, aged 51. His PCC Will was proved 5th Dec 1765. Mary Marshall, died 23rd Oct 1798, aged 78. They had issue:-
    1. John senior, bap Harvington 2nd Nov 1755. Of Harvington, when marrying Mary Trenfield of Childswickham 10th Nov 1785. He died 5th May 1830, aged 74. They had issue:-
      1. John junior, bap Harvington 18th March 1786. As John jun. he became a member of the Yeomanry cavalry in 1803. He died 4th June 1864, aged 78.
      2. Mary D, bap 13th April 1788. She was married at Harvington on 23rd Feb 1809 to Samuel Stone Charles.
    2. Wilson, bap Harvington 12th June 1757. He married firstly Alice Gould at Salford Priors on 11th Sep 1786. She died 5th Sep 1798, aged 38 after the birth of her son Nicholas. He died 11th Dec 1807, aged 50. Buried 15th Dec., described as 'of the Hill'. They had issue:-
      1. Thomas Gould, bap Harvington 28th Dec 1789. He married Harriet at St Martin's, Birmingham 23 May 1815. She was born circa 1795. She was third daughter of Edward and Mackarina Tuckett/Trickett (late of Birmingham) who died 10th Sep 1844, aged 56. Thomas lived at Harvington Lodge as son and heir of Wilson Marshall. Thomas H C Marshall, was living with Thomas Gould at Harvington Lodge in 1841 aged 12. Thomas Gould Marshall, died 15th June 1856, aged 66 and was buried in Harvington churchyard 1856 just inside the gate on the right. They had issue:-
      2. William Hawkes, bap Harvington 1st May 1791. Died June 23rd 1853, aged 62. His chest tomb is in the churchyard.
      3. Wilson, bap harvington 24th Mar 1793.
      4. Francis, bap Harvington 8th Feb 1795.
      5. Edmond, bap Harvington 12th Dec 1796. Living at Harvington Lodge in 1841 aged 40.
      6. Anne, bap Harvington 5th Sep 1798.
      7. Nicholas, died the 11th Aug 1798, aged 11, bur 13th Aug.
      Wilson appears to have married secondly Elizabeth and had issue:-
      1. Nicholas, bap Harvington 15th Jul 1804. He married Susannah, born Pebworth, Glos. aged 42 in 1851. In 1861 he was living at 96 Coventry Road, Aston, Birmingham as an engine propietor, with his children. In the 1881 Census he was visiting Harvington. They had issue:-
        1. Wilson, aged 24 in 1861, a civic engineer.
        2. Ada, aged 20 in 1861, a housekeeper.
        3. William, aged 18 in 1862, a merchant's clerk.
        4. Elizabeth, aged 16 in 1861.
        5. Beatrice A., aged 14 in 1861.
        6. Francis C, aged 12 in 1861.
    3. Catherine, who died 25th Jan 1758, aged 3 weeks.
    4. Sarah, alive in 1764.
  4. John, buried Harvington 3rd Apr 1716, an infant.
  5. John, bapt Harvington 16 Aug 1716.
  6. Thomas, bapt Harvington 5th Dec 1717.
  7. William Marshall, born circa 1719, died 6th Sep 1750, aged 31.
  8. Elizabeth, bapt Harvington 11th Jan 1721, died 11th Jan 1721.
  9. Wilson Marshall, bap Harvington 8th Mar 1723.
  10. Sarah, buried Harvington 2nd Oct 1728.

Documents relating to Thomas Gould Marshall
Documents held at Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive: DR316/32-33 3 & 4 August 1818 - contents:-

Lease and release, the release being:
i) a conveyance from Thomas Gould Marshall of Harvington, co. Worcs., (eldest son and heir of Wilson Marshall, late of the same, gentleman), at the request of John Lord, gentleman, William Chattaway, draper, and William Hemings, surveyor, all of Stratford-upon-Avon (assignees of the estate and effects of Robert Hobbes late of the same, a bankrupt), with the consent of Francis Honfray, clerk, George Baylis, John Marshall the elder, John Marshall the younger and John Heywood (executors of the will and codicil of Wilson Marshall), to Edmund Chambers, late of Binton, but now of Milcote, farmer, and his trustee, Robert Fisher of Long Marston, gentleman, (reciting DR316/16-17, 19-20, 28-30) for £250 paid to the executors of Wilson Marshall in discharge of the recited mortgage (DR316/16-17), of the freehold messuage described in DR316/16-17, now in the tenure of Thomas Sanders, lace-manufacturer;
ii) a conveyance from John Lord, William Chattaway, and William Hemings to Edmund Chambers, for £1040 owing to him under the recited mortgage of 1 May 1810 (DR316/28), of a piece of ground on which a messuage and cottages once stood, but which had been taken down and school buildings erected in their place, and which are also now in the tenure of the said Thomas Sanders;
iii) an assignment from the executors of Wilson Marshall, with the consent of the assignees of Robert Hobbes, to Edmund Chambers, of the residue of a term of 1000 years in a piece of leasehold ground in Ely Street as described in DR316/28.

Documents held at Museum of English Rural Life: Agreement TR BOM/SP4/3 1849(28 Apr) - contents:-
Party 1: Thomas Gould Marshall of Harvington Lodge, Worcestershire, gentleman
Party 2: Benjamin Bomford, late of Wixford, Worcestershire, now of Pitchill, Warwickshire, gentleman.
Of sale to Party 2 of the Harvington Lodge Estate, Worcestershire, for £9,000, payable as £100 on signing of this agreement and £8,900 on 1849(29 Sep). The estate is in 26 parts which are listed in the schedule, including arable, pasture, wood and buildings, and comprising 172 acres and 10 perches. The land is divided into freehold, and copyhold, the latter held of the Dean and Chapter of Worcester, Lords of the Manor of Harvington, by two sets of copies of Court Roll, 1849(28 Jun). Party 1 will deliver an abstract of title to Party 2 within six weeks and also do all necessary for the conveyance of the estate to Party 2 on 1849(29 Sep), provided the remainder of the purchase price will have been paid. The copyhold tenants are listed with their ages, their annual rent, amounting to £2-15-Od. Party 1 has also agreed to loan Party 2 £4,000 during Party 1's life, as part of the purchase price of the estate and at an annual interest of 4% commencing 1849(29 Apr), the interest payable therefrom at half yearly intervals, deducting only property and income tax. The loan is to be secured by a mortgage of the estate by Party 2, subject to other prior mortgages and a covenant by Party 1, that the loan will stand for his lifetime, provided the 4% interest be paid at half yearly intervals. The cost of preparing the abstract of title, the conveyances, mortgage and covenant to be borne by Party 2, but the cost of surrenders of the copyhold premises by Party 1. Party 2 is also to take the turnip crop growing on the estate as at 1849(29 Sep) at a valuation made at the joint expense of both parties, the amount of which is payable straight away by Party 2 to Party 1.

Miscellaneous Marshalls

William Marshall, of Lenchwick, died the 19th of J[--] ----, aged 55.


Sarah Marshall, married Harvington Thomas Campden 29th June 1742.


William Marshall, bur Harvington 3rd Sep 1750.


Mary Marshall, wife of Nicholas Marshall wife died 1st March 1780, aged 56.


Catherine Hawkes Marshall, she died 21 Feb 1862, She married Samuel Keyte.

See The Bomford of Worcestershire

See the page on Memorials for the Marshall graves.

MARSHALL 2:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: Harvington Mill.

There were two promenant Marshall families in Harvington at the same time with similar forenames including Hawkes and Gould. There is also the problem of William Marshall Hawkes the son of Mary Hawkes who was also known as William Hawkes Marshall; it was this gentleman who inherited Harvington Mill from Thomas Walford Marshall in 1827. He died in 1853 aged 62. Who was his mother Mary Gould - was he illegitimate?

Thomas Marshall of Harvington married Elizabeth Walford, who was born circa 1721 and died 16th Oct 1807, aged 86. Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Walford, (the son of Thomas Walford of Dunnington) who died in 1759 aged 67. by Mary his wife who died 1762 aged 72. The Walford and Marshall family tombs are in the churchyard. Thomas died November 1826 and was buried 7th Nov 1758. They had issue:-

  1. Sarah bap Harvington 8th Oct 1743. Deceased by 1821. She married John Bennett. She died 9th Dec 1784 aged 44, he died 30th Sept 1797. They lived in Rushford. They had issue:-
    1. Sarah, died 3 May 1773 aged 7.
    2. Thomas, died 15th Nov 1842 aged 74.
    3. John
    4. William
    5. Elizabeth, widow in 1821. She had married Thomas Heekes. Thomas Heekes who died 2nd of July 1818 Aged 44 Years. and is buried in Harvington Churchyard. They had issue:-
      1. John died 14th June 1807 aged 7.
    6. Alice, married Thomas Gould, she died 12th June 1825 Aged 72 years and a widow in 1821. They had issue:-
      1. George, died 30th July 1787 aged 2.
      2. Elizabeth married Thomas Pearce around 1820 and was disinherited by Thomas Walford her uncle.
    7. Mary who married a Tasker.
  2. Thomas Walford Marshall, bap Harvington 11th Apr 1745. Became owner of Harvington Mill in 1818. Died 1st Nov 1826, aged 81. Will dated 1826.
  3. Mary Walford, bap Harvington 16 June 1751. Married in Stratford upon Avon 9 August 1789 Thomas Clements. Lived in Church Lench. Mary Walford died 18th Jan 1824 aged 72. They had issue:-
    1. Thomas, died aged 22. See tombstone once in churchyard.
    2. Mary, died 2nd April 1816 aged 26.
  4. Alice, bap Harvington 24th August 1753.
  5. William, bap Harvington 26 March 1759.
  6. Nicholas who was an executor to Thomas Walford's will in 1827.
  7. Elizabeth, married Richard Warren. He died 19th April 1811 aged 55. She died 12 Feb 1810 aged 65. They had issue:-
    1. William, believed to have died 4th June 1821 aged 34.

Mary Hawkes spinster of Harvington had issue:-

  1. William Marshall Hawkes otherwise William Hawkes Marshall. He inherited Harvington Mill in 1827 and died 23rd June 1853 aged 62.

See the page on Memorials for the Marshall, Walford, Heekes, Bennett, Warren, Gould & Clement graves.

MARSHALL 3:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: The Bungalow/Well Cottage.
John Marshall, born South Littleton 1814, He was married at Tibberton 26 Aug 1843 to Emma Jane Davies, born 1821, died South Littleton 1871. They had issue:-
  1. Charles, born Offenham 1845.
  2. George, born Offenham 1845. He was married at Offenham 11 Apr 1871 to Catherine Ann Aldington, born 1850, died Harvington 10 Nov 1908. They lived at 'The Bungalow' until 1964. He died Harvington 17 Dec 1926, aged 80. She died Harvington 10th Nov 1908, aged 58. They had issue:-
    1. Emma, born Offenham 22 Jan 1871, died Cleeve Prior 3 Jun 1950.
    2. Ellen, born Harvington 19 Nov 1872, died Middle Littleton 1 Jan 1945.
    3. Frederick, born Harvington 7 Dec 1874, bapt Harvington 15 Apr 1875. A plate layer then train driver. He was married in Cricklewood 18 June 1901 to Jane Adams, born 1875. In 1911 they were living in Hendon, Middx. He died Evesham 15 May 1962.

      Frederick & Jane Marshall.

      They had issue:-

      1. John Frederick, born Hendon, 1902.
      2. Kathleen Emily, born Hendon 1905.
      3. Violet Ethel, born Harvington 13 Jan 1907, died 1994.
      4. Catherine Ann Aldington, born Harvington 10 Nov 1908, died 1908.
      5. Henry Owen, born Hendon, 17 Apr 1909, died 1993.
    4. Catherine, born Harvington 25 Jan 1877, died 1965.
    5. Annie, born Harvington 26 Mar 1879, died 1974.
    6. Elizabeth, born Harvington 24 Jul 1881, died 1976.
    7. William, bap Harvington 9 Mar 1884, died 1965.
    8. Alice, born Harvington 13 Aug 1887, died Salford Priors 21 Aug 1961.
    9. Allen, born 1889.
    10. Owen, born Harvington 17 Feb 1889, died 1970.
    11. Ethel, born Harvington 13 Nov 1890, died 1908.
    12. Hilda, born 23 Aug 1893.
  3. Mary Jane, born Offenham 1848.
  4. Alfred, born Offenham 1851.
  5. Elizabeth, born Offenham 1859.

MARSHALL 4:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: The Brickyard/Blakenhurst/Malthouse Cottages .
John Marshall, born Pershore circa 1869. The married Rose E, aged 30 in 1901. John was a market gardener. They had issue:-
  1. Edward, aged 7 in 1901.
  2. Philip Charles Marshall, born 1895, of Sheriffs Lench, joined WW1 when he was 16. He married in 1919 to Kate L Roles and they later lived in Norton. Some of their children, are listed under the mother's surname of 'Rose' although it should read Roles. They had issue:-
    1. Charles, born as Edward P C 1920. Lived at Bricklehampton.
    2. John, born as Leslie J 1921. He married Margaret A Lampitt in 1946. They lived at Keeper's Cottage and then moved to Blakenhurst in the early 1960's. Margaret's sister Nancy and Bernard Oakey and lived in Keeper's Cottage after John and Margaret had left. John and Margaret had issue:-
      1. Leslie J, born 1946.
      2. Thomas, born 1952.
    3. Douglas, born 1923. He married Eileen Moss and lived in Moss' shop.
    4. Joan Edith, born 1925. She lived in Church Lench.
    5. Thomas, born 1928. He lived in Norton.
    6. George, born 1930 and now(2018) living at No.6 The Brickyard, Harvington. He died in 2019.
    7. Christopher, birth not traced. He lived in Church Lench and Evesham.
  3. Elsie, aged 3 in 1901.
  4. Jack, aged 1 in 1901.

NEWMAN 1:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: Crooked Walls.

THE NEWMAN FAMILY (1) - (Newman Family (2) lived in No.6, The Brickyard).

Henry Newman. A Henry Newman was bap Loxley 19 Dec 1762, son of Anthony & Mary Newman. Henry was married in Harvington 11 Oct 1790 to Elizabeth (Betty) Hale, born 1771. In 1841 she was living with her son Anthony. They had issue:

  1. John Newman, Bap Harvington 24 Jul 1791.
  2. Anthony Newman, Bap Harvington 31 Mar. 1793. Anthony married Elizabeth Perry at St James's, Harvington 12 Oct 1817.
  3. Mary Newman, Bap Harvington 1 Feb 1795.
  4. William Newman, Bap Harvington 8 May 1797. Buried Harvington 8th February 1808, an idiot.
  5. Anne Newman, Bap Harvington 25 May 1800.
  6. Thomas Newman, Bap Harvington 5 Jun 1803. A Gardener in 1851. Married Mary A, born London 1804. Mary was a Nurse in 1841, A Gloveress in 1851. [Living at Number 1, Crooked Walls in 1891. The information that Mary Newman lived in number 1 came from Steve Cook.] Mary Newman, died in 1896 aged 93.
    1. Thomas, bap. Harvington 14 Jan 1838. Platelayer on Railway in 1901. Mar. Jane, born Bengeworth 1836. living at Number 3, Crooked Walls in 1891. They had issue:
      1. John Newman, born Harvington 1859. Ag Lab in 1901.
      2. Henry Newman, born Harvington 1860, Ag lab in 1901. Cattleman on farm in 1901 living ‘Village Street’, Harvington. A Market Gardener in 1911 living either in one of the Post Office Cottages near the present Cotswold View. Mar. Sarah Ann, born Salford Priors 1856. Henry died 12th October 1915 aged 55. They had issue:
        1. Sarah Ann, born Harvington 1884. Pupil Teacher. She died August 2nd 1955, aged 71.
        2. Frances Mary, born Harvington 1892. Teacher’s assistant. She died 10th April 1919 aged 27.
      3. Elizabeth, aged 7 in 1871
      4. Thomas, aged 6 in 1871
      5. Charles, bap. Harvington 28 Apr 1866. Farm Lab. Died 1936, aged 69. He was married in 1892 to Ann Smith, born Bidford 1870 and died in 1912. Ann's family lived at the Bulls Head, Bidford, her father was a stonemason. They lived in No.3 Crooked Walls where their children were all born. In 1912 Ann was working at the black range in the inglenook of No.3 Crooked Walls when she turned, collapsed and died. Sometime after his wife's death he moved from Crooked Walls to No. 6 Malthouse Close. Charles and Ann had issue:
        1. Elizabeth (Lizzie), born in Crooked Walls, Harvington 1892. She married Ernest Clarke in 1914. They lived in Leys Road and had her little brother Leslie living with them until they moved away.
        2. John Henry (Jack), born in Crooked Walls, Harvington 20 Aug 1893. Farm Lab. He was married at Harvington in 1921 to Alice, born 6 Aug 1890, Bailey and lived in Ivy Cottage in the Brickyard. He died in 1965. She died in 1979. They had issue:-
          1. Evelyn J, born in 1922. She was married in 1946 to Jack P N Crofton and had issue:-
            1. Dallas M N, born 1946.
        3. Florence May, born in Crooked Walls, Harvington 1895, died 1983. Married (1) Percy Everitt, 1902-1985, they lived at No.1 Hop Kiln Cottages. She married (2) Percival M Carter, and had issue:-
          1. child
          2. child
        4. Edith Annie, born in Crooked Walls, Harvington 3 April 1898. She married Frederick J Holder in 1919. Frederick was born 29 Jun 1889. After they married they lived in one of the Malthouse cottages nearby her father Charles and her younger siblings when she carried for along with her own family. She probably lived in number 3 or 4. In 1939 they moved to the new No.12 Glebe Cottages. He died in 1939 aged 60. Edith died in 1980. They had issue:-
          1. Edith E, born Harvington 1920.
          2. Winifred M, born Harvington 1923.
          3. Kenneth J, born Harvington 1925.
          4. Sylvia G, born Harvington 1929.
          5. Anthony A E, born Harvington 1936.
        5. Thomas (Tom & Frank), born in Crooked Walls, Harvington 10 Sep 1903. He was 1stly married in 1938 to Joan, daughter of Charles Langstone of the Brickyards. Joan died and he married 2ndly in Birmingham in 1948 to Violet Jinks, born Birmingham 1923. They lived at No.9, Brickyard Cottages. They moved to No.1 Rowberry Cottages in 1957. He died in 1978. She died in 1998.

          Charles Langstone father of Joan Langstone first wife of Frank (Tom) Newman

          He had issue by Joan:-

          1. Alan Layrd Kenneth, married June Westwood and lived c1964-1968 at Church House and then number 3, Glebe Cottages. Alan died 2005/6.
            1. Clare
            2. Richard

          1: Violet Newman at the Brickyard
          2: Harold Moulden & Frank (Tom) Newman at the The Brickyard (No.9) c1950

          He had issue by Violet:-

          1. Peter John Philip
          2. Robert Charles.
        6. Albert Edward, born in Crooked Walls, Harvington 1906, married Kathleen, they lived at Cross Cottage next to the Golden Cross. He died in 1957 aGED 51.
        7. Leslie (Les), born at Crooked Walls, circa 1909 in number 3 of Crooked Walls, Harvington 1909. His mother died when he was a young lad so he was looked after by his sister Elizabeth and her husband who lived up Leys Road. When they left the village, he came back to live with his father Charles who had moved from Crooked Walls to 6 Malthouse Lane. His other sister Edith, who had married a Holder also lived in the lane. She looked after them as well as her own family. Leslie married Sarah A Jervis in 1930 and they firstly lived in No. 1, Blacksmith Cottage next to Mr Gwinnett. Annie's mum used to joke three of us were born next to the anvil. In 1938 they moved into the newly-built No. 10 Glebe Cottages. Joy of Crooked Walls remembers talking to Les in the street on his way to the Coach & Horses, he always wore a blue woollen hat. He died suddenly in the Coach & Horses. (Much of this information has come from his daughter Ann. They had issue:-
          1. Joyce Margaret, born No.1 Blacksmith Cottages, Harvington 1931.
          2. Maurice Leslie, probably born No.1 Blacksmith Cottages, Harvington 1933.
          3. Ann E (Annie), born in No.1 Blacksmith Cottages, Harvington 1938. She married Gerald (Jerry) D Millard (born 1936) in 1961 and their first home was number 6 Malthouse Close where they lived for eight years. They now live in No.2 Glebe cottages in Village Street.
          4. David Elton, born Harvington 1940.
          5. Colin James Jervis, born Hrvington 24th May 1943. He married Greta M Withers (born 1935) in 1969. She was a Millard by birth and had previously married in 1957 Bryan D Withers. He had by Greta:-
            1. Allison.
      6. George Newman, born Harvington 1870. Plough boy in 1881. Farm Lab. In 1901 living number 4, Crooked Walls.
    2. Mary Ann, born Harvington 1841
    3. Elizabeth, born Harvington 1843

NEWMAN 2:           family living in Harvington & Atch Lench.
HOUSE: The Brickyards.

Joseph Newman, born Church Lench 1806, an agricultural labourer, married Ann (born Norton 1808) and had issue:-

    Job Newman, born Atch Lench 1831. Bap Norton 8 Jan 1832. Farm Lab. 1901. He lived at the Brickyards. He died at Brickyard Cottages 6 May 1905. He married *Hannah Baylis, born Henley-in-Arden 1830. They had issue:

    1. Ann, born Harvington 1861, never married and was buried in the Baptist graveyard, Atch Lench 1953 aged 96.
    2. William, born Harvington 30 Dec 1866. Ag Lab in 1881. He moved to Birmingham, living at 23 The Retreat, Bordesley Park Road, Bordesley, Aston where his children were born. He then lived at the Brickyards (the 1st house on the left leaving Harvington) where he worked at Green Road Farm. He moved back to Birmingham during WW2 and died in 1953. He married All Saints Memorial Church, Birmingham 23 Dec 1893 Elizabeth (Eliza) Dorothy (1859-1957), the daughter of John Valentine (b 1849) & Agatha Teague Rogers (1846-1926) and had issue:-

      1. William, born 1895, a Carter's assistant in 1911. Married
      2. George Bayliss, born 1896 and married with issue
      3. Annie Elizabeth, born Birmingham 2nd May 1897. She was in Service at Blenheim Palace when Winston Churchill was born. She was also a travelling companion to Colonel Martineau, Lord Mayor of Birmingham. She was married at Holy Trinity Church, Deritend, Birmingham 16th Sep 1922 to Albert Bradnock Collins. She died at East Birmingham Hospital 7th Jun 1987, and was buried in Atch Lench Baptist Chapel burial ground. They had issue:-

        1. child
        2. Ronald Albert, born Birmingham 18th Dec 1925 died 28th Mar 2003
      4. Elsie May, born Birmingham 19 May 1903, died 28 Jan 1985
      5. Lucy Ellen, born 28th April 1906, married Birmingham Register Office 4th June 1926 Walter Frederick Mills and had issue:-

        1. Margaret Ann, born Birmingham 1932 but lived in Harvington until she was five. She went to school in Harvington during the War. She remembered walking along Green Street past Green Street Lane to village school. She was married at Bishop's Stortford 1951 to Albert J Bull
        2. Walter G, born Birmingham 1935, died 2006
        3. Olive E, born Birmingham 1938
      6. Harry Thomas, 1912-1940.
    3. Thomas, born Harvington 1870.

    *George Baylis of Henley in Arden, born 1773. Married Wootton Wawen 2nd Nov 1793 to Hannah Cox (born 1773), and had issue:-

    1. William, born 17 June 1798. A Nail maker in 1841 living Henley in Arden with wife Charlotte and son George. William died in Henley 26 June 1864. He married 19 Oct 1828 Charlotte Hains (born 31 Aug 1803, Christened 25 September 1803, the daughter of Thomas and Mary Haynes) and had issue:-
      1. Hannah, born 13 Aug 1829. She married twice, 1st to James Davis and 2nd in 1855 to Job Newman.
      2. Anne, born 1832
      3. George, born 21 April 1833
    2. George, born 1809, he married Ann and had issue:-
      1. Henry, b 1844
      2. John Nathaniel, b 27 May 1849

Ann Newman in Service

Ann Newman on left with possible niece

Job Newman 1830-1905 with daughter Ann

Hannah Newman born 1830, wife of Job Newman

Ann Newman 1861-1953

William Newman 1856-1953
at the Brickyards

Ann Newman with brother William and possible niece

Margaret Bull
of Birmingham
PENNEY:           family living in Harvington & Evesham.
HOUSE: Cedar Lodge.

William Penney, born Evesham June 1781. He was married in Evesham 1812 to Ann Touch. He was Innkeeper at the Royal Oak in Vine Street, 1818 to 1837. He died 1837 aged 56 and is buried in St Lawrence, Evesham. After 1837 she moved to 19 Vine Street and died in 1877 aged 86. She They had issue:-

  1. Mary Ann, born 1816. She was married to Henry Chichester and lived in Donnington, Herefordshire. Has a window commemorating her in St Lawrence.
  2. Maria, born 1819, died 1832.
  3. Eliza, born 1822. She was married to Henry William Smith. They both have windows commemorating them in St Lawrence. In 1871 their neice Mary Jane Penney was staying with them in St Lawrence parish, Worcester.
  4. George William Penney was born in Evesham in 1826 and sought his fortune in London. In the 1851 Census he was a partner in a Drapers firm in Bloomsbury, run by Thomas Ellaby aged 29. In 1852 he married Mary Jane Pratt in Evesham, Mary Jane was born in Bengeworth. By 1861 he was Master Draper living at 28 Nelson Terrace, St Pancras. In 1871 they were living in Willesden, Middx. By the 1911 Census they were living at Cedar Lodge and of private means, two spinster daughters were at home: Mary Jane, born London, aged 58; Annie Eliza, born London, aged 52. The Penney's became landowners in the village and donated a plot for the building of the Village Hall. Mary Jane died in 1917 aged 94. George William Penney died in 1919 aged 92 and the daughters sold land in Harvington in a series of plots by auction in Evesham. The land was mostly on both sides of Station Road.

    George William Penney, 1826-1919 & Mary Jane Penney, c1821-1917
    permission by Don Mclean who kindly allowed these photos to be placed here.

    They had issue:-

    1. Caroline aged 8 in 1861 and living in Harvington in 1881.
    2. Mary Jane aged 6 in 1861. In 1871 she was staying in Worcester with her aunt Eliza. Mary Jane and Annie Eliza moved to Albergo, The Riviera, Paignton in Devon where they eventually died, Mary Jane on 3rd Oct 1943 and Annie Eliza seventeen days later on the 20th.
    3. Annie Eliza aged 2 in 1861. Died at Paignton on 20th Oct 1843.
    4. Julia, born 1861. She married in 1887 to Frederick Pick, Farmer. They moved to Burmington near Shipston on Stour before 1901. He died in 1929, she died 1932. They had issue:-
      1. Gladys Julia Mary, born Harvington 1889. Had issue.
      2. Gwendoline Daisy, born Harvington 1894. A spinster.
      3. Monica Ida, born Harvington 1896. Had issue.
      4. Edith Margaret, born Harvington 1899. A spinster.
      5. Irene Kathleen, born Burmington 1902. Had issue.
  5. Caroline, born 1829, died 1846.

See the page on memorials for their tombstone.

PERKES:           families living in Harvington.

It appears from the Parish Registers that there were numerous branches of Perkes in the village by 1570 when the Parish Registers began. There were Perkes were in the village until about 1730. A number of branches have been reconstructed but unfortunately it has not been possible to compile a complete pedigree of them. There might have been several distinct branches and their status might have been wide ranging as one was buried in the chancel of the church while another was a labourer. Neither is it at present possible to ascertain where in the village they lived. Here is an attempt to break up individual entries into family groupings followed by some individual entries.

MARGERY PERKES, witness to baptism in 1577. She had issue:-

Christian, daughter of Margery, bap Harvington 5 Nov 1584.

THOMAS PERKES, witness to a baptism in 1578. Married and had issue:-

  1. Elizabeth, 26 Oct 1578.

ROBERT PERKES, witness to baptism in 1587. Possibly married to Elinor Perkes, who was witness to the same baptism in 1587.

WILLIAM PERKE, witness to baptism in 1574.

WILLIAM PERKES, married Elizabeth 12 Jun 1592.

RICHARD PERKES, bur 10th Jul 1581.

GEORGE PERKES, witness to baptism in 1604.

HENRY PERKES, Married possibly Annis and had issue:-

  1. Annis, bap Harvington Sep 1614.
  2. Henry, bap Harvington 2 Jul 1617.
  3. Katherin, bap Harvington 21 Fev 1618.
  4. Marie, bap Harvington 21 Aug 1625.

HENRY PERKES (senior) was bur Harvington 9 Feb 1699. He married and had issue:-

  1. Henry, born circa 1649. Married Anne and died 5 Jun 1708 aged 59. There are monuments in the churchyard to Henry and his family. She died 27 Feb 1733 aged 80 (tomb). They had issue:-
    1. Elinor, bap Harvington 1 Jun 1683.
    2. Eleanor, died 19 Sep 1686 aged 5 (tomb).
    3. Eleanor, bap Harvington 30 May 1688.
    4. Mary, bap Harvington 7 Nov 1694, died 11 Nov 1694 aged 2 weeks (tomb).
    5. Henry, bap Harvington 8th Jul 1697.

PHILLIP PERKES, witness to baptism in 1583. An Annis Pennell was born in his barn in 1607. Held land in 1617. He married Joane Wilks of Bretforton 4 May 1683. She was a witness to a baptism in 1584 and was bur Harvington 1 Jan 1607. Phillip was bur Harvington 1 Oct 1621. They had issue:-

  1. Annis, bap Harvington 23 Aug 1584.
  2. Ursula, bap Harvington 28 Oct 1586. Bur 8 Dec 1586.
  3. Henry, bap Harvington 28 Oct 1587. Churchwarden in 1617.
  4. Phillip, son of Phillip Perkes bur 30 Nov 1595.

JOHN PERKE, the senior, married and had issue:-

  1. Edward, bap Harvington 20 May 1573.
  2. John, bap Harvington 2 Apr 1587.

JOHN PERKES, married possibly Margery and was possibly the John Perkes Glover bur 25 Mar 1611. He had issue:-

  1. Margery, bap Harvington 18 Jun 1592.
  2. William, bap Harvington 15 Jun 1595.
  3. John, bap Harvington 26 Dec 1603. John Perkes young man & copyholder bur 18 Mar 1625.
  4. Mary, bap Harvington 20 Feb 1603.
  5. Phillip, bap Harvington 20 Jan 1604.
  6. Anne, bap Harvington 5 Oct 1606.
  7. William, bap Harvington 18 Sep 1608.
  8. Robert, bap Harvington 14 Dec 1610.

Margaret Perke, witness to baptism in 1575.

Old Henry Perkes, bur 22 May 1601.

Annis Perkes, witness to baptism in 1578.

Alice Perkes, witness to baptism in 1587.

Henry Perkes, bur 12 Jan 1663.

Ann Perkes, marr Matthew Holbrook 16 Apr 1682.

Anne Perkes, bur 31 Jul 1619.

Marie Perks, witness to baptism in 1622.

Thomas Perkes, bap Harvington 7 Dec 1589.

Joane Perke, married John Hill 10 Oct 1577.

Jane Perke, married Francis Sorrell 24 Sep 1579.

Margaret Perke, married John Savage 25 Oct 1580.

John Perke, married Magdalen Perkinson 11 Feb 1602. Magdalen, widow bur 23 Nov 1615 aged 33.

John Perkes, bur in church 28 Apr 1582.

John Perkes, married Rebecca Tomlins 31 Oct 1603.

Annis Perke, married Thomas Bound 17 Nov 1609.

Anne Perkes, married Matthew Holbrooke 16 Apr 1682.

Thomas Perkes, bur 7 Jan 1575.

Thomas Perkes, bur 14 Jan 1578.

Beatrice and Margery, sisters, were bur 5 Jun 1580.

Anne Perkes, bur 3 Jan 1582.

Margaret Perkes, bur 4 Apr 1583.

Thomas Perkes, Labourer, bur 4 Sep 1586.

Elinor Perkes, bur 5 Oct 1594.

Thomas Perkes, churchwarden in 1693 & 1704, 1705. was probably bur 10 Mar 1717.

Sarah Perks, bur 25 Sep 1721.

Mary, dau of Henry Perkes Milward and Elizabeth bapt 13 Jul 1756.

John, dau of Henry Perkes Milward and Elizabeth bapt 28 Feb 1759.

Sarah, dau of [Henry] Perkes Milward and Elizabeth bapt 12 Sep 1759. She was buried 2 Jun 1763.

William, son of Henry Perkes Milward and Betty bapt 28 Mar 1766.

See the page on memorials for their tombstones.

SHAILER:           family living in Harvington.
Ladbrook House and Padmore

James Shailer, a farmer at Dunnington. He married Louisa and had issue:-

  1. James Shailer, was baptised at Salford Priors on 28th October 1800. He married Lucy from Wrye Piddle, aged 35 in 1841 He was a Victualler at the Coach and Horses in Harvington in 1841. By 1851/61 they were farmers of 110 acres in Inkberrow. By 1871 they were living in Dunnington as retired. They had two grandchildren born London: Elizabeth aged 6 and William aged 2. He died 13th August 1877 aged 77. She died 22nd Feb 1873 aged 66. They had issue:-
    1. James, bap 21sr Dec 1830.
    2. George, born Salford Priors, bap Harvington 15th Jun 1833. He married in Birmingham 1st Oct 1863 to Elizabeth Pardoe, (aged 23 in 1863), daughter of Edwin Pardoe of Kempsey. He was publican of the Golden Cross from 1863 to between 1873 & 1877. He died in 1899. She died 1931 aged 92, she lived for many years at No.4 Fairview Cottages. They had issue:-
      1. Thomas Pardoe, bapt Harvington 29th Dec 1863. Bur Harvington 13th Nov 1925, aged 61.
      2. William Wallace, bap Harvington 1st Apr 1865. He married and lived in 7 Shakespeare Lane.
      3. Helen, bap 16th Apr 1872. Bur 26th Apr aged 3 days.
      4. George Edwin, bap 6th Jul 1873.
      5. Ernest Albert Shailer, bap Harvington 6th Jul 1873, married 1898 to Edith Annie Sherwood, born Church Lench. In the 1920's they lived in the little cottage No. 47), next to the Hop Pole Cottage in Village Street. Edith married again, this time in 1929 to Herbert T Fisher and moved to Norton. He was bur 2nd Feb 1924, aged 51. They had issue:-
        1. Lawrence Frank, bap Harvington 6th Nov 1898. He married Florence M. Best in 1919 and had issue:-
          1. John I. born 1926.
          2. Patricia H. born 1929.
          3. Esme S. born 1933.
        2. William (Bill) Seymour, bap Harvington 7th Oct 1900. He married Margaret Mason in 1929 and lived in the 7 Shakespeare Lane backing on to the Hopkiln. He died in 1961 aged 60. She died in 1995 aged 89.
          1. Pamela Margaret. She was married in Harvington 1952 to Kenneth William Walden.
          2. Elizabeth Christine. She was married in Harvington 1956 to Brian George Williams.
        3. Kathleen Edith Elizabeth, bap Harvington 15th Dec 1901. She married George Byrd in 1927 and had issue:-
          1. Graham.
          2. Richard.
        4. Cyril Geoffrey, bap Harvington 11th Aug 1907. He lived in his late father's home until he married in Harvington 1931 to Harriet Violet Nancy Ludlow. After marrying they built and lived in the 'The Bungalow' in Station Road. They both died in 1999. They had issue:-
          1. John, born Harvington 11 Apr 1938. Still living in the village in 2017. He married firstly and had issue. He married secondly Barbara.
            1. Janet.
          2. Rodney Rex. He was married in Harvington to Linda Joyce Harmer in 1968 and had issue:-
            1. Neil Colin born 1971 and had issue:-
              1. Emily.
              2. Neil.
        5. Alice Marjorie, bap Harvington 11th Apr 1909. The was married in Harvington to Richard Harold Jones in 1937.
        6. Elvire Annie I., bap Harvington 10th Mar 1912. She married in 1940 to Henry F.C. Waters and had issue:-
          1. Mary T. born 1942.
        7. ?Rene, married and had Nina. Family information, cannot trace record.
      6. Charles Henry (Harry), died 1955 aged 76.
      7. Frederick Hubert (Bert), bap Harvington 11th Nov 1877. In 1902 Bert married Esmerelda Bessie Freeman in Harvington. She was born at Martley c1881. Bert was a gardener in 1903 & 1911. He Bought James and Apple Tree cottage circa 1916 for £250. The property included the ground to the rear of the properties, now the gardens of the two Hop kiln properties. The properties were at that time seperate and carried the names Ladbrook House and Padmore Cottage. There is also a story that Bert planted the Lord Derby apple tree in the garden of Crooked Walls, presumably in the early 1930's. He died 1936 aged 61. She died in 1954 aged 74. They had issue:-
        1. Lillian Elizabeth, bap Harvington 2nd Aug 1903. She was married in 1937 to George E Horne. In 1976 they moved into Padmore Cottage, Harvington. They had no issue.
        2. Constance (Connie), Madeline, bap Harvington 7th Apr 1907. She married Ernest Edward Rawlings in 1931. See below:-


Edward Rawlings, by Sarah Ann he had issue:-

  1. Ernest Thomas Jarvis Rawlings, bap Willersey 30th Mar 1877. Labourer at 45 Cowl Street, Evesham in 1911. He was married in 1895 to Annie Elizabeth Smith, (an orphan born apparently in York c1875). She died in 1946 aged 71. They had issue:-
    1. Annie Elizabeth, born Evesham 1899. She died in 1914 aged 15.
    2. Violet Evelena, born Evesham 1902. She married in 1921 to Harry Wakefield. She died in 1960 aged 58.
    3. Ernest Edward Rawlings, born Evesham 1905. He married Constance (Connie) Madeline Shailer, daughter of Bert Shailer in 1931. They initially rented a place in Norton and later moved into Ladbrook, the home of Connie's grandmother Esmerelda Shailer, she moved into Padmore. They lived at Ladbrook in the 1940/50's. He was the Village Post Master but eventually moved to Salford Post Office. He died in 1966 aged 61. They had issue.
      1. Angela, born 1938, married 1962 in Harvington to John Raby. Angela remembers a boy called Adrian Badger with effection who lived next door at Crooked Walls. They used to hang out together and would often talk across the lane from their respective bedrooms. One day he was gone and she never saw him again. Angela was obviously a likeble and popular girl who got up to pranks. There is a charming little story told by Angela that one evening she and her friends pushed a small firework through the letterbox of the Limes. They made a mistake of trying to do the same thing the following evening only to find one of the misses Stratton hiding behind a bush. Angela was caught and marched back to her father who gave her a severe ticking off. She and her husband now (live) near Bromsgrove. They had issue:-
        1. Peter, married Candice and had issue:-
          1. Isabel
          2. Wilfred
          3. Edward

SISAM:           family were millers and lived at the mill from at least 1841 until after 1891.

Much of the following material is taken from an excellent book called Roots and Branches by Peter Sisam 1993. His book traces their origins back to Nicholas Sisam of Greet in Gloucestershire who died in 1728. Their main home as millers appears to have been Arrow Mill. See under Mill House for more detail of their stay in Harvington. Peter Sisam's book carries much more detail but here are the outlines of the family. Members known to have lived at Mill House are highlighted with a link back to Buildings for the mill.

John Sisom, bap 11 Dec 1748. He married 1stly on 21 May 1778 Nancy George who died 18 May 1788. They had issue:-

  1. Mary, bap 9 April 1779. Died 1 Dec 1779.
  2. John, bap 26 April 1780. A gardener. Died after 1841 unmarried.
  3. William Sisam, bap 12 July 1781. maltster and miller. He married 0n 11th Dec 1813 Lydia Marshall, born Circa 1791, daughter of ----- Marshall, living at Mill House, Harvington in 1851. He died 30 Nov 1834 and was buried 3 Dec. She died in 1865. They had issue:-
    1. Henry, bap 25 July 1814 and died 9 May 1870. He was married on 31 Dec 1836 to Caroline Marshall who died 29 April 1898. They had issue.
      1. Thomas Henry, bap 6 Jun 1837, died 31 May 1838.
      2. William Henry, born Arrow, bap 9 Aug 1838. Living at Mill House, Harvington aged 22 in 1861, miller & coal merchant at Harvington Mill. He died Dec 1877, bur 1 Jan 1878. He married 1869 Helen New and has issue:-
        1. Henry Charles, bap 6 Jul 1870, died 21 Sep 1972.
        2. Emily Mary, bap 11 Oct 1871, died 1933.
        3. Caroline Helen, bap 24 Aug 1873, married John Hook.
        4. William, bap 6 Jun 1875, died 1947.He married 1910 Florence Louise Hall.
        5. Alfred John Marshall, born 1876, bap 6 May 1877, died 1927
      3. Ann Emily, born Arrow, bap 22 Dec 1839. Living at Mill House, Harvington aged 21 in 1861. She married (1) 1871 William James Bullock; married (2) Mr Davis.
      4. Thomas Marshall, bap 12 Mar 1841. He emigrated to New Zealand in 1862 but returned to England. He Was living in Mill Cottage, Harvington in 1891 as a miller. He married 29 May 1869 Mary Jane Davis, born Idlecote and was living in Mill Cottage, Harvington in 1891 aged 48 as a miller. He died 17 Oct 1896, his tombstone is at Cleeve Prior. They had issue.
        1. Charles Marshall, born Winchcombe 1871, living in Mill Cottage, Harvington in 1891 aged 18 as a miller. He died 1936
        2. Thomas, born Cheltenham 1872 and was living in Mill Cottage, Harvington in 1891 aged 18 as a miller. He married 1906 Ann Johnson and moved to Peterborough and had issue. He died 1950.
        3. Mary Edith, born 1875, died 1941.
        4. Katherine Helen, born Atch Lench Dec 1876, bap 22 Apr 1877 and was living in Mill Cottage, Harvington in 1891 aged 14. She married 1899 Mr Snow and emigrated to South Africa.
        5. Mabel, born 1879 bap 8 Feb 1880 and died 1880
        6. Alexander, born Aldington and bap 5 June 1881. She was living in Mill Cottage, Harvington in 1891 aged 9. She died unmarried 1961.
        7. John Francis, born Harvington 1883 and was living in Mill Cottage, Harvington in 1891 aged 7. He died unmarried in 1972.
        8. Edmund Herbert, born Harvington 1885 and was living in Mill Cottage, Harvington in 1891 aged 5. He married 1921 Emily Mabel Hawes and in 1959 leaving issue.
        9. Arthur Gordon, born Harvington 1890 and was living in Mill Cottage, Harvington in 1891 aged 1. He died in 1918.
      5. Walter, born Arrow, bap 18 June 1842. Living at Mill House, Harvington aged 18 in 1861. Emigrated to New Zealand in 1862, Farmer in the Waitakeres. Married (1) 1860 Mary Anne Mason; married (2) Nellie Hewitson. He died 1910.
      6. Alfred John, bap 14 Feb 1844. Went to New Zealand in 1862. He married 1870 Marie Knights. He died 1870..
      7. James Leonard, bap 9 Oct 1845. Married 1876 Letitia New. This gentleman may be the John Leonard Sisam mentioned in the deeds of Mill House as a miller tenant. Peter Sisam describes him as a miller at Arrow Mill. He died 1921.
      8. Marshall, bap 10 Jun 1947 and died unmarried March 1877.
      9. Alice Jane, bap 27 Dec 1848. Married 1876 John Fisher.
    2. Ann, bap 31 Dec 1815, died 30 Jun 1819.
    3. William, bap 28 Jul 1817. Living at Mill House, Harvington in 1841. Farmer at Walton. Died 1893 unmarried.
    4. John, bap 29 Oct 1818, Living at Mill House, Harvington in 1871. He died 10 Feb 1891. He married in 1847 Sarah Hannah Potter. She was living at Mill House, Harvington in 1871 and died 1889. They has issue:-
      1. William Bernard, born in Winchcombe. Living at Mill House, Harvington aged 15 in 1871.
      2. Mary K, born in Winchcombe. Living at Mill House, Harvington aged 13 in 1871.
    5. Frederick (Francis), bap 1 Oct 1820. A miller in 1841 and miller and maltster in 1851 at Harvington Mill. He died 1808. He married 1stly 29 Jan 1849 Elizabeth Hoare of Radway, living at Mill House, Harvington in 1851. She died 1898. Miller aged 20 in 1841. Miller & Maltster at the mill in 1851. They had issue:-
      1. Henrietta Phoebe, born Harvington 1849, bap 4 Jan 1850, Living at Mill House, Harvington in 1851. She died 1917.
      2. Elizabeth Hoare, bap 16 Jul 1851, died 1935.
      3. Marian, born 1852 bap 5 Apr 1853. Married 1890 Hugh Lewin.
      4. Harriet, born 5 Jun 1854.
      Frederick married 2ndly in 1864 Martha Hargit. They had issue:-
      1. Hector Marshall, born 1865, died 1943. Married Mary Ellen Fitzgerald and had issue.
      2. George Hargit, born 1867, died unmarried 1902.
      3. Herbert, born 1869, died 1956. Married Sarah Ann Jones and had issue.
      4. Mary Ann, born 1872, married 1903 Dick Laycock.
      5. Harriet, born 1874, died 1887.
    6. David, bap 8 Jun 1822, died 21 May 1833.
    7. Mary Ann, bap 16 Jun 1824, died 12 Sep 1872.
    8. Harriet, bap 1 Aug 1823, died 1883.
    9. Caroline, bap 18 Mar 1827, died 29 Jan 1869 bur 5 Feb 1869.
  4. Mary, bap 14 Mar 1783, died 4 June 1808.
  5. Joseph, bap 18 Jun 1786, died 13 Feb 1858 leaving issue.
  6. Nicholas (twin), born May 1788, died May 1788.
  7. Anne (twin), born May 1788, died 27 Aug 1788.
John married 2ndly on 10 Aug 1790 Phoebe Russell who died 10 Nov 1824. He died 26 Dec 1801. They had issue:-
  1. Phoebe (twin), bap 5 Aug 1791, died 7 Aug 1791.
  2. Soloman (twin), bap 5 Aug 1791, died 27 Aug 1791.
  3. Phoebe, bap 6 Jun 1793. married on 28 July 1832 Henry Wagstaff. She died 1850.
  4. Daniel, born 1794?, died 21 May 1811 aged 16.
  5. David, bap 9 Mar 1796, died unmarried 13 Jul 1869.
  6. Ann, bap 7 Sep 1798. Married 3 Oct 1826 Charles Day.
  7. Sarah, bap 5 May 1800. She married 9 Nov 1820 John Sherrard and died 1845?

SKINNER:           family living in Harvington.

Edward Skinner. born 1750. He married at Harvington 21 Nov 1778 Elizabeth (Betty) Blackford. He was buried Harvington 2nd Nov 1812 as a senior tailor. They had issue:-

  1. Sarah, bap Harvington 26th December 1778. In 1851 she was living in Harvington with her brother Charles.
  2. William, 1778-1818. He was a shoemaker in Harvington. He married Priscilla Bee, 1774-1851, in Alcester 4 July 1802, and was buried in Harvington 19th Oct 1818. They had issue:-
    1. Philip, bap Harvington 4th Sep 1804.
    2. William, born Harvington 1806.
    3. Crispin, bap Harvington 5th Nov 1807, bur Harvington 5th June 1808.
    4. Jesse, born Harvington 1808.
    5. David, born Harvington 1811.
    6. Thomas, bap Harvington 5th November 1815.
    7. George, born Harvington 1818.
  3. Alice, born 1782. She married Harvington 14th Nov 1808 to Giles Bagg of Welford.
  4. Charlotte, bap Harvington 4th July 1784, bur Harvington 21st Aug 1785.
  5. Hopefull, bap Harvington 12th Aug 1787.
  6. Edward Skinner, was bap Harvington 30 May 1789. He married at Harvington 28 Dec 1826 Elizabeth Derrick of North & Middle Littleton, bap Little Alne 9 Aug 1801, daughter of Richard and Mary Derrick. She died 1880, aged 80. In the 1851 Census, he was a Tailor, Postmaster and Grocer aged 50, with his wife Elizabeth, born Little Alne, Warwickshire, with six children, but not Sarah. She was Postmistress in 1871. They had issue:-
    1. Charles Skinner, 1828-1877.

    2. Edward Skinner, born 1829 bap Harvington 15 Apr. In 1851 he was living in Knighton, Worcs, a visitor to farmer James and Lucy Shailer. He married 1864 to Sarah Anne Hiden. In 1881/91/1901 he was living at Church House in Harvington. He died in 1909. They had issue:-
      1. Allen Charles Skinner, 1868-1945.
    3. Sarah, born 1831, bap Worcester 17 Jul 1831. She married Frederick Instan, 1828-1865. She died in 1856 aged 25. They had issue:-
      1. Ellen Skinner. 1855-1944.
    4. Jessie, born Harvington 1833. He married 1859 to Maria Andrews, born 1815. She died Evesham 11 July 1920.
    5. John, born Harvington 1837 bap 25 Dec. He was married in Birmingham 25 Jun 1860 to Sarah Stevens, 1840-1900. was a jeweller and lived 4 Northampton Street, Birmingham. John owned Church House, Cottage, Candle Cottage and Oak Tree Villas in Harvington. In 1906 he leased Station House to John Bazaled Cook, village post master. He died on Soho Hill, Handsworth, Birmingham 26 Feb 1912. They had issue:-
      1. William John, born 1861.
      2. Charles Edward, born 1862. A Fly Driver. He married Ellen Louisa. In 1927 she was living at 16 Westgate Barnfield Urmston, Lancs. They had issue:-
        1. Arthur Allman. In 1968 he was living in Candle Cottage.
        2. Doris.
      3. Sarah Alice, born 1864.
      4. Joseph Henry, born 1866.
      5. Emma Elizabeth, born 1870.
      6. Mary Ann, born 1872.
      7. Christopher, born 1872.
      8. Benjamin, born 1877.
      9. Walter, born 1878.
    6. Mary Ann, born Harvington, bap Worcester 25 Dec 1837.
    7. Henry, born Harvington born, married Rous Lench 18 Aug 1866 to Maria Howell. In 1871 they were living at Hinton on the Green. He died 1906. They had issue:-
      1. William Henry, 1869-1928. Married Alice Elizabeth Brown and lived in Rous Lench.
      2. John, born 1872.
      3. Winifred Howell, born Hinton 1872, died 1955.
      4. Edward Leonard, born Abbots Lench 1874.
      5. Harry, born Abbots Lench 1876.
      6. Walter, born Abbots Lench 1879.
    8. Ellen, born Harvington 1840 bap 22 Jun. In 1867 she married Edward Parkes. She died 1919.
    9. Selina Elizabeth, born Harvington 1842 bap 28 Dec. She married at Harvington 1861 Charles Edward Ludlow, who was Postmaster after Elizabeth Skinner in 1881. She died 1913. They had issue, see the Ludlow family.
    10. Caleb, born Harvington 1846, lived in Church House, died 1924.
  7. Charles, born 1792, a tailor living in Harvington with his sister Sarah.

Also in the 1851 Census is a Philip Skinner, a farmer living Feckingham, born Harvington c1806, along with his wife Priscilla and son William. With them is his mother, also named Priscilla, aged 97 and born Sevenhampton in Glos.

See the page on memorials for their tombstones. They also rented land belonging to Finch Hay in Finch Lane and the Lane was once called Skinner Lane, see the history of Finch Hay.

SMITH 1:           family living in Harvington.

This is the memorial to the Smith family, in particular to Hephzebah, the daughter of William Smith and Elizabeth his wife. Hephzebah died in 1852 aged about 11 years.

William Smith, born Hidcot, Glos. c1804. He married Elizabeth, born Mickleton c1804, and prior to 1837 moved to Mickleton, Glos. By the time of the birth of their daughter Selina, they were living in Harvington. In 1861 William was a Carpenter. They had issue:-

  1. Charles, born Mickleton c1830, Carpenter in 1851.
  2. Sophia A, born Mickleton c1837. Gloveress in 1851.
  3. Hephzebah, born Harvington c1841. She died in 1852.
  4. Selina, born Harvington 1843. She married firstly William Emeny at Harvington in 1871 (under 'Emmeny' in National Registry) and secondly Edward Bennett in Harvington in 1889. She died in 1914.

See the page on memorials for the Smith tombstone.

SMITH 2:           family living in Harvington and Birmingham.
HOUSE: Post Office Cottages

Ernest Henry Smith, born 15 Dec 1870. married Clara Taylor. He died 20 10 1940. They had issue:-

  1. Frederick Emanuel Smith, born 20 July 1901 (not Aston 1903). He was married in Birmingham to Nellie Powell in 1925. He died 24 Dec 1969. She died in 1935. They had issue:-
    1. Stanley Oliver, born Birmingham 4 Mar 1927. Married in Harvington 1956 to Rosa M Fisher, born Birmingham 1932. Rosa was the daughter of Edith Fisher who was living in number 2 Post Office Cottages in 1949. They had issue:-
      1. Gillian of Ragley Road, Harvington.
      2. Adrian.
    2. Frederick Darrel, born Birmingham 5 Dec 1929. He was married in Sutton Coldfield 1953 to Vera P Turner.

Edward Powell, born Smethwick c1860. He came from a large family and his mother was Sarah. He married in Birmingham 1894 to Emma Woodhouse, born 1869, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Woodhouse. Edward was a painter and decorator in 1901 living 72 Tudor Street, Ladywood, Birmingham. They had issue:-

  1. Ethel Powel, born Birmingham 1896. Married Robert Tucker 1925.
  2. Harry Powel, born Birmingham 1898.
  3. Gladys, born Birmingham 1901.
  4. Nellie, married Birmingham 1925 to Frederick Emanuel Smith, born 20th July 1901. He was born 1895, She died in 1935.

SORRELL:           family living in Harvington.
HOUSE: Crooked Walls

William Sorrell, 1785-1844, married Elizabeth Shakell, born c1785 and was buried in Harvington 16 Feb 1830, aged 45. They had issue:-

  1. George, born circa 1812. In Hampton Workhouse in 1854 when dying, bur Harvington 30th Aug 1854, aged 42.
  2. William Sorrell, bap Harvington 6th May 1814. He was an ag. lab. He is mentioned in the Will of John Edwin dated 1832, see in the Reading Room Deeds. He married Lucy Paine at Weethley, Worcs on 26th Dec 1833. Lucy was the daughter of Thomas and Eleanor Paine of Weethley and was baptised on the 10th March 1816. In 1861 William and Lucy were living in the village with two of their children Elizabeth and Eliza along with Henry Sorrell aged 3 & Ellen Sorrell aged 3, both grandchildren. In 1871 there was a grandson James A Sorrell aged 2, born Wolverhampton living with them, see below for more information. William died in 1872 aged 57. In 1901 Lucy is aged 87 and living with her is her grand daughter Lucy Elizabeth Sorrell aged 16. Lucy died in 1901.

    Lucy Sorrell at Crooked Walls in 1880.

    William and Lucy had issue:-

    1. Hannah, born Harvington c1834.
    2. Elizabeth, born Harvington c1836. She had a natural son called Henry Sorrell in 1858. He was living with her and her husband William in 1871 aged 13. She was married in 1861 to William Best, bap Broadway 1836, died 1906. She died in 1914. It is likely that after the death of her mother Lucy Sorrell in 1901, they continued her tenancy in Crooked Walls. See the Best family for their issue.
    3. Thomas, born Harvington c1838. He married Mary A, born Atch Lench, an Ag Lab living in Harvington in 1841, and by 1871 he was described as a widower living with his mother. He died 1896.
    4. Eliza, born Harvington 1840.
    5. George, born Harvington 1843. He was married in Harvington to Anne Bennett who died of TB in 1886. In 1891 he was a groom and gardener in Harvington, thought to have lived in Grange Lane. He died in 1932.

      George Sorrell in the centre. From the Baylis Family Collection.

      They had issue:-

      1. Sarah Anne, born Harvington 1869. She gave birth to Rose Ellen in 1890. She married in 1894 Moses Truby, a groom and they moved to Birmingham.
        1. Rose Ellen, born Harvington circa 1891. Known as Little Nan. She married Mr Smith and had issue:-
          1. Horace Smith, born 1908. He married and had issue:-
            1. Rose-Marie, born 1932. She married and had issue:-
              1. Anne
      2. Adelaide Lucy, born 1870, died 1887 aged 7.
      3. George, born Harvington circa 1874.
      4. John Leonard, born Harvington 1878. A Soldier (Private) in 1911. He died in the Brentford, London area in 1945, aged 66.
      5. Charles Owen, born Harvington 1880. A market gardener aged 30 in 1911. He died in 1964 aged 83.
      6. Lucy Elizabeth, born Harvington circa 1885. Staying with her grandmother Lucy Sorrell in 1901. She was married in 1910 to George Langton and had Lucy E M in 1911.
  3. Joseph, born c 1818, bur Harvington 16 Jan 1847, aged 29.

Five generations: George Sorrell, top right; Sarah Ellen, right;
Rose Ellen, centre; Horace, left; baby Rose-Marie.

Little Nan

Photographs and information by curtesy of Anne Hunter.

  • John, born Harvington 1845.
  • Mary, born Harvington 1847. She had an illegimate child James Sorrell in 1968:-
    1. James Abiathaz Sorrell, born in Wolverhampton on 31st Aug 1868 and bap in Harvington in 1869, no father is mentioned on birth certificate. He was married in Aston, Birmingham in 1889 to Alice Maud Mary Haywood. They had issue:-
      1. William James, 1891-1918 (killed in WW1).
      2. Edith A, 1893-1956.
      3. Richard John, 1897-1973, Joined up under age and was awarded a military medal in WW1. He was grandfather of Kim Somerville who donated information on the children of Mary Sorrell.
      4. Robert, 1900-1956.
      5. Doris, 1904, sent to Canada in 1913 by Middlemore Homes as British home Children.
      6. Samuel, 1905, sent to Canada in 1913 by Middlemore Homes as British home children.

    James committed suicide in 1908 and Alice struggled to bring up her six children. In 1927 Alice went to live with her daughter Doris in Canada and died in 1930.

    James Abiathaz Sorrell

    Mary Sorrell was married in Wolverhampton in 1871 to Robert Franks who had four children by a previous marriage. They had issue.

    1. Arthur T, 1873-1961.
    2. Lucy, 1877-1953.
    3. Frederick, 1881-1917.
    4. George, 1884-1963.
    Mary died in Wolverhampton in 1914. Robert died in 1901.

  • STONE:           family living in Harvington & Fyfield, Berkshire.
    HOUSE: Dalkeith.

    William Dalton Stone, born Fyfield, Berks. 1842. Living 4 Kingsholm Villa, Gloucester in 1881. Corn Trader in 1891. Married Gloucester 1869 Mary Swann. Mary was born Sandford, Oxon 1840. William died Solihull 1904 Aged 62. They had issue:-

    1. Gertrude, born Gloucester 1870. Married Reginald Booker and they lived in the Priory, Steventon, Berkshire. She lived there for 50 years.
    2. William, born Gloucester, Manager of Lloyds Bank, living Denmark Road, Gloucester. Married 1stly at Newent 1925 to Honor Stewart Clark, born Gloucester 1896. After his first wife’s death he retired and went to live in Andoversford. He married again in 1937, this time to Blanche Susannah Lloyd. William died 1959. He had issue:
      1. Paul, born above Lloyds Bank in Gloucester 1927. Married and had Frances and Christopher
      2. Mary, of Hill House, Leckhampton.
    3. Caroline E (Carrie), born Gloucester 1868

    4. Percival, born Gloucester 1874

    5. Isabel May, born Gloucester 1876

    6. Sidney Swann, born Gloucester 1881. 1901 living as lodger in Dursley. Bank Cashier in 1911, living Upper Ipsley in Warwickshire, as a Boarder. Later he was a Bank Manager in Alcester. Married Gloucester 1919 Mabel A Holbrook and had issue. Sidney and his wife bought Dalkeith in 1939 from the Hodgkinson family. Sidney died Harvington 1959 aged 78.

      Sydney Swann Stone and his wife Mabel.

      1. Mabella G, (Pip) born Alcester 1921, after her parents had died she continued to live in Dalkeith for many years.
      2. Ruth M, born Alcester 1922
    7. Percy

    STRATTON:           The Stratton family of The Limes, Harvington.
    HOUSE: The Limes.

    Their origins:-

    The above notes on the background of the Strattons were written by Steve Cook and given to Judy Beason at The Limes who handed them on to the present owners Mr and Mrs Jones.

    William Henry Stratton was baptised Cropthorne 10 May 1846, the son of Charles Frederick & Ann Stratton. He married Ledbury 1876 Louisa Spencer. A Farmer in 1881 of 100 acreas employing 2 men & 2 boys. In 1901 a farmer and in 1911 a Market Gardener. He died 27th December 1930, his wife died March 1903. Issue mentioned in 1901 are:-

    1. Catherine Louisa, born Cropthorne 1861.
    2. Edith Elizabeth, born Harvington 1881, died 21st October 1963.
    3. William Henry, born Harvington 1885.
    4. Flora Emmeline, born Harvington 1893, died 24th November 1962.

    Flora Stratton,
    possibly with her father.

    The Stratton family lived at The Limes.

    See the page on Churchyard and Burial Ground for their tombstones.

    TOMLINSON:           family living in Harvington & Litchfield. Staffordshire.

    Thomas Tomlinson, born Litchfield, Staffordshire c1798. Married Judith Simpson in Wickhamford 17 Jun 1821. She was born Badsey c1800 and died 1887 aged 87. Thomas was an agricultural labourer, he died in 1873 aged 74. They had issue:-

    1. Thomas, born Worcestershire c1826.
    2. Harriet Tomlinson, born Wickhamford 1831, living with family in 1871 & 1881 (a dressmaker in 1881 & 1901). In 1891 she and her niece Mary Elizabeth Tomlinson, born Shenstone, Staffordshire in 1865 and dying in the Evesham area in 1943 aged 78, were living in Wickhamford. By 1901 they were in Bengeworth and by 1911 they were living in Harvington in a 2-roomed house and Mary Elizabeth was a field worker..
    3. Jessie, born Wickhamford c1834, living with parents in 1871 as a shepherd.
    4. David, born Wickhamford c1838, living with family in 1871 (a labourer) & 1881.
    5. Joseph, born Wickhamford c1840, alive in 1851.
    6. William, born Wickhamford c1842, alive in 1851, lived in Great Bowden, Leicestershire with his family and died in 1943.

    See the page on memorials for the Tomlinson tombstone.

    TOWERS:           family living in Harvington & Bolton.
    HOUSE: Firbank.

    The Towers Family:
    Samuel Towers, 1862-1943, Water-colour Artist, was born in Bolton 17 September 1862, the son of a Tailor. He lived in Bolton 1884, Bolton le Moors 1894, Glan Conway 1895, Wyton, Huntingdonshire in 1901, and by 1911 at Fairbank or Firbank in Harvington. He fell in love with the picturesque architecture around Harvington and he and his family moved down in 1910. A large number of his paintings of Harvington are known to exist, mostly with the family. With his wife and two daughters he must have been a familiar sight around the village. He married in Bolton 18 February 1896 to Edith (1875-1956), daughter of Joseph Bleacher and Emma Nicholson, and had issue. He died on 30th June 1943, aged 80 and Edith died in 1947 after moving to the Close in Station Road, the home of their daughter Hilda Brazier.

    Samuel was a fine artist, mostly of landscapes. In 1903 he was elected a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy. His principal works include 'Bolton from the Park' (oil) and 'Springtime' (watercolour), which were official purchases made by the Corporation of Bolton. He exhibited at a number of exhibitions.

    1. Hilda Nicholson, born Llangwstenin, county Denbigh 1896. Hilda married Harvington 1921, Ralph Leonard Brazier (1892-1975), and had issue. She was a trained draftswoman and painted, mostly still life. One of her works was exhibited at the Royal Academy. The Braziers' lived at 'The Close' in Station Road. Hilda Brazier died in 1978.
      1. Hugh Brian (Brian), born at the Close, Harvington 1922. Now living at 'Staddle Stones' in Station Road. He married Mary Fakes and had issue:-
        1. Linda, born 1956
        2. Sarah, born 1959.
      2. John Jeffrey (Jeffrey), born Birmingham 1925 and died in 1942.
    2. Esyllt, born Llangwstenin, county Denbigh 1898. Married at Harvington 1922 to Ernest G. Harmer and had issue. She died young in 1928 after the birth of her daughter Gwyneth.
      1. Eisla C., born Birmingham 1924. Eisla married at Barkston Ash 1949 to John Brown and had issue:-
        1. Andrew
        2. Janet
        3. William
        4. Jane
      2. Gwyneth E, born Stockport 1928. Gwyneth E. married at Solihull 1959 to Anthony D. Teague and had issue:-
        1. Rosilind
        2. Erica
        3. Michael

    Harvington church from what was to become St James Close.

    More on Samuel Towers

    TYACK:           family living in Harvington and running the Golden Cross.
    HOUSE: Orchard Close

    John Tyack, born Breage, Cornwall in 1838. He married Henrietta Peters Harry in 1859. In 1871 they were farming 120 acres at Polkinghome Farm near Gwinear, Cornwall. Henrietta was aged 29 in 1871. There are other Tyacks living in the Alcester area who may be related. Here are come of their children:-

    Census returns for Tyacks.
    1. John Cresswell, born Gwinear 1963.
    2. Georgina, E H, born Breage 1862.
    3. Charles H Tyack, born in Gwinear, Cornwall in 1867 and was married, probably in Wilmcote, in 1888 to Mary Ellen Hawkes, born 1864, see under Bromley. They moved to Aston Cantlow and then to Harvington. In 1891 they ran the Golden Cross Inn. Charles Henry died 28th Aug. 1903 aged 38. Mary Ellen stayed on at the Golden Cross until 1906. In 1939 she was living in Seroule, see below, in Village Street. They had issue:
      1. John Henry, bap Harvington 7th Mar 1891. He was married in 1913 to Helen E Cole. He became a market gardener.
      2. Seymour Charles, born at the Golden Cross 1893, bap Harvington 26 Nov 1893. He was married in 1914 to Rose Eccleston. They moved to Eckington where for 24 24 years they ran the village stores. He also had a shoe repairing business. In 1940 they took over the Rose & Crown in Kemerton, which they ran for 21 years and then settled near Tewkesbury. He died in 1976. They Had issue:-
        1. Thelma, born 1920.
      3. Victor James, born at the Golden Cross 23rd May 1895, bap 1st Sep 1895. He was married in 1922 to Elsie L Wyatt, born 14th Dec 1896. He became a market gardener and was an air-raid warden in WW1. They lived at 'Seroule', which is thought to have been number three Cross Cottages. They then had Ochard Place built on adjacent land, where they were living in 1939 & 1949. Victor & Elsie died 28th March 1985 and 5th June 1987, both aged 90 and buried in the burial ground. See the newspaper page for their obituaries.
        1. Hilary Mary, born 1928, bap Harvington 5th Aug 1928. She was living with her parents in 1939. She was married in 1953 to Keith David Sinclair. They had issue:-
          1. Paul A K, born 1959.
          2. Deborah V K, born 1965.
          3. Sara Tamsyn M, born 1968.
      4. Helena Victoria Mary, bap Harvington 1st Sep 1897, married 1st Oct 1919 to John Henry Brookes.
      5. Elsie Marion, bap Harvington 14th May 1899. For many years she ran a fruit shop for her father in Kings Heath, Birmingham. She never married and died 14th March 1985 and is buried in the Burial Ground.
    4. Stanley H P, born Gwinear 1870.
    5. James Henderson, born Gwinear 1871.
    6. Mary Joannah, born Gwinear 1873.
    7. Amelia Thomasina, born Gwinear 1874.

    WHEELER:           family living in Harvington & Middle Littleton.
    HOUSE: Langton House

    Benjamin Wheeler, born Middle Littleton c1861. Married in c1886 to Elizabeth, born Lower Quinton c1863. Living in Middle Littleton as a market gardener in 1911. They had issue:-

    1. Thomas V (Tommy) Wheeler, born 1897. Builder, married in 1920 to Gertrude N Taylor and had issue:-
      1. Margaret E, born 1922. Married 1947 to Raymond Loughlin.
      2. Kenneth V, born 1924. Married Mary. Built and lived in Shepherds Grove in Village Street. Before Shepherds Grove they lived in Grange Lane.
      3. Barbara G, born 1929. Married 1952 to Victor G Brown.
      4. Wilson Neil, born 1931. Married 1953 to Joyce Savage. Built the two houses above The Close in Station Road and lived in the first one. They had issue:-
        1. Philip N, born 1955.
        2. Nicola C, born 1958.
      5. Patricia G, born 1935.
    2. Nellie, born Middle Littleton c1889.
    3. Benjamin Sanders, born Middleton c1891. Market gardener in 1911.
    4. Annie Ball, born Middle Littleton c1893. Glove maker in 1911.

    WHITE:           family living in Harvington.
    HOUSE: 4 Shakespeare Cottages and Valley View

    Reginald White, born Stanton/Saintbury, Glos 1847, he was married in 1870 to Frances Ann Simpson, born Oaksey, Wilts 1849. He was a Coachman in 1881 and a Groom & Gardener in 1891. They lived in one of the three cottages called Valley View on Cress Hill from at least 1918. He died in 1902 aged 54. She died in Harvington 1 Jan 1932. They had issue:-

    1. Charles F (Kenworth?), born Aston Somerville 1871.
    2. Reginald John, born Aston Somerville/Charlton 15 Dec 1872. He was married in 1895 to Sarah Ann Morgan, born Dorsington/Quinton 27 Sep 1874. In 1901 they were living in Village Street with their daughter May, he was a Groom & Gardener. In 1939 & 49 they were living at No.4 Shakespeare Cottages. They had issue:-
      1. May Victoria, born Harvington circa 1898. Emigrated to Australia and married, a Reddeck and had a son called Ken.
      2. Agnes Violet, born Harvington 1902.
      3. Beatrice Matilda, born Harvington 1909. Emigrated to Australia and married Malcoln Wade, no children.
    3. Cornelius Henry, born Badsey/Saintbury/Winchcombe 10 Mar 1874. Living at the Coach & Horses in 1891. He was married 25 Dec 1900 to Edith Jane, born 1879, died 27 Mar 1935, daughter of William Henry and Elizabeth Jones. He died 11 Feb 1940. They had issue:-
      1. Reginald Henry, born 22 Sep 1907. He was married 16 May 1931 to Eva May Thomas, born 20 Mar 1910, died 20 Feb 1987. He died 21 Jun 1966. They had issue:-
        1. Reginald William 1931-1932.
        2. John Ernest, born 28 Jan 1933, he was married in 1955 to Jean M Daniels, died 6 Aug 2012. They had issue:-
          1. Ann Margaret, born 17th Oct 1957.
          2. Carol Jean, born 1959.
          3. Pamela Susan, born 1966.
        3. Margaret, 1937-1952 twin.
        4. Valerie, 1937-1938 twin.
        5. Evelyn May, born 1944.
    4. Frances A, born Charlton circa 1877.
    5. William James, born Charlton 1879.
    6. Reuben, born Charlton 1882, died Harvington 1893, aged 10.
    7. Herbert, born Cheltenham 1884. He married Alice Bird and lived in one of the 'Council' Cottages.
    8. Thomas Wallace, born Cheltenham 1886.
    9. Matilda, born Cheltenham 1887.
    10. Arthur, born Harvington 1890.

    WILLIAMS:           family living in Harvington & Barton, Warwickshire.
    HOUSE: The Golden Cross

    William Williams, born Barton, Warwickshire 1777. In 1841 he was an ag lab living at the Golden Cross with his father-in-law Joseph Cale, see that family. By 1851 he was a Victualler living at The Golden Cross with his wife Sarah, the daughter of Joseph Cale, a Victualler at the Golden Cross in 1841. Sarah was born was Harvington 1780. William was bur Harvington 9th Oct 1851, Sarah was bur Harvington 17th Mar 1859. They had issue:-

    1. John, born 5th Feb, bap 1st Apr 1804, died 11th Nov 1814, aged 10 years 9 months see under memorials.
    2. Hannah, bap 27th Aug 1810.
    3. Joseph Cale Williams, born Harvington 1813. In 1851 he was a tailor in 1838. His wife Mary, was born Mickleton 1807. She died 23rd Feb 1856 aged 49, see under memorials. They had issue:-
      1. Thomas Trenfield Williams, born Harvington 1838. In 1851 he was an Errand Boy. He died 13th May 1854 aged 16, see under memorials.
    4. John, bap Harvington 24th Mar 1818, in 1861 he was living in Harvington as a farm lab. aged 43 with wife Sarah, born Kington aged 42. John was bur Harvington 11th Dec 1878, aged 60. They had issue:-
      1. William, bap Harvington 4th Apr 1846, bur 13th May 1846.
      2. George, bap Harvington 2nd Jun 1847, bur 26th Aug aged 3 months.
      3. John, bap Harvington 9th Nov 1848. Ploughboy aged 12 in 1861, bur 9th Sep 1866 aged 17.
      4. Agnes Anne,bap Harvington 7th Mar 1851. Aged 10 in 1861.
      5. Jane, bap Harvington 28th Mar 1853. Aged 8 in 1861.
      6. Samuel, bap Harvington 22nd May 1855. Aged 5 in 1861.
      7. Fanny, bap Harvington 9th Feb 1858 bur 28th Jul 1859 aged 18 months.
      8. Cale, bap Harvington 4th Jan 1863.
      Plus nephew Alfred Perrin born Harvington aged 3 in 1861.

    See under Cale family.