Much information and photographs has come from Terry Prudden's family history page on, for which I thank him. The Ludlow family is closely related to Skinner and Andrews families of Harvington.

Charles Ludlow, born Church Lench 1840. He was married in 1861 to Selina Elizabeth, born 1842 being the daughter of Edward Skinner, He was a market gardener and a Post Master of Harvington. They lived at Pool House. Charles died 30th August 1926 leaving a Will, Selina Elizabeth died 1913. They had issue:-

  1. Emily Jane, born Harvington 1861, She married George Roberts, born 1860. She died 1884.
  2. Philip Skinner, born Atch Lench 1863, emigrated to Australia arriving Brisbane 17 Aug 1888 with his wife Emma and young family. His wife was Emma Holmes, 1861-1944. He died in 1951. They had issue:-

    Philip Ludlow and his wife Emma.
    1. Beatrice Anne, born 2 Mar 1886, married in Queensland 1907 to Edward George Dietrich Elleveson, 1881-1960. They were living in Stanhope in 1911. She died 11 Aug 1982 and was buried Southport, Gold City Coast, Queensland. They had issue:-

      Beatrice A Ludlow.
      1. Ivy, 1908-1948.
      2. Edward, 1911-2003.
      3. Freda, 1915-1996.
    2. Philip Leonard, born 8 Jan 1888. He married in Stanhope 27 Dec 1911 to Anna Maria Christensen, 1890-1983. He died 9 Aug 1982 Kippa-Ring, Brisbane, Queensland. They had issue:-

      Philip L Ludlow and his wife Anna Maria.
      1. Leonard Clement, 1914-1984.
      2. Phyllis Anne, 1916-2012.
      3. Arthur Lawrence, 1918-2010.
      4. son, born & died 1920.
      5. Therold John (Joe), 1923-1984.
    3. Harvey George, born Wallangarra 30 June 1890. He married 1stly 12 Jul 1911 Sarah Springate, 1888-1920. He married 2ndly 27 April 1922 Susannah Hemingway, 1895-1983.
    4. Arthur Henry, born The Village of Wallangarra, Queensland 10 Feb 1892. Fought in France & Flanders 6th Rfls Aust. Queensland Batt. He was a fruit grower. He married at Stanthorpe, 29 Jan 1912 to Isabella (Bella), Brown, 1891-1973. He died in The Village of Glen Niven, 30 Sep 1953. They had issue:-

      Arthur Henry Ludlow.
      1. Robert Lanoel, 1912-1944.
      2. Philip Arthur, 1914-1969.
      3. Joffre James, 1915-2007.
      4. Betty, 1920-1969.
      5. Wilfred, 1922-1992.
      6. Noel, 1925-1999.
    5. Clara E S, born 1893, married 5 Oct 1916 to Leonard Ralph Birch, 1891-1970. She died 1971.
    6. James Charles (aka Edward James), born 1895. Married 12 Oct 1921 to Gladys Muriel Webb, 1901-1976. He died 1965. They had issue:-

      James C Ludlow.
      1. Stanley, born 1922, died same year.
      2. Dawn, 1924-1978, she married Alfred F Ollett, 1922-2004.
    7. Florence Emily, 1897-1988. She married Allan Lackey in 1922.
  3. Edward Charles, born Atch Lench 1865 bapt Harvington 21 Apr 1867. He served in the Boar War. He married in Worcester 16 Jan 1899 to Winifred Howell Skinner, born Hinton on the Green 1872, died Coventry 1955. In 1911 they were living at the Brickyards, Alcester Road. He died in 1926. They had issue:-

    Edward Ludlow and his wife Winifred.
    1. George Edward, 1904-1952.
    2. William Harry, 1908-1986.
  4. William, born Harvington 1867, died 1873.
  5. Herbert Henry, born Harvington 1869 and bap 20 May. He served in the Boar War. He married in 1896 to Alice Amy Pratt, 1872-1939. He died 23 July 1941 leaving a Will. They had issue:-

    Alice Amy Pratt.
    1. Raymond Herbert, 1898-1943.
    2. Ernest Edward, 1906-1984.
    3. Leonard Ralph, 1907-1992.
    4. Georgina Josephine, born Harvington 18 Feb 1915, died in 2000. She married at Salford Priors 1948 to John Rupert Float, 1915-1995. They ran the The Bell Inn, Salford Priors.
  6. Caleb, born Harvington 1871 bap 4 Jan 1974. He married 1stly in 1904 Leah Stanley, 1872-1921. He married 2ndly in 1926 Esther Beatrice Hall, 1881-1963. He was a farm labourer. By his 1st wife he had:-
    1. Stanley Caleb, born 1905.
    2. Elizabeth Jane, 1907-1885.
  7. Walter William, born Harvington 11 Dec 1873 bap 14 Dec. He emigrated to Australia arriving Brisbane 23 Nov 1891. He married Stanthorpe 2 Dec 1896 to Eugenie Ellevsen, 1875-1951. He died in Brisbane 29 Aug 1951. In 1903 their residence was Silver Spur, Darling Downs, Queensland. He died 29 Aug 1951. They had issue:-

    Eugenie Ellevsen.
    1. Henry Laurence, 1897-1991.
    2. Magdalene Florence (Madge), 1899-1980.
    3. Eugenie Phyllis, 1905-1987.
  8. Alfred, born Harvington 21 June 1876 bap 13 Aug. He married at Harvington 21 June 1897 to Annie Elizabeth Andrews, she was born Wolverhampton in 1877. See the Andrews family for her family. Alfred was a market gardener and carrier.

    Horse-drawn licenced carrier
    Charles, Alfred and Reg Ludlow.

    Alfred's licensed carrier circa 1920
    with Reg Prudden and his wife Dorothy.

    Alfred Ludlow

    The 1922 Ford model T 1 ton drop-side truck. Reg Prudden continued with Alfred's business after Alfred's death in 1924. They lived at The Croft in the early years of the twentieth century. Alfred served in the Great War, see Alfred's military service by Terry Prudden, where he suffered terrible injuries especially to the head. Also see the page on Harvington's War Dead. They lived at the Croft, Grange Lane, Harvington from circa 1901. He died 12th February 1924 aged 47 and is buried in Harvington. They had issue:-

    Alfred Ludlow and his wife Annie.
    1. Dorothy Winifred Rose, born 26 Feb 1902. Infant teacher at Harvington School. Married in Harvington 1925 Reginald Penfold Prudden, 1901-1976 and died 4 Jan 1937 leaving Will. See the Andrews family for more information.

      Dorothy and Reginald Prudden.
      1. Derek.
      2. Ivor, lived in Meriden and now (2016) lives in London.
      3. Roy, he married Jill Harris.
    2. Gerald Alfred, born 10 Jul 1905. He married in 1932 to Gwendoline Emily Huxley, born 1909. He lived in Rous Lench. He died 9 Nov 1944, she died in 1933.

      Gerald Alfred Ludlow and his wife Gwendoline.

    3. Harriet Voilet Nancy (Nancy), born 11 Oct 1907, she made and served butter etc. from the pantry at The Croft. She married in Harvington 1931 Cyril Geoffrey Shailer, born 1907 and died 8 Nov 1999 aged 90, she died 8 Nov 1999. They lived in Station Road. They had issue:-

      Cyril Geoffrey Shailer and his wife Nancy.

      1. Rodney Rex Shailer, born 1944. He married Linda J Harmer.

        Rodney Rex Shailer01.
    4. William Reginald (Reg), born 15 Nov 1910. He married 1970 Adela Elizabeth Johnson, 1923-1999. He died 27 Nov 1999. They had issue:-

      Reg Ludlow.

  9. Ernest, born Harvington 1877, married in 1911 to Mary Ann (Polly) Locke, 1878-1950. He died in 1943. They had issue:-

    Mary Ann Locke.

    1. Philip Walter, 1912-1983. He was married in Harvington to Eileen Hall in 1947 and they lived in Ye Olde Cottage.

      Philip Walter Ludlow.

      They had issue:-

      1. Brian L, born 1949.
      2. Barry P, born 1949.

    2. Lucy E, born 1913.
    3. Florence Emily (Floss), 1916-2007. She was married in 1947 to Christopher (Paddy) Glennon, an Irishman, he was a soldier in the British Army. As a Sargeant he helped to guard the German prisoners of war in the camp. The prisoners helped to clear the road of snow so that they could get to the church to marry. They lived in the village all their lives. They were still living in number 3 in the 1960's. He died circa 1990. Florence Ludlow died circa 2008.

      Floss, Phil and Lucy (Nell).

      Floss and Paddy's wedding.
      Mary Ann (Gran Polly) on right, Philip Ludlow, Floss and Paddy, Alex Knight, Patricia, Nancy, Mary Ellen.

      Alex Knight, a Harvington man was a relation.
      Patrica, the small bridesmaid was Nell's daughter.
      Nancy Glennon, sister of Paddy.
      Mary Ellen Glennon, mother of Paddy.

      Flos outside Moss's shop and in her ATS uniform.

      They had issue:-

      1. Sandra M, born 1948. She married firstly Mr Hodgkins and Mr Webber secondly.
  10. Harry, born 30 Sep 1879, He married in 1904 Bertha Walker, 1878-1980 and died in 1973. They had issue:-
    1. Elsie Frances, 1905-2002.
    2. Gladys Bertha, 1907-2007.
    3. Sidney Harry, 1909-1998.

    Frank Ludlow.

  11. Frank, born 1881, served in WW1, and married in 1905 Florence Elizabeth Hancock, born 1887. He died 25 Aug 1965 and she died in 1961. They had issue:-
    1. Dennis Frank, 1906-1973.

      Dennis Frank Ludlow.

    2. Gwendoline Lillian, 1913-1993.
  12. Florence, bap Harvington 1882. In 1911 she was a housekeeper to her uncle John Skinner in Handsworth, he was a jeweller. She was married in Harvington on 20 June 1914 to William Douglas Morgan, 1881-1958 and lived in lived in Moseley. She later moved to Harvington and lived in Candle Cottage. She died in 1965. They had issue:-

    Florence Ludlow.

    1. Florence Betty, born Harvington 1920. She married Ronald Fox and was living in 1968 at 43 Foxhill Road, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire.
    2. Dorothy M, born Harvington 1921.
    3. Ruth Elizabeth, born in Kings Norton in 1923. In 1968 she was living at 6 London Road, Cheltenham, Glos.
  13. Howard (Sam), born 1884, served in WW1. He married Millbrook, Plymouth Frances Jane Staple, 1894-1970. He died at the Somme 20th May 1917 aged 32. See section on the War Dead.

    Howard Ludlow.

  14. Jessie, born 1886. He was married St Clements, Henwick Road, Worcester 20 Apr 1908 and and lived in Worcester. He served in WW1, dying at the Somme 15 Nov 1916 aged 29. See section on the War Dead.

    Jessie Ludlow.