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A mine of information about Harvington folk with hundreds of photographs and thousands of articles extracted from the Evesham Journal. This wonderful archive was begun by Hilda Brazier (1896-1978), possibly at the suggestion of the national W.I. In 1965 there is an article about the value of village scrapbooks. Hilda was the daughter of Samuel and Edith Towers of Firbank in Harvington (see under Families). She had married Ralph Leonard Brazier (1892-1975) in 1921. They built and lived in a property called 'The Close' in Station Road and had two sons Hugh Brian and John Jeffrey. Brian Brazier, born in 1922 and married Mary Fakes, moved to 'Staddle Stones', again in Station Road. They had two daughters Linda and Sarah. Brian lived in Staddle Stones until shortly before his death in in 2022. There are six scrapbooks the first of which was begun in 1931, the sixth and last ended in 1994, some years after Hilda's death in 1975. The scrapbooks were continued by her son Brian Brazier until 1994. After Brian Brazier's death the scrapbooks were given by his daughters to Rosemary Hirst.

The scrapbooks contain cuttings od articles of varying sizes and shapes and pasted onto pages within the scrapbooks. The first of the contained in a red ring-binder. The assumption is that at some stage it was felt necessary to replace the original scrapbook with a photocopy version. Every image of the hundreds of pages has been arranged, sized and inserted into the following webpages to enable the viewer to access this archive.

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