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There are a number of early photographs in the People page connected to the Church Fete, these fetes may well have been organised by Women's Institute members. A history of the Harvington Womens Institute needs to be written.


A scrapbook dated to 1965 stared in a suitcase

Photograph of an early WI gathering stored in the scrapbook suitcase.

Photograph of a theatrical group stored in the scrapbook suitcase.
There is a copy of this on one of the Harvington Facebook pages by Tom Cook with extra detail:
"The Princess & the Woodcutter" Harvington February 1931. Contributions to the photo suggest:-

Back standing: Betty Cook, ?, ---- Ludlow, ?, ?

Front sitting: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Photograph of an early WI gathering stored in the scrapbook suitcase.

A marvellous photograph of a Women's Institute gathering in the Village Hall. Taken sometime in the 1950's.
From the Rawlings Family.

  1. Mrs Bywater - lived in Ferndale, Leys Road.
  2. Nan Walker, neé Ballard, Leys Road, Mrs Jimm's sister.
  3. Ethel, wife of Frank Harris, Horseshoe Cottage.
  4. Mrs Brotherage, Lawrence's mother.
  5. Mrs George, Station Bank.
  6. Phyllis, Rev Ernest H Downey's wife.
  7. Doris, Reg Coley's wife.
  8. Hilary Tyack, lived at The Orchard, Village Street.
  9. Mrs Simmons, Fred's mum.
  10. Iris White, married a Bundy, Leys Road.
  11. Violet, wife of Frank Cresswell, lived in Blakenhurst.
  12. Mrs Lizzie Hughes, Joe's mum, lived in Village Street.
  13. Mrs Meredyth, of Leys Road.
  14. Daisy Harris, of Salford Priors.
  15. May Holder.
  16. Edith Harris, wife if Vic Harris, mother of Graham.
  17. Mrs Ivy Cowley, lived in 47 Village Street, died in Brompton House, Broadway.
  18. Marianne Taylor, lived in Firbank.
  19. Mrs Ludlow, lived up Grange Lane.
  20. Miss Dipper, she was a housekeeper to Edgar Cresswell and lived on the Evesham Road.
  21. Joan Cresswell, sister of Ken (Bangit)
  22. Elsie Stephens, lived in 1 Leys Road, her son was a policeman in Warwick.
  23. Mrs Mason, Pam Walden's grandmother.
  24. Mrs Walker, of Leys Road.
  25. Pip Stone, of Dalkeith.
  26. Mrs Flora Brewer, of Leys Road.
  27. Miss Lillian Morrow, She looked after Freddie Bomford in his old age at the Grange. She was the niece of his wife Annette.
  28. Gertrude Guckel, an Austrian girl who married in 1948 Rex W J Ashley.
  29. Bessie Shailer.
  30. Mrs Cadwallader, Gran Gladys.
  31. Bessie Shailer, mother of Connie Rawlings.
  32. Mrs Taylor.
  33. Christie Beasley, she married Ray Cresswell and lived in Station Road.
  34. Winnie, wife of Dan Haywood, lived on Cress Hill. Winifred Elsmore married Daniel Haywood in 1937.