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Coach & Horses
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Phil Bawn



Through Time

by Phil Bawn


Cover design by Pete Crooks

PDF Version

By kind permission of Phil Bawn who has allowed his work to be published here, January 2015.

Below are some slightly better images from Mr Bawn's work, plus a couple of extra photographs not published in the book. The photograph, top 2nd from left was taken outside Cedars Lodge and Poplar Cottage, opposite the Village Hall.

Two extra photographs, one of a metal plate from the rear of a Harvington Trailer.


This image was taken from a recent publication and shows two new coaches out side Harvington Garages. One can just see the Golden Cross pub in the background.

A batch of photograph kindly given to this site by Gill Dawe in 2020. These were originally A-4 photographs copied by Ron Williams and to Gill.

Aproximately 1963
1. Marsh's Black & White Coaches on the corner of Leys Road and Alcester Road. 2. with the driver Walter Knight. 3. interior of coach. 4. coach outside Leylandii. 5. coach with driver Walter Knight.

In 2016 Theo Jacoby of Luxembourg kindly sent these photographs of a Harvington caravan for which I and Phil Bawn are most grateful.




The last two photographs was probably of the Noddy model at 22ft long, 4 berth, which cost 1350 in 1962, the last year of production.