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A bibliography is to found at the end of this web page. The following has been based upon four major sources with additions from other records:
  • Nash's History of Worcestershire, 1781 edition. Hereafter called Nash. Dr Nash published his work on Worcestershire in two large volumes and is an invaluable source for the Worcestershire historian.
  • Prattinton's notes on Worcestershire. The manuscript, a series of bound volumes, is to be found in the collection of the Society of antiquaries in London and is therefore not so accessible. Some years ago the manuscript was microfilmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a copy of which is held by Worcestershire Record Office. The microfilms are on open shelves: box 13 covers Harvington Parochial notes, box 27 covers Harvington's incumbents (which concerns us here), box 42 contains an extensive index to Worcestershire's clergy. Unfortunately, although Prattinton's hand writing is generally good, it is often small and faint, sometimes written in pencil.
  • a framed list of incumbents on vellum hanging in the chancel, hereafter called 'church list'. The list was donated to the Church in 1934 by Mrs Fanny Davenport, widow of the late Rev James Davenport.
  • A number of old framed paintings and photographs hanging in the church tower. It is believed that they originally hung in the old rectory.

Two of the sources start with a different rector for example while Prattinton starts with Robert de Clypston in 1207, Nash's first rector is Stephen de Clone or Clare in 1281. Some differ as to the sequence of incumbents while other sources have different dates. The first portrait in the tower is that of Thomas James, inducted in 1797.

From the above it appears that the first Rector or priest for which we have record is that of Robert de Clypston in 1207. It is not known when the first church was built upon the site but it would have had an officiating priest of cleric from the beginning. Sorting out who was the priest, rector or acting cleric is not a simple matter. It must be borne in mind that many of the rectors were not resident and only used the incumbancy as a source of income, in which case, as in the case of interregnums, a temporary officiating officer such as a curate or church warden would have officiated.

There are three gaps, sometime after 1207, 1339 and 1513, where there is no apparent incumbent. The first gap may well be a simple gap in the record, the second and third gaps however correspond to significant episodes in our history. The gap commencing sometime after 1339 is possibly the result of the Black Death which spread across the country in 1349. The gap after 1513 very likely echoes the disruption resulting from the dissolution of the monasteries, in this case the monastary at Worcester, which had direct control over Harvington.

The following Rectors are known to have died in Harvington and are buried in the churchyard: Rev Ferryman (senior) is buried in the church; Rev James died in the Rectory garden but buried in Worcester; Rev Winnnington-Ingram (junior) is buried in the churchyard as is Rev Davenport. The Rev Downey is buried in the new churchyard.

Revd Davenport collected material on past Rectors, it is lodged in the Worcestershire Record Office.

Framed list of Incumbents of Harvington
which hangs in the church.

  1. 1207 - Robert de Clypston
  2. ---- - unexplained gap
  3. 1252 - Sampson de Bremesgrave
  4. 1280 - Robert de Belne
  5. 1281 - Stephen de Clone (Clare)
  6. 1309 - John de Bradewas
  7. 1313 - John de Walcote
  8. 1316 - Clement de Paston
  9. 1316 - William de Adulvestre
  10. 1317 - William de Lodelawe
  11. 1317 - William Hyntes
  12. 1318 - Simon de Prewes
  13. 1320 - John de Brannesford
  14. 1339 - Robert de Waresley
  15. ---- - unexplained gap
  16. 1395 - Hugh Pontesbury
  17. 1396 - Thomas Berntest
  18. 1396 - John Hook
  19. 1397 - John Bathe
  20. 1399 - William Gernown
  21. ---- - William Pontfreit
  22. 1404 - John de Bekynton?
  23. 1404 - John de Beynton
  24. 1404 - Henry Beset
  25. 1405 - John Hurlegh
  26. 1421 - John Palmere
  27. 1424 - William Longfeld
  28. 1433 - Hugh Crobbnyng
  29. 1435 - William Mortymer
  30. 1440 - Richard Pope
  31. 1457 - Walter Aston
  32. 1468 - William Ayston
  33. 1475 - William Ketley
  34. 1494 - Richard Baker
  35. 1499 - Thomas Dene
  36. 1513 - Thomas Long
  37. ---- - unexplained gap
  38. 1551 - Thomas Hobbyns
  39. 1559 - John Coxetur
  40. 1569 - Thomas Ferryman Senr
  41. 1618 - Thomas Ferryman junr
  42. 1619 - Thomas Ferryman
  43. 1623 - Thomas Archbold
  44. 1654 - William Bridges
  45. 1656 - Stephen Baxter
  46. 1662 - William Hopkins Senr
  47. 1677 - Nathaniel Tomkins
  48. 1682 - William Hopkins Junr
  49. 1684 - John Jephcott
  50. 1690 - Moses Hodges
  51. 1725 - Benjamin Woodroffe
  52. 1726 - Matthew Forrester
  53. 1740 - Benjamin Mence
  54. 1750 - John Arnold
  55. 1771 - David Carpenter
  56. 1784 - Matthew Lamb
  57. 1797 - Thomas James
  58. 1804 - Richard Kilvert
  59. 1813 - James Meakin
  60. 1814 - William Digby
  61. 1818 - Henry Anthony Pye
  62. 1841 - E. Winnington Ingram
  63. 1845 - A.H. Winnington Ingram
  64. 1887 - Theophilus Sharp
  65. 1895 - J.H. Waugh
  66. 1908 - James Davenport
  67. 1930 - H.T. Boultbee
  68. 1949 - E.H. Downey
  69. 1957 - C.P. Johnson
  70. 1969 - Bernard J. Palmer
  71. 1978 - Cedric R.S. Eve
  72. 1984 - Jonathan Crane
  73. 1987 - Barry J. Freeth
  74. 1993 - S.C. Little
  75. 1999 - E. Ann Hadley
  76. 2001 - R.J.G. Thornley
acting in absence of a rector.
  1. Willimus Molle, Dom, curate of Harvington 20 Sep 1563 to 20 Sep 1563 as noted in The Clergy Database.
  2. Jonathan Coorse/Coore, curate of Harvington 25 Mar 1679 to 25 Mar 1681.
  3. Stephen Bradley, curate of Harvington 25 Mar 1682 to 25 Mar 1686. 1786. Cambridge Alumni: Adm. sizar (age 16) at Christ's, Sept. 28, 1672. S. of Edward. B. at Alcester, Warws. School, Alcester, Matric. 1674; B.A. 1676-7. Ord. priest (Worcester) Mar. 1674-5. curate of Harvington. (Peile, II. 45.)
  4. Thomas Haynes, mentioned as a curate 1786-8 in Bailey's history. 1790, probably a villager acting unofficially.
  5. William Hutchinson, born 18 Jul 1765, deacon 20 Sep 1789; priest 30 Nov 1790; curate of Harvington: 30 Nov 1790; assistant curate: St Andrew curate: St Andrew, Pershore 14 May 1810 to 14 May 1810; assistant curate: Pinvin Chapel 14 May 1810 to 14 May 1810; perpetual curate: Stoulton 6 Sep 1813; perpetual curate: St Andrew, Wick Chapel 23 Dec 1817. 1810. (Clergy List.)
  6. Thomas Thomas, curate: Harvington 14 May 1810 to 14 May 1810; curate: Harvington 12 Mar 1811.


1 1207 Robert de Clypston Reign of John 1199-1216
Main sources:
  • Prattinton has Robertus de Clypstone, 1207 An. Wig.
  • Church list has: Robert de Clypstone 1207.

A Master Robert de Clipston was a witness to a grant dated to circa 1191-1206. From early records of University College, Oxford, dealing with the families of Goldsmith and Gonwardby.

A book called Papal Judges in the Province of Canterbury 1198-1254, by Jane E Sayers. Reporting on a delegation: mentions a settlement by Master R(obert) de Clipstone, Official of Worcester and other. (page 310).

Petitioner Robert de Clipston, addresses Reign of King & Council:-

Robert de Clipston, clerk, states that the Reign of King gave him the wardenship of St Leonard's hospital, York, for term of life, and that he enjoyed this peacefully for a year and a half, until John Walewayn procured a collation from Papal Judges the Reign of King that expelled him. He petitioned the York parliament on this, and was granted a writ of Chancery to have John Walewayn come before the justices of King's Bench, and to have justice done there. But the matter has been pending since then, receiving delay after delay. He asks that the justices be ordered to determine the matter, according to justice and reason, and according to the form of the writ sent to them. (Reference: SC 8/98/4861 Description: )

There are a number of individuals bearing the name Clipston from the late twelfth century onwards, so caution must be exercised.

2 Unexplained gap Reigns of John 1199-1216 and Henry III 1216-1272.
There is apparently a gap here, however prattinton has:
"Mag G. Persorâ, 1237 An. Wig. In pencil is (didimus capullam de Herforton). [At top of this page Prattinton has:] Mag. G. de Persona de Herforton defuncto, dedirnus Ecclesiam." Are we dealing here with an actual incumdent?

3 1252 Sampson de Bremesgrave Reigns of Henry III 1216-1272 and Edward I 1272-1307
Main sources:
  • Prattinton has Sampson de Bremesgrave, 1252 An. Wig. f. in ang. serle[?] 493. In pencil is (didimus capullam de Herforton)
  • Church list has Sampson de Bremesgrave 1252.

(9B. 3329) A Grant by Sampson de Bremesgrave, rector of Hereuerton, to the monks of Bordesley, in frank almoin, of Sidenhale grange (which he held of them for release of 200 marks formerly due to him) for support of two monks who are to be presented by the prior of Wig' (Wigmore ?) for the time being; also grant of 13s. 6d. yearly rent which he used to receive from Richard de Portar' of Feckam, and William de la Rowenhulle. Witnesses:—Sirs J. Walrant, Henry Huband, Walter de Stanes, and others (named). (

"After Henry III granted the church of Bromsgrove to the priory of Worcester in 1232 (fn. 282) the monastery appropriated the tithes and lands belonging to it, a portion being set aside for the payment of a vicar. (fn. 283) From this appropriation the RECTORY MANOR appears to have arisen. It was leased in 1253 to Samson de Bromsgrove for two years, (fn. 284) and in 1306 it was found that the prior and convent had had the amercements under the assize of bread and ale among the men and tenants of their appropriate church of Bromsgrove until Queen Eleanor had the custody of the manor of Bromsgrove. (fn. 285) The priory retained the rectory until its dissolution, when Henry VIII granted it in 1542 to the Dean and Chapter of Worcester, (fn. 286) in whose possession it remained until the manorial rights lapsed. (fn. 287) The Ecclesiastical Commissioners still hold the rectorial tithes and about 40 acres of glebe land. Both have been for many years leased to the lord of the manor for the time being. Prattinton, writing in the beginning of the 19th century, states that the rectory manor was formerly part of Feckenham Forest, and that a court leet was held twice a year. (fn. 288) Lord Plymouth still holds courts annually. (fn. 289) .

Tower of Landon 9 Dec 1261 - Commitment to Master Walter de Nortfeld of the manors of Bremmisgrave and Norton, for five years, rendering at the Exchequer as much as Sampson de Bremesgrave or John Walerand used to render when they held those manors at farm.

'Bremisgrave' is the early spelling for Bromsgrove in Worcestershire.

The battle of Evesham took place during his incumbency in 1265.

4 1280 Robert de Belne Reign of Edward I 1272-1307
Main sources:
  • Church list has Robert de Belne 1280.

Almost certainly a member of the Belne family who lived in Bidford in the thirteenth century.

5 1281 Stephen de Clone (Clare) Reigns of Edward I 1272-1307 and Edward II 1307-1327
Main sources:
  • Nash has Stephanus de Clone, 16 kal. Apr. 1280. (Registers: Gif. f. 114. b.) as the first incumbent.
  • Prattinton has Stephanus de Clare, institutus ad ecclesiam de Hertforton 16 Kal Apr. 1280. Gif. f. 114. b.
  • Church list has Stephen de Clone 1281.
  • Register of Walter Reynolds, Bishop of Worcester, Publ. Dugdale Society Vol.IX 1928.

Marjorie Bailey in her history of Harvington, suggests that his name is Stephanus de Clare. The De Clare's were a powerful Norman family and Earls of Gloucester. In June 1309 Stephen de Clone is described in the Register of Walter Reynolds as "debilitated by old age and various infirmities. Master Stephen is not to make any alienation of movables or immovables with his [John de Bradewas] consent". This important statement suggests that he was probably born circa 1240 and was perhaps losing his mind as John de Bradewas (see following) was appointed as coadjutor of the parish. It is assumed that Stephen de Clone died after June 1309 and sometime in or before 1313 when John de Walcote became Rector.

6 1309 John de Bradewas Reign of King Edward II 1307-1327

Main sources:
  • Prattington has Joh. de Bradewas. Rtr de Harvelton, deputatus Coadjutor eidem Steph. de Clare senio et variis infirmitatibus perpetius debilitato. 8 id. jun. 1309. Reyn. f. 10. a.
  • Register of Walter Reynolds, Bishop of Worcester, Publ. Dugdale Society Vol.IX 1928.

John de Brodewas is mentioned as Rector of Harvington, 1309-1313, on Prattington's list but is not on Nash's or the Church list. He appears in a list of incumbents of Himbleton, in the co. of Worcester 1300-1314. He also appears on a list of Rectors of Tetbury in Gloucestershire prior to 1331.

His name comes from Broadwas (Bradewas) on Teme in Worcestershire. Other individuals carried the name around the same time but the surname appears to no longer exist.

In June 1309 John de Bradewas is mentioned in the Register of Walter Reynolds, Bishop of Worcester as Rector of Humelton [Himbleton] and was "appointed Coadjutor to Master Stephen de Clone, rector of Herforton". John de Bradewas was probably never Rector of Harvington as such but during the infirmity of Stephen de Clone oversaw Harvington until the appointment of John de Walcote in 1313.

Item dated 1316: "At Tardebigge (Worcestershire) in 1316-17, the vicar, John de Bradewas, was able to acquire four peasanty holdings either by straightforward purchase or because he was foreclosing on mortgages." (Standards of living in the Later Middle Ages by Christopher Dyer.)

"A Will was proved before master John de Bradewas, dean of Bristol, sequestrator-general of Thomas, bishop of Worcester, 9 Kal. August 1327." (Cartulary of St Mark's Hospital, Bristol, vol.1)

John de Brodewas, died in or near May 1347. "15 Kal May 1347 - To John de Dee. Procision of the church of Seggesbarewe, in the diocese of Worcester, void by the death of John de Bradewas at the apostolic see."

7 1313 John de Walcote Reign of King Edward II 1307-1327
Main sources:
  • Nash has Joh. de Walecote, 7 kal. Apr. 1313. (Registers: Mayd. f. 2. a.).
  • Prattinton has Joh. de Walecote, institutus. id. Febr. 1313 Ry. fed. vac. f. 81 b. [below which Prattinton has: Licentiatus ad studendum. 7 Kal. Apr. 1313. Mayd. f. 2. a.]
  • Church list has John de Walcote 1313.

There is a family of Walcote based in Norfolk, which included clerics at around this time. There is however another and more likely family with the same name based in Shropshire. See Wolcott Family. There is also a Walcote Farm near Pershore.

8 1316 Clement de Paston Reign of King Edward II 1307-1327
Main sources:
  • Nash has Magister Clemens de Paston, 8id Jun. 1316. (Registers: Ib. f. 45. a.).
  • Prattinton has Mag. Clemens de Paston, v.p.r. joh: de Walcote. 8 id. Jun. 1316. Ib. f. 45. a.
  • Church list has Clement de Paston 1316.

A paston family with occurances of the forename Clement are based in Norfolk. As stated in the description of the previous Rector, a Walcote family is also based in Norfolk - is there a connection here?

9 1316 William de Adulvestre Reign of King Edward II 1307-1327
Main sources:
  • Nash has Magister Will'us Adulvestre, cl. 5 kal. Jan. 1316. (Registers: Lib. Alb. f. 72. b.).
  • Prattinton has Mag. Willus de Adulvestre, cler. presentatus. 5 Kal. Jan. 1316. lib. alb. f. 72. b.
  • Church list has William de Adulvestre 1316.

No further information.

10 1317 William de Lodelawe Reign of King Edward II 1307-1327
Main sources:
  • Nash has Magister Will'us de Lodelawe, non. Dec. 1317. (Registers: Cobh. f. 1. b.).
  • Prattinton has Mag: Willus de Lodelawe, Rr. ecclesice de Harforton subdiaesnus habuit literas dimmissorias ad Ordinem diaconatus. Non. Dec 1317. Cobham. f. 1. b.
  • Church list has William de Lodelawe 1317.

There are occurances of the name Lodelawe in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Lodelawe is also a place name in Shropshire.

In 1298 a gift and a fine messuage and a meadow called Brodemedewe, Manor of Bold with land in Newton and Charlcotte. Parties: William son of Laurence de Lodelawe, Richard de Harleye, Thomas Ryddeley Rowland Lacon.

11 1317 William Hyntes Reign of King Edward II 1307-1327
Main sources:
  • Prattinton has Willus Hyntes, dictus de Lodelawe habuik licentiam studendi per duos annos. 13 Kal. Feb. 1317. Ib. f. 4. a. [On previous page Pattinton has:] Willus Hyntes, Rt of Suckley 1318.

See for a Chaplain William de Hyntes. "Plea Rolls for Staffordshire: 12 Edward III, pages 80-89: "Joan, daughter of John le Fremon, of Hyntes, sued Richard de Blithefeld (whom Alice, daughter of Richard le Clerk of Hyntes, and Thomas, son of Alice had called to warranty and who warranted to them), a messuage, forty-four acres of land, and six acres of meadow in Hyntes, which William de Hyntes, Chaplain, had given to John le Fremon, of Hyntes, and Cecily his wife and the heirs of their bodies, and which after the death of John and Cecily should descend to her as daughter and heir of John and Cecily. Richard appeared by attorney, and denied that the tenements had been given as stated by Joan, and appealed to a jury, which is to be summoned for the Quindene of St. Martin, m. 272, dorso".

12 1318 Simon de Prewes Reign of King Edward II 1307-1327

Main sources:
  • Nash has Magister Simon de Prewes, 6 kal. 1 Jan. 1318. (Registers: Ib. f. 12. b.).
  • Prattinton has Simon de Prewes pmutavit cum Willo Hyntes. 6 kal. Jan. 1318. Ib. f. 12. b. [On previous page Pattinton has:] Simon de Prewe, ces. Rr of Fettebury, ces. for Suckley 1318. Resigned same Yr for Herforton 6 Kal. Jun.
  • Church list has Simon de Prewes 1318.

Simon de Prewes appears on a list of Rectors of Tetbury in Gloucestershire from 1303 to 1309. He incurred numerous debts and in 1303 was said to neglect the cure, squandering the profits on his own pleasures. In 1306 he was instructed to put his church to farm for 5 years to pay his debts.

13 1320 John de Brannesford (Braunsford) Reigns of King Edward II 1307-1327 and Edward III 1327-1377
Main sources:
  • Nash has Johannes de Brannesford, 15 kal. Nov. 1320. (Registers: Ib. f. 22. b.).
  • Prattinton has Johannes Brannesford, Vic. de Tetbury pmutavit cum Sim de Prewes. 15 kal Nov. 1320. Ib. f. 22. b. [On following page Prattinton has:] Braunesford, party to a Deed of Wm Roculf Jun. 28 Dec. 1329. De & Chap Deeds sr. 229 & 13 Dec. 1351. D&C 296. (John de Bransford, Parson of Hereforton, 1334, see Crowle) 1328/9 Lindridge.
  • Church list has John de Brannesford 1320.

The surname comes from the Manor of Bransford in Worcestershire and a family of that name were in existence in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Ricardus de Bikerton and John de Braunsford Rector of Herforton is recorded in Dugdale. John de Braunsford, Parson of Herverton appears in the Registers of Simon de Montacute, Bishop of Worcester 30th July 1336. The Register records that Thomas de Evesham, clerk, and John de Braunsford, parson of Herverton, held of the bishop in chief and which had lately belonged to the prior and convent. Berhtwulf, King of the Mercians, granted it in pure and perpetual alms for the greater support of the monks by charter which is still in their possession, but later by power and malice they were fraudulently disposessed, it was restored.

The Registers of Simon de Montacute, Bishop of Worcester 5th December 1336, also record that ... Present were Brothers Wolstan de Bransford, prior, Simon Cromp, sacrist, dom. John le Smale, John de Braunford Rector of Herverton, William Carcer of Worcester and many others, as appears in the protocol made by Richard de Ledebury.

There Registers also record on 10th June 1335, a: Elias Gynour of Herverton, and on 21st December 1336, a: John Reynald of Herforton.

14 1339 Robert de Waresley Reign of King Edward III 1327-1377
Main sources:
  • Nash has Robertus de Waresley, pbr. 28 Apr. 1339. (Registers: Wolst. V. 1. f. 26. b.).
  • Prattinton has Robertus Waresley, pbr. 26 Apr. 1339. Wolst. V. I. f. 26. b.
  • Church list has Robert de Waresley 1339.

Waresley is a parish in Huntingdonshire. A William de Waresley appears as an 'acolite' in the Registers of Simon de Montacute, Bishop of Worcester 15th April 1335, under the Chapel of Hartlebury.

15 Unexplained gap Reigns of Kings Edward III 1327-1377 and Richard II 1377-1399
From the appointment of Robert de Waresley in 1339 until that of Hugh Pontesbury in 1395, there is no mention of any other Rectors. The Black Death reached this area in 1349 and we don't how much effect it had on Harvington but it may well account for this apparent gap.
16 1395 Hugh Pontesbury Reign of Richard II 1377-1399
Main sources:
  • Nash has Hugo Pontesbury, cap. 28 Maii. 1395. (Registers: fed. vac. f. 205. a.).
  • Prattinton has Hugo Pontesbury, cap. 28 Maii, 1395. Reg. fed. vac. f. 205. a.
  • Church list has Hugh Pontesbury 1395.

Pontesbury is a village in Shropshire. A dean in the Registers of Simon de Montacute, Bishop of Worcester 15th April 1335, under the Chapel of Hartlebury

17 1396 Thomas Bernart or Berntest Reign of Richard II 1377-1399
Main sources:
  • Nash has Thomas Bernart, 7 Maii. 1396. (Registers: Lib. Albus, 382. b.).
  • Prattinton has Thomas Berntest, present[atis] 7 Maii, 1396. Lib. Albus, 382. b.
  • Church list has Thomas Berntest 1396.

No further information.

18 1396 John Hook Reign of Richard II 1377-1399
Main sources:
  • Nash has Johannes Hook, cler. 18 Dec. 1396. (Registers: Tidm. f. 12. a.).
  • Prattinton has Johannes Hook, cler. 18 Dec. 1396. Tidm, f. 12, a.
  • Church list has John Hook 1396.

No further information.

19 1397 John Bathe Reign of Henry IV 1399-1413
Main sources:
  • Nash has Johannes Bathe, cler. 31 Julii. 1397. (Registers: Ib. f. 19. b.).
  • Prattinton has Johannes Bathe, cler. uti[?] die Julii 1397, Ib. f. 19. b.
  • Church list has John Bathe 1397.

No further information.

20 ---- William Pontfreit Reign of Henry IV 1399-1413
Main sources:
  • Prattinton has Willus Pontfreit. From the Gernown entry Prattinton suggests that Pontfreit preceeded Gernown.
  • Church list has William Pontfreit. This document suggests incorrectly that Pontfreit succeeded Gernown, no date or expanation.

William Pontfreit, fl 1407, Carmelite frier, doctor of theology, confessor, Oxford (Biographical Index of the Middle Ages).

21 1399 William Gernown Reign of Henry IV 1399-1413.
Main sources:
  • Nash has Will'us Gernown, 6 Apr. 1399. (Registers: Ib. f. 37. b.).
  • Prattinton has Willus Gernown, Rr de Pluckley, Cant Dix p[er]muti[at]s cum Wil 6 Apr. 1399. Ib. f. 37. b. to Pontfriet Rr de Herforton.
  • Church list has William Gernown.

Gernoun or Gernon was a Norman baronial family, their surname originating from whisker or moustache, an appellation given to a branch of the barons of Montfichet or Montfiquet in Normandy prior to 1050. (Battle Abbey Roll, vol.2, by The Duchess of Cleveland.

22 1404 John de Bekynton or Beynton Reign of Henry IV 1399-1413
Main sources:
  • Nash has Johannes de Bekynton, cl. 18 Julii, 1404. (Registers: Clif. f. 77. a.).
  • Johannes de Bekynton, cler. u.p.r. Willi Gernon, 18 Julii 1404. Cliff. f. 77. b.
  • Church list has John de Beynton.

There is a family called Beckington after a village of the same name in Somerset. A Thomas Bekynton 1390?-1465, became Bishop of Bath. He was also a Secretary to Henry VI.

King Edward III and John de Bekynton, escheator for Somerset. 3 Oct. 32 Edw. III:- "Whereas, for £4 given by Nicholas le Carpenter of Cadebury, the king has granted to him the year, day and waste in a house and 2 carucates of land in Asshton and Kennecote which were forfeited by John de Gatcombe, outlawed for felony, and which have been valued at 80s. of which 30s. is the waste, the king now orders John de Bekynton to hand it over to Nicholas. At: Westminster." National Archives.

23 1404 Henry Beset Reign of Henry IV 1399-1413
Main sources:
  • Nash has Henricus Beset, 17 Jan. 1404. (Registers: Ib. f. 83. a.).
  • Prattinton has Henricus Beset, Vic. de Bocland, sar[?] Dioc. permut[atis] cum 17 Jan. 1404. [Reg.] Ib. f. 83. a. J. Bekynton.
  • Church list has Henry Beset 1404.

No further information.

24 1405 John Hurlegh Reigns of Henry IV 1399-1413 and Henry V 1413-1422
Main sources:
  • Nash has John Harlegh, 27 Jun. 1405. (Registers: Lib. Alb. f. 440. b.).
  • Prattinton has Joh. Hurlegh, presentatus ex causâ. permutatimis. 27 Jun. 1405. [but placed under 1435] Lib. Alb. f. 440. b. [Cum Henr: Biset [sic].
  • Church list has John Hurlegh under 1435.

In Prattington & Nash under 1405 and church list under 1435.

"1 Jan. 1431. Sir Thomas David, Chaplain, void by the death of John Hurlegh, presented by Thomas Chaucer (possibly as father-in-law of [William] de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, above), John Golafre (of Batsford and Sarsden), John Sarefield and Thomas Berdesley. [Trustees ?] 21 Nov. 14G5. Sir Thomas Lowe, Chaplain, by the resignation of Sir John Hurle [Hurlegh] . Presented by Thomas Stonor. (Bristol & Gloucestershire transections)"

11 Kal. May 1429 SS. Apostoli Rome. (f. 189d.) To John Hurlegh, rector of Bourtonhenmerch in the diocese of Worcester, I.U.B. Indult, during five years, to take and to rent, let and grant [to farm], to any persons etc. as above, f. 176. Litterarum etc.

3 Kal. May 1429. SS. Apostoli, Rome. (f. 225.) To John Hurlegh, rector of Bourtonhenmerch in the diocese of Worcester, I.U.B. Grant as below. Recently [above, f. 192] the pope dispensed him, asserting himself to be of great noble race, to hold for life the said church and any other benefice with cure or otherwise incompatible, and to resign them, simply or for exchange. At his recent petition, containing that he is not of great noble race, and that he therefore fears lest the said dispensation may be held surreptitious, the pope hereby grants that it shall hold good from the present date, as if it stated that he was of noble race only, and not of great noble race. Nobilitas generis, litterarum etc.

25 1421 John Palmere Reigns of Henry V 1413-1422 and Henry VI 1422-1461
Main sources:
  • Nash has Johannes Palmere, 5 Aug. 1421. (Registers: Morg. f. 2. b.).
  • Prattinton has Johannes Palmere, Vic. de Reculvere, Cant Dioc. p'mut. 5 Aug. 1421. Morg. f. 2. b.
  • Church list has John Palmere 1421.

No further information.

26 1424 William Longfeld Reign of Henry VI 1422-1461
Main sources:
  • Nash has Will'us Longefeld, cap. 26 Jan. 1424. (Registers: Ib. f. 29. b.).
  • Prattinton has Willus Longgefeld, cap. v.p.m. J. Palmere. 26 Jan. 1424. Ib. f. 29. b.
  • Church list has William Longfeld 1424.

No further information.

27 1433 Hugh Crobbnyng Reign of Henry VI 1422-1461
Main sources:
  • Nash has Hugo Crobbning, cl. 11 Dec. 11433. (Registers: R. fed. vac. f. 248. b.).
  • Prattinton has Hugo Crobbnyng, cler. v.p.m. Will Longfeld. 11 Dec. 1433. Ry. fed. vac. f. 248. b.
  • Church list has Hugh Crobbnyng 1433.

No further information.

28 1435 William Mortymer Reign of Henry VI 1422-1461
Main sources:
  • Nash has Will'us Mortymer, 19 Aug. 1435. (Registers: Bourch. f. 5. a.).
  • Prattinton has Willu Mortymer, v.p.r. Johannis Hurgle [Hurlegh]. 19 Aug. 1435. Bourch. f. 5. a.
  • Church list has William Mortymer 1435.

No further information.

29 1440 Richard Pope Reign of Henry VI 1422-1461
Main sources:
  • Nash has Ricardus Pope, 2 Jun. 1440. (Registers: Ib. f. 68. a.).
  • Prattinton has Richardus Pope, Vic. de Sanford, Linc. Dioc. p[er]mu[tatis] 2 Jun. 1440. Ib. f. 68. a. W. Mortymer.
  • Church list has Richard Pope 1440.

No further information.

30 1457 Walter Aston Reign of Henry VI 1422-1461
Main sources:
  • Nash has Ricardus Aston, 22 Apr. 1457. (Registers: Carp. V. I. f. 63. a.).
  • Prattinton has Walterus Aston, Rr de Church Lenche, p[er]mut[atis] cum R. 22 Apr. 1457. [Reg.] Carp. V. I. f. 62. a. [succeeded R.] Pope.
  • Church list has Walter Aston 1457.

Prattinton has: William de Aston died in 1475.

31 1468 William Ayston Reigns of Henry VI 1422-1461 and Edward IV 1461-1483
Main sources:
  • Nash has Will'us Ayston, cap. 29 Martii, 1468. (Registers: Ib. f. 220. b.).
  • Prattinton has Willus Ayston, cap. v.p.r. Walt Aston. userata[?] pinti[?] 29 Marcii 1468. Ib. f. 220. b. [faint writing in Latin beneath.]
  • Church list has William Ayston 1468.

No further information.

32 1475 William Ketley Reigns of Edward IV 1461-1483, Edward V 1483-1483, Richard III 1483-1485 and Henry VII 1485-1509
Main sources:
  • Nash has Will'us Ketley, pbr. 15 Apr. 1475. (Registers: Carp. V. 2. f. 63. a.).
  • Prattinton has Willus Ketley, Pbr. v.p.m. Will Ayston. 15 Apr. 1475. Carp. v. 2. f. 63. a.
  • Church list has William Ketley 1475.

No further information.

33 1494 Richard Baker Reign of Henry VII 1485-1509
Main sources:
  • Nash has Ricardus Baker, pbr. 11 Dec. 1494. (Registers: Mort. f. 55. a.).
  • Prattinton has Ricardus Baker, Pbr. v.p.m. Will Ketley. 11 Dec. 1494. Mort. f. 55. a.
  • Church list has Richard Baker.

No further information.

34 1499 Thomas Dene Reigns of Henry VII 1485-1509 and Henry VIII 1509-1547
Main sources:
  • Nash has Thomas Dene, pbr. 9 Nov. 1499. (Registers: S. Gygl. f. 6. b.).
  • Prattinton has Thomas Dene, Pbr. v.p.m. Ric. Baker. 9 Nov. 1499. S. Gygl. f. 6. b.
  • Church list has Thomas Dene 1499.

No further information.

35 1513 Thomas Long Reign of Henry VIII 1509-1547
Main sources:
  • Church list has Thomas Long 1513.

Oxford Alumni: Thomas Longe, BA 13 Dec 1512, MA sup 20 May 1514, secular chaplain, B.Can.L.sup. 9 Dec 1527.

36 unexplained gap Reigns of Henry VIII 1509-1547, Edward VI 1547-1553
From the appointment of Thomas Long in 1513 until that of Thomas Hobbyns in 1551, there is an apparent gap in Rectors. Harvington belonged to the Abbey in Worcester and the disolution of the monastries and the resulting disruption may well account for this apparent gap.
37 1551 Thomas Hobbyns Reigns of Edward VI 1547-1553, Queen Mary 1553-1558 and Queen Elizabeth I 1558-1603
Main sources:
  • Church list has Thomas Hobbyns, 1551.

38 1559 John Coxetur Reign of Queen Elizabeth I 1558-1603
Main sources:
  • Church list has: John Coxetur, 1559.

    Perpetual Vicar of Studley 23 Sep 1546 to 21 Mar 1551; Rector of Harvington 20 Sep 1563 to 23 Mar 1570 (deprivation).

    There was a vacency between 1559 and 1563. William Molle was curate on 20 Sep 1563, as listed in the Clergy Database.

39 1569 Thomas Ferryman Senr Reign of Queen Elizabeth 1558-1603 and king James 1603-1625
Main sources:
  • Nash has Thomas Ferryman, senior. (Registers: Mon. inscript).
  • Prattinton has Thomas Ferryman. -- v.i.p. 577.
  • Church list has Thomas Ferryman senr 1569.

Prattinton also has: Mr Thomas Ferryman, was Rector in 1569. He was four years domestic Chaplain to Bishop Nicholas Heath & was with him on 8 Aug 1575 when Queen Elizabeth came to the Bishop's Palace at Worcester and stayed there a whole week.

Cambridge Alumni: Thomas Feryman, Entered Queen's Collage Easter 1566. Matric. Pens. BA 1568-9, Incorp. Oxford, 1573.

Rector of Harvington, 23 Mar 1569 to 30 May 1618; Perpetual Vicar of Snitterfield, 15 Oct 1571 to 20 Apr 1597; Rector of Fladbury, 18 Apr 1597 to 7 Sep 1619; Vicar of Snitterfield 20 Apr 1597 to 20 Apr 1597. He died 10 July 1619.

Ferryman Family
Thomas Ferriman, A.M., Chaplin to Nicholas Bullingham, Bishop of Worcester, and Predendary of Worcester, was Inducted Rector of Harvington on 23th March 1570. and was Rector for 47 years. He is the first incumbent that we know of who lived in the village. He lived at the 'Parsonage'. As yet not located, the earliest part of the present Rectory apparently only dates to 1740. It is under Rev Ferryman that the Parish Registers were begun in 1570. Magdalen Ferryman, his wife, was a witness to baptisms up to 1593.

The Parish Registers record:-

1619 – Mr Thomas fferyman prebendarie of the Cathedrall Church of Worcester and for the space of fortie & seaven yeares of this parish was buried in the Chauncell of the sayde parish the 12th daie of Julie. At whose funeral Mr Doctor Archbold one of the prebendaries of the Church of Worcester prched Revelation 7.v.9. Ætatis suæ 72 et dimid.

The sayde Mr Thomas fferyman gave to the Use of the poore in Harvington the sume of fortie shillings the stock for ever to remaine and the increase thereof to bee yearly distributed upon the sundaie nexte before Easter by the minister & Churchwardens.

Thomas had the following issue:-

  1. Ursula, bap. Harvington 27 January 1576. Witness to baptisms between 1582 & 1593. She was married in Harvington 18th February 1595, to John Rutter.
  2. Luce, bap. Harvington 28th September 1578.
  3. Katherine, bap. harvington 7th February 1584, witness to baptisms between 1595 & 1620. She was married in Harvington 31st July 1606 to Thomas Twittie.
  4. Thomas, bap. Harvington 26th December 1586, witness during the years 1607 - 1615, and was witness to his son's baptism in 1613. He succeeded his father as Rector being inducted into the Parsonage of Harvington 3rd January 1618. Thomas was a Master of Arts and Rector of Harvington when dying in 1623. He was buried in the Chancel at Harvington on 7th May 1623. He was succeeded by Mr Thomas Archbold, A.M. Thomas had issue, probably by Katherine:-
    1. Thomas, bap. Harvington 17th October 1613. May have married Joane who was buried in Harvington 21st May 1661.
    2. William, bap. Harvington 30th November 1614.
    3. John, bap. Harvington 25th March 1616.
    4. Katharin, bap. Harvington 6th May 1617.
    5. Alice, bap. Harvington 26th May 1618.
    6. Bartholomew, bap. Harvington 9th February 1619.
    7. Elizabeth, bap. Harvington 12th August 1621. Elizabeth the daughter of Mrs Katherine Feriman, widow, was killed by a fall down the stairs with a pair of scissers and buried at Harvington on 10th August 1626.
  5. Magdalen, bap. Harvington 6th September 1612.

Elizabeth Feriman was a witness in 1590, 1592, 1594, 1596 & 1601 1603.
Maudelin Feryman was witness in 1607.

A Thomas Feryman, bap. Harvington 1638.

A Mrs Alice Feriman was bur Harvington 27 Jan 1696.

40 1618 Thomas Ferryman Junr Reign of James 1603-1625
Main sources:
  • Nash has Thomas Ferryman, junior, cl. A. M. 31 Maii, 1618. (Registers: 32. f. 184. b.).
  • Prattinton has Thomas Ferryman, cl. A. M. v.p.r. Thome Ferryman ul--- ------- 1618. Ib. 32 f. 184. b. Incumbentis.
  • Church list has Thomas Ferryman junr 1618.

40a 1619 Thomas Ferryman Reign of James 1603-1625
Main sources:
  • Nash has Thomas Ferryman, 11 Febr. 1619. (Registers: Ib. f. 106. b.).
  • Prattinton has Thomas Ferryman, [ditto] 11 Feb. 1619. Ib. f. 108. b.
  • Church list has Thomas Ferryman 1619.

The three abovementioned sources insert an extra Thomas Ferryman in 1619 but there can only be the two Thomas Ferryman's, father and son, Thomas Ferryman junior had a son called Thomas but he was only born in 1613. Thomas Ferryman senior was Rector until 30th May 1618 and died on 10th July 1619. His son Thomas Ferryman took over from his father on 31st May 1618 but appears to been officially inducted on 11 February 1619.

41 1623 Thomas Archbold Reign of James I 1603-1625, Charles I 1625-1649 and the Commonwealth 1649-1660
Main sources:
  • Nash has Thomas Archbold (c), A. M. 22 Oct. 1623. (Registers: Ib. f. 112. a.). c: He was sequestered and died 1645; succeeded by one William Bridges. See Walker's Suff. Part II. fol. 188.
  • Prattinton has Thomas Archbold, A. M. v.p.m. Th. Ferryman. 22 Oct. 1623. Ib. f. 112. a.
  • Church list has Thomas Archbold 1623.

Cambridge Alumni: Thomas Archbold, Kings College, Michs. 1601.

MA; Vicar: St John the Baptist, Bedwardine, Worcester 8 Dec 1620 to 4 Feb 1624; Rector of Harvington 22 Oct 1623 to 19 Dec 1771 (In Harvington list but not mentioned in The Clergy Database.). See the Ferryman family under 'Families'.

Prattinton: He was succeeded by William Bridges.

There is no mention of Thomas Archbold in the parish registers after 1634 where there is a major gap from 1634 to 1653.

Here is an extract from Marjorie Bailey's history:-

There is a book called Walker's "Sufferings" and under Worcestershire one reads about Thomas Archbold 1623 who was unfortunate:
"He was admitted to his Rectory in 1623 on the Presentation of the Dean & Chapter of Worcester. This chief occasion (as it is said) of his Sequestration (besides his Great Zeal for Episcopacy, and Extraordinary Fidelity to his Majesty, in both which as he was very Eminent, so they no doubt contributed to his sufferings, was his apposing a Design then set on foot by some of his Parishioners to Enclose Part of the Common Field; which it seems provok'd some of the Projectors to Article against him. He was sixty four years of age and had a wife and six children when he was put under Sequestration; which was also managed in such a manner that they got him Dispossessed about August; and so he lost all his crop of that year (which method of proceeding however Barbarous was not withstanding very common in these times?)

Nor was this thought punishment enough for him; but they also seized the whole crop of his Glebe and divided it among his Prosecutors. After which they pulled his wife and family out of his House by Violence and put them in to a Poor Cottage lately a Cow House in the Town where his wife in a few years died with grief. At length he removed to London and died there a short time after. I find a Petition of some of his Children presented to the Corporation for Minister's Widows wherein they set forth that their Father was Plundered and thrown out of doors; not so much as a bed was allowed him for himself, a wife and his Children. However he made a hard shrift to live by the help of some friends and the Labour and Industry of his children, who after his Death lived by their labour sometime; but at last were brought to Extreme Want & Necessity, and forced to implore Charity to Keep them from perishing. His successor was one William Bridges who had been sometime Curate at his living, during the Vacancy of the Church and could get no Preferment until he thrust out Mr Arnold, He continued at Harvington (very unkind to poor Mr Archbold's family) till he died, which was in November 1654.

This same Thomas Archibald had petitioned the king for a Prebend at Worcester, on the ground that his brother Dr Archbold had served the King's father (i.e. James I) as Chaplain & then had been preferred to the Deanery of Bristol. Unfortunately he had died before benefiting - and Thomas supported the widow and seven children.

From this sad story we learn that Rev Archbold, died in November 1654, shortly after leaving Harvington, and was succeeded by William Bridges.

42 1654 William Bridges The Commonwealth 1649-1660
Main sources:
  • Nash has as an extra to Thomas Archbold that William Bridges succeeded him. Ref: Walker's Suff. Part II. fol. 188.
  • Prattinton has William Bridges. [Nothing else]
  • Church list has William Bridges 1654.
  • Not in the Clergy Database.

Cambridge Alumni: St John's, Easter 1626. BA 1629-30, MA 1633.

William Bridges, was inducted in 1654 but appears to have acted as curate for sometime prior. This was a troubled time for the whole country when it was deeply divided by religion and politics.

PCC Will 1655, of Harvington.

43 1656 Stephen Baxter The Commonwealth 1649-1660 and reign of Charles II 1660-1685
Main sources:
  • Prattinton has Stephanus Baxter and that he was succeeded by William Hopkins.
  • Church list has Stephen Baxter 1656.
  • Not in the Clergy Database.

Stephen Baxter was presented to this living by Captain Bohun in 1656. He was removed for non-conformity and later practised physick. (Calamy's Abridgem. p. 343.)

There is a note in Prattinton that Stephen Baxter was the son of George Baxter, pastor of Wenlock and brother of Benjamin Baxter of Upton upon Severn [Mr Gough's note in his copy of Dr Nash.]

Oxford Alumni: Baxter, Stephen, son of George, of Wenlock Parva, Salop, sacerd. New Inn Hall, Oxford, matric. 11 March 1635-6, aged 15; BA 22 Oct 1639, MA 15 June 1642, Rector of Harvington, co. Worcester, 1656, ejected 1662.

Oxford Alumni: Baxter, George, of co. Montgomery, pleb. Baliol Coll, matric, 8 Dec 1598, aged 16; BA 3 July 1602, MA 6 July 1605. Rector of Little Wenlock, Salop, 1608, father of Stephen. He married and had Stephen, Rector of Harvington.

44 1662 William Hopkins Senr Reign of Charles II 1660-1685
Main sources:
  • Prattinton has that he was father of Wm Hopkins his successor & he was ejected. He succeeded Stephen Baxter who at the Restoration was silenced.
  • Nash has Gul. Hopkins, (d) S. T. B. 20 Apr. 1662. (Registers: R. 34. Earl, f. 13. a.). d: Father of William Hopkins his successor. He was ejected and succeeded by Stephen Baxter [This is incorrect as he was preceeded by Stephen Baxter and was succeeded by Nathaniel Tomkins].
  • Church list has William Hopkins senr 1662.
  • Not mentioned in Clergy Database.

Cambridge Alumni: Jesus Collage, BA 1606-7, MA 1610; ord. Deacon (Peterb.) Sept. 20, 1607; Priest, Dec 17, 1609; rector of Harvington.

He was rector of Harvington from 1662; a prebendary of Worcester who made the living void by cessation, after which there appears to have been an interregnum until 1677.

Both Prattenton and Nash state that the two Hopkin Rectors were father and son. The Oxford Alumni expressly states that William junior was the son of the Rev George Hopkins, minister of All Saints, Evesham. This is backed up by parish register and May's History of Evesham. The oxford Alumni does not list William Hopkins senior.

45 1677 Nathaniel Tomkins Reign of Charles II 1660-1685
Main sources:
  • Nash has Nathaniel Tomkins, S. T. B. 18 Oct. 1677. (Registers: Ib. Fleetw. f. 24. b.).
  • Prattinton has Nathaniel Tomkins, S.T.B. 18 Oct. 1677. Ib. Fleetw: f. 24. b.
  • Church list has Nathaniel Tomkins 1677.
  • Not mentioned in the Clergy Database.

Nathaniel Tomkins appears to have been inducted in 1662 but soon made the living void by being inducted into the living of Upton-on-Severn in 1662, instituted for the second time in 1677.

Prattinton: Preb. 1629-1681; rector of St Martins 1633-1662; rector of Upton upon Severn 1661-1681; rector of Broadwas 1662 and died 21 Oct 1681.

Oxford Alumni: Tomkyns, Nathaniel, BA from Baliol Coll. 20 April 1619, MA 3 Feb 1621-2, BD 13 March 1628-9' Son of Thomas, B. Mus. 1607); rector of Worcester St Martin's 1633 and of Broadway, co. Worcester 1637; rector of Todenham, co. Worcester, 1660; of Upton-on-Severn 1663; of Harvington, co. Worcester, 1677-81; canon of Worcester 1629, until his death 21 Oct 1681; perhap brother of John Tomkyns.

Jonathan Coorse/Coore was curate to Nathaniel Tomkins 25 Mar 1679 to 25 Mar 1681.

46 1682 William Hopkins Junr Reigns of Charles II 1660-1685 and James II 1685-1688
Main sources:
  • Nash has Gul. Hopkins, (e) S. T. B. 20 Apr. 1682. (Registers: Ib. Fleetw. f. 34. b.). e: Son of the former incumbent of both his names: prebendary of Worcester, where he was buried, 1700.
  • Prattinton has Gul. Hopkins, S.T.B. v.p.m. Nath. Tomkins. 20 Apr. 1682. Ib. f. 34. b.
  • Church list has William Hopkins junr 1682.
  • Not mentioned in the Clergy Database.

Born Evesham and educated at the Evesham Free School. He entered Trinity College, Oxford aged 13. He was Chaplain to our Embassy in Sweden and added a study of northern languages to his knowledge of Latin Greek, Hebrew and oriental languages. Prebendary of Worcester Cathedral and "a man much respected and loved, a great scholar and an authority on antiques. He was extremely modest and his activity was much limited by violent headaches. In 1698 he was appointed Master of St Oswald's Hospital, Worcester. He was married twice but had no children. He died of a violent fever and was buried in Worcester Cathedral, with Aurilla his first wife in 1700.

BA; deacon: 28 Oct 1678; priest: 21 Sep 1679; curate: Barton Stacey 11 Aug 1680 to 11 Aug 1680; curate: Ashmansworth 17 Jul 1683 to 17 Jul 1683; vicar: Ashmansworth 17 Jul 1683 to 17 Jul 1683; rector: Harvington 1682 to 1684.

Oxford Alumni:-

Oxford Alumni: Hopkins, William, son of George, of All Saints', Evesham, minister; Trinity Coll. matric. 29 Oct 1661, aged 14; BA 1665, MA from St Mary Hall 1668, BD 1675, DD from Trinity Coll. 1692; Born St Laurence, Evesham, 2 Aug 1647, chaplain to Henry Coventry, ambassador to th King of Sweden; canon of Worcester 1675; lecturer of St Lawrence Jewry 1680; vicar of Worverley 1681; rector of Harvington 1682 and vicar of Lindridge, all in Co. of Worcester 1684; warden of St Oswald's hospital, Worcester 1697; died 18 May 1700, buried in Worcester cathedral.

George May's A Descriptive History of of the Town of Evesham, has a piece about him, apart from stating that his father was George Hopkins, it states that he was educated at the Evesham Free School, firstly under Mr Wyatt, afterwards chanter of Lincoln vice-principal of St Mary's Hall, Oxford; and secondly by Dr Jephcott, rector of All Saints, Evesham and subsequently prebendary at Worcester. He was an academic from early on in his life, as a translator of old English into Latin.

He has an entry in the National Bibliography:-

HOPKINS, WILLIAM (1647–1700), divine, born at Evesham, Worcestershire, on 2 Aug. (baptised 28 Aug.) 1647, was the son of George Hopkins (1620–1666), rector of All Saints Church, Evesham, who was ejected from Evesham in 1662 for nonconformity, but afterwards, when at Dumbleton in Gloucestershire, took the Oxford oath to avoid the operation of the Five Mile Act, and wrote ‘Salvation from Sin,’ &c., London, 1655, 8vo, to which Richard Baxter contributed a preface. William Hopkins was sent to the free school of his native town, and on 29 Oct. 1661 became a commoner of Trinity College, Oxford, migrating in 1666 to St. Mary Hall. He graduated M.A. 9 April 1668, D.D. 5 July 1692. On 2 Sept. 1671 he accompanied Henry Coventry as chaplain in his second embassy to Sweden [see {{sc|Coventry, Henry, 1619–1686], and there began the study of northern antiquities, ‘in which,’ says Hickes, ‘he was a good proficient.’ On Coventry's recommendation he was made a prebendary of Worcester Cathedral on 22 March 1675. On 23 June 1678 the dean and chapter of the cathedral gave him the curacy of Mortlake, Surrey, from which he was preferred in 1686 to the vicarage of Lindridge, Worcestershire. He was also, about 1680, afternoon preacher at St. Lawrence Jewry, London, and on 16 May 1697 was chosen master of St. Oswald's Hospital, Worcester. He gave up his salary as master to form a fund for the benefit of the hospital. In 1686 Hopkins went to live in Worcester. He held his prebend there till his death, from a fever, on 18 May 1700. He was buried in Worcester Cathedral. Hickes, dean of Worcester, who was intimate with Hopkins from about 1680, says he was a modest, benevolent, and learned man, who gave him great assistance while he was dean. He married, first, on 3 Feb. 1678, Averill (d. 1691), daughter of Thomas Martin; secondly, in the autumn of 1699, Elizabeth Whitehorne, widow of Dr. Whitehorne of Tewkesbury.

Hopkins published ‘The Book of Bertram or Ratramnus concerning the Body and Blood of the Lord’ (Latin, with English translation), 1686, 8vo; also 1688, 8vo; and ‘Animadversions on Mr. Johnson's Answer to Jovian’ (i.e. Hickes), 1691, 8vo. ‘Seventeen Sermons’ by him were published by Hickes after his death, with a memoir, London, 1708, 12mo. Hopkins also collected materials for a history of Worcester Cathedral, and helped Bishop Gibson in his editions of the ‘Saxon Chronicle’ and Camden's ‘Britannia.’

William Hopkins, of Bewdley, co. Worcester, pleb. He married and had issue:-

  1. George, born at Bewdley circa 15 Apr 1620. New Inn Hall, matric 2 Mar 1637-8, aged 17; BA 9 Nov 1641, MA 6 Jul 1648; Minister of All Saints', Evesham, until ejected 1662 for nonconformity; He married Elizabeth, 1626-1677, daughter of Henry Bromley and died at Dumbleton, co. Gloucester, 25 Mar 1666. They had issue:-
    1. William, born 2 Aug 1647, bap 28 Aug. Rector of Harvington (junior), 1682-1684. He married 1stly on 3 Feb 1678 Averill, daughter of Thomas Martin by whom he had one son and 2ndly in 1699, Elizabeth Whitehorne. He died without surviving issue on 18 May 1700.
      1. Martin

William Hopkins, son of George, born in Evesham 2 Aug 1647. Educated Evesham Free School by Mr Wyatt and Dr Jephcott. At 13 he entered Trinity Collage, Oxford. BA in 1666 he moved to St Mary's Hall and took his MA aged 21. In 1671 he was appointed Chaplain to the Hon Henry Coventry on his Embassy to Sweden. On his return he acquired a prebendal stall at Worcester. In 1678 he married and went to London where in 1680 he was chosen lecturer of St Laurence, Jewry. Vicar of Wolverley, 1681. In 1686 he settled to Worcester after being previously presented to the Vicarage of Lindridge. Rector of Harvington 1682-1684. Became DD in Oxford in 1692. Warden of St Oswald's hospital, Worcester 1697. He died 18 May 1700.

It is unlikely that Rev Hopkins ever lived in Harvington. During his incumbency Stephen Bradley acted as curate 25 Mar 1682 - 25 Mar 1683.

47 1684 John Jephcott Reigns of James II 1665-1688, William III & Mary II 1689-1702
Main sources:
  • Nash has John Jephcott, S. T. P. 27 Nov. 1684. (Registers: Ib. Thomas, f. 29. b.).
  • Prattinton has Johannes Jephcott, S.T.P. u.p.cess Gulieloni Hopkins, (26 Nov. Lib. subs.) 27 Nov. 1684. Ib. Thomas, f. 29. b.
  • Church list has John Jephcott 1684.
  • Not mentioned in The Clergy Database.

John Jephcott was born about 1636; educated at Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he took his M.A. degree in 1663 and D.D. in 1678. He acquired a number of stipends: Curate of Bengeworth from 1692/6-1706; Rector of All Saints Evesham; Rector of St Lawrence Evesham along with the vicarage; Perpetual Curate of Hampton; Rector of Harvington from 27th November 1684 to 1690; Rector of Alvechurch 1690-1713; Tredington 1689-1701; Northfield in 1706; and Master of St Oswald's Hospital Claines 1700-1713; Warden the Canon of Worcester Cathedral from 1683 to 1713. He died in 1713.

DD; Curate: Evesham 25 Mar 1668 to 25 Mar 1700; chaplain of Great and Little Hampton 25 Mar 1674 to 25 Mar 1692; vicar of All Saints with St Lawrence Evesham 25 Mar 1679 to 25 Mar 1679; taught at Evesham Free School; rector of Harvington 1682 to 1690, at which time he made his living void by cessation.

Prattinton: preb. Worcester 1683-1706; curate of Hampton, Evesham 1662; vicar of Alvechurch, 1690; master of St. Oswalds Hosp. 1700; rector Northfield, 1706-1713. He died 26 Mar 1713.

Cambridge Alumni: Pembroke College, Michs. 1659, Matric. pens. (age 19); son of Henry, farmer. B. at Anstey, Warcs. BA 1659-60, MA 1663, DD 1678, Incorp. Oxford 1669 and 1696. Rector of All Saints' Evesham, 1663-92; preb. of Wrocester 1683-1706; rector of Harvington 1684-90; of Tredington 1690-1713; warden of St Martin's Hospital, Worcester 1700-13; rector of Northfield 1706-13. He died 26 Mar. 1713. MI at Northfield. (Al. Oxon; Nash, Worcs. 11. 191.)

Oxford Alumni: Jephcot, John; BA from Pembroke Coll. Cambridge 1659, MA 1662, (incorporated) 13 Jul 1669); DD 1678, and re-incorporated 8 Jul 1696; rector of Evesham All Saints 1663-1724; rector of Harvington 1684-90, and of Tredington 1689-1701; of Alvechurch (all in Co. Worcester), 1690-1713; warden of St Martin's hospital in Worcester 1700-1713; canon of Worcester 1683-1706.

Evesham Notes & Queries, vol.3, p. 24, records him and adds: 'Here lieth also the body of Ann Jephcott, his daughter, who died May 3, 1713, aged 41'. 'He was married twice. His first wife lies buried before the alter of All Saints, Evesham, where till the last restoration was a flat stone with this inscription:- "M.S. Mariæ Johannis Jephcott, S.T.P., hujus ecclesiæ Recotris, per xv annos uxoris fidissimæ. Ob. Oct. 18, 1680." He did not wait long for his second nuptials, which are thus recorded in the Bengeworth Register:- "1681, December 21. John Jephcott, S.T.P., and Rector om' sanctoru' in Evesham, and Mrs. Mary Watson, of Bengeworth, by licence." She was a daughter of Thomas Watson, of the Mansion House, Alderman and Deputy Recorder of Evesham. She was buried in the north aisle of Bengeworth Old Church, where was a flat stone inscribed: "Mary Jephcott, relict of John Jephcott, D.D., late Rector of All Saints, in Evesham, dyed December 9, A.D., 1728, ætatis 95. She was the eldest daughter of Thomas Watson, Esq., of Bengeworth."'

Stephen Bradley was curate of Harvington 25 Mar 1682 to 25 Mar 1686.

48 1690 Moses Hodges Reigns of William III & Mary II 1689-1694, William III 1694-1702, Queen Anne 1702-1714, George I 1714-1727
Main sources:
  • Nash has Moses Hodges, cl. A. M. 2 Aug. 1690. (Registers: Ib. Stillingf. f. 53. a.).
  • Prattinton has Moses Hodges, Cl. A. M. v.p.cess. Joh. Jephcott. 2 Aug. 1690. Ib. Stillinf fleet. f. 53. a.
  • Church list has Moses Hodges 1690.

The Rev Moses Hodges, Doctor of Divinity, was born in Northhamptonshire circa 1662, the son of Rev Moses Hodges MA and Mary née Jackeman, and brother of John Hodges. He married Martha, Reverend John Jepthcot's daughter. "At the age of 27 years old it was said he was worn out with indefatigable pain in the discharge of his parochial duties as vicar of St Mary's, Warwick, so he retired (!) to Harvington in August 1690." He is listed at Norton 1696-1702 and at Harvington 1690-1725. He inherited Sulgrave Manor in Northampton from his brother John in 1723 and died in 1724 in his 62nd year. He and his wife had four daughters. He died in Harvington November 21st 1724 (See Wikitree).

MA Queen's, Oxford; DD; deacon 20 Sep 1685; priest 29 Jun 1687; vicar: St Mary, Warwick 14 Jan 1706 to 7 May 1724.

Prattinton: Vicar of St Mary's Wenlock 22 Apr. 1706.

Oxford Alumni: Hodges, Moses, son of Moses, of Sulgrave, Northants, cler. Magdalen Hall, matric. 28 March 1679, aged 15; BA from Queen's Coll. 1682, MA 1685, B. and DD 1696; rector of Harvington, Worcs. 1690, and of Arrow, Warcs. 1694; vicar of Norton and Lenchwick, Worcs. 1697 and of St Mary-in-Warwick 1706, until he died 21 Nov 1724; brother of John 1678. See Rawl. iv. 301; & Foster's Index Eccl..

William Hodges of Daventrie, married and had issue:-

  1. Moses Hodges, of Sulgrave, Northants. Oxford Alumni: Hodges, Moses, son of William, of Daventrie, Northants. pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric 20 Oct. 1626, aged 16; BA 5 Feb 1628-9, MA 20 Oct 1631; rector of Upper Isham, Northants, 1637 and of Over Worton, Oxon; purchased Washington's manor in Sulgrave in Northamptonshire 1673; died 21 May 1676. He married Mary who as widow was buried at Harvington on 29th April 1704. and had issue:-
    1. Moses, born circa 1664, Rector of Harvington.
      1. Martha, born 5th May bap Harvington 25th May 1694.
      2. Theodoria, born 7th Mar 1701 bap Harvington 22nd Mar 1702.
      3. Anne, born 7th Mar 1701 Bap Harvington 22nd Mar 1702.
      4. Mary, born 25th Sep bap Harvington 26th Sep 1696.
      5. John, born 20th June bap 23 June 1704. Died 3rd Nov, bur Harvington 5th Nov 1706, aged 2 years and four months. His memorial is in the church.
      6. Eleanor, died at Harvington on 18th April 1707 aged eight months.
    2. John, cler. St John's Coll. matric 8 July 1678, aged 16; student of Gray's Inn 1677; died 8 Feb 1723-4. See Oxford Alumni and Foster's Gray's Inn Register

[Memeorial in Selworth Church: "Underneath are deposited the remains of Theodosia Hodges, daughter of Moses Hodges, D.D., and Martha his wife, who after a long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian patience, resign'd her soul to God, who gave it, Nov. 14, 1757, aged 55." . . .]

49 1725 Benjamin Woodroffe Reign of George I 1714-1727
Main sources:
  • Nash has Benjaminus Woodroffe, cl. A. M. 7 Maii, 1725. (Registers: R. 35. Hough, f. 5. b.).
  • Prattinton has Benjaminus Woodruffe, cl. A. M. u.p.m Mos. Hodges. 7 Maii 1725. R. 35 Hough f. 5. b.
  • Church list has Benjamin Woodroffe 1725.
  • Not mentioned in The Clergy Database.

Benjamin Woodruffe resigned in 1725.

Prattinton:Woodrof, M. A.; preb. 1722-1726. preb of Winchester 1731; ord. at Oxford 22 Dec. 1706.

Oxford Alumni: Woodroffe, Benjamin, son of B., of Gresham College, London, doctris. Gloucester Hall, matric. entry 14 Feb 1693-4, aged 10; BA from Christ Church 1697, MA 1700; vicar of Frodsham, Cheshire 1711; canon of Worcester 1722; rector of Harvington, Worcs. 1725; canon of Winchester 1726 and rector of Over Wallop 1730-70, and of Cliddesden with Farleigh, (both) Hants, 1760 intil his death 5 Aug 1770. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [There are a number of Woodroffe clerics in the 17th century mentioned in the Oxford Alumni, who are likely to be related.]

50 1726 Matthew Forrester Reigns of Geoge I 1714-1727 and George II 1727-1760
Main sources:
  • Nash has Matthaeus Forrester, cl. A. M. 14 Oct. 1726. (Registers: Ib. f. 6. b.).
  • Prattinton has Matthaus Forrester, cl. A. M. v.p.r. Ben: Woodruffe. 14 Oct. 1726. Ib. f. 6. b.
  • Church list has Matthew Forrester 1726.
  • Not mentioned in The Clergy Database.

Born Surrey 1683' BA Trinity College, Cambridge; rector of Harvington 1726 to 1740; deacon 22 Feb 1719; chaplain to Lionel Tollemarche, 4th Earl of Dysart/Lord Huntingtower 4 Oct 1760 to 4 Oct 1760. Died 4 Oct 1760.

Cambridge Alumni: born 1692, adm. pens. (age 16) at Trinity, June 18 1712; son of Matthew, of Wandsworth, Surrey. B. 1692. School, Westminster. Matric. 1713; scholar 1713; BA 1715-6; MA 1721. Ord. deacon (Ely) Feb. 22 1718-9.

51 1740 Benjamin Mence Reigns of George II 1727-1760 and George III 1760-1820
Main sources:
  • Nash has Benjamin Mence, B. A. 24 Dec. 1749. (Registers: [blank]).
  • Prattinton has Benjamin Mence, B. A. ----- ------ 24 Dec. 1749. Nash. U. I. p.570.
  • Church list has Benjamin Mence 1740.
  • Not mentioned in The Clergy Database.

MA; Rector: Harvington 1740 to 1750; priest, vicar and prebendary of Tachbrook, Lichfield Cathedral 5 Nov 1742; perpetual vicar: St Pancras 16 Jan 1750; domestic chaplain to George Beauclerk, 3rd Duke of St Albans 18 Apr 1752; rector: All Hallows London Wall 31 Jul 1758 to 28 Jan 1797. Died 28 Jan 1797.

Oxford Alumni: Mence, Benjamin, son of Benjamin of St Helen's, Worcester (city); pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 5 March 1739-40, aged 16; BA from Merton Coll. 1746, MA from King's Coll. Cambridge 1752; rector of All Hallows, London Wall 1758. (Memo: Rev Joseph Mence, a celebrated singer, vicar of St Pancras, who died at Worcester 19 Dec 1796, aged 74, was also rector of All Hallows aforesaid.)

Cambridge Alumni: born 1739, BA 1752, Incorp. from Oxford; MA 1752 from King's. Son of Benjamin, of St Helen's Worcester. Matric. from Magdalen Hall, Oxford 5 Mar 1739-40, aged 16; BA from Merton College 1756; rector of Harvington, Worcs. 1749-50; minor canon of St Paul's 1750-67; rector of All Hallows, London Wall 1758-96; vicar of St Pancras 1750-96; chaplain to the Duke of St Albans. Died 19 Dec 1796.

He Cessated in 1746. His Will is dated 28th July 1795.

From a message board on the Internet: "Benjamin Mence b. abt. 1722/23 in Worcester had a son whose name I do not know. I know he was a Colonel in the British Army and he died at the Battle of Vinegar Hill. The Colonel had a daughter named Maria Eliza MENCE b. abt. 1791 is buried at the Round Hill St. Paul's Parrish of Rosette Anglincan Graveyard, in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. Maria married Charles L. CAIN or Charles LeCain but I do not know if they married in London or Nova Scotia".

He was married at All Hallows, St Pancras, London in 1746 to Sarah Henderson.

Benjamin Mence, Vicar of St. Pancras, who appeared in The Messiah at Hereford in 1759 and whose 'vocal powers as an English singer' were highly praised.

There are a number of Mence clerics in the 18th century, from Worcester and Barnsley in Yorkshire who are mentioned in the Oxford Alumni. They are very likely related. Our Mence starts with:
Benjamin Mence, of St Helen's, Worcester married and had issue:-

  1. Benjamin, born circe 1722. Rector of Harvington.
  2. William, born circa 1732. Pleb. Merton Coll. matric. 20 Oct. 1750, aged 18; BA 1754, MA 1757.

52 1750 John Arnold Reigns of George II 1727-1760 and George III 1760-1820
Main sources:
  • Nash has John Arnold, M. A. 18 Nov. 1750. (Registers: [blank]).
  • Prattinton has John Arnold, M. A. 18 Nov. 1750. Ibid.
  • Church list has John Arnold 1750.

Clergy List: John Arnold, MA; rector: Knightwick 25 Jun 1771 to 2 Sep 1775; rector: Harvington 19 Dec 1771 to 19 Dec 1771. He died 2 Sep 1775.

53 1771 David Carpenter Reign of George III 1760-1820
Main sources:
  • Nash has David Carpenter, B. A. 19 Dec. 1771. (Registers: [blank]). Below which Nash has Reinstituted, 22 Oct. 1774.
  • Prattinton has David Carpenter, B. A. (v.p.cess. Joh. Arnold, W. Journal.) 19 Dec. 1771. Ibid.
  • Church list has David Carpenter 1771.

BA Oxford; deacon 20 Dec 1767; priest: 21 May 1769; vicar choral: vicar choir, Hereford Cathedral 24 Mar 1768 to 14 Dec 1802; rector: Hadzor 17 Jun 1774 to 21 Feb 1780. Died 29 Mar 1784.

Oxford Alunni: Carpenter, David, son of Thomas of Gloucester (city), cler. All Souls' Coll., matric. 19 May 1763, aged 18; B.A. 1767.

In 1780 Rev Carpenter was involved in enclosing land in Hadzor Deeds relating to Hadzor.

A possible connection: 1745, 1st Apr , David son of Thomas & Mary Carpenter, bap Westbury on Severn.

It is very likely that Rev Carpenter was not a resident of Harvington.

54 1784 Matthew Lamb Reign of George III 1760-1820
Main sources:
  • Prattinton has Matthew Lamb, D. D. (v.p.m. David Carpenter) 29 March 1784.
  • Church list has Matthew Lamb 1784.

BA, MA Oxford; DD Oxford; priest 5 Jun 1757; vicar: Banbury 4 Nov 1758 to 12 Aug 1780; chaplain: Mary Bilson-Legge, Countess of Hillsborough and Baroness Stawell 3 Jun 1760; prebendary of Curborough, Lichfield Cathedral 18 Jun 1772 to 4 Aug 1773; rector of Chipping Warden, Northamptonshire 29 May 1773 to 19 Feb 1798; canon prebend of Freehold and Hansacre, Lichfield Cathedral 5 Aug 1773 to 12 Dec 1797; canon of 10th, prebend, Worcester Cathedral 7 Jul 1775 to 27 Oct 1804; vicar of Cleeve Priors: 23 Feb 1780 to 28 Jun 1784; rector of Harvington 29 Mar 1784 to 4 Sep 1797. Died 22 May 1797. He was not resident in Harvington and lived in Chipping Warden.

There is a lengthy story in the Cake and Cock Horse, the Magazine of the Banbury Historical Society, Volume 8 Number 1 Autumn 1979, regarding the history of the Three Tuns Inn in Banbury. Rev Lamb was an ardent supporter of Lord North, MP for Banbury. He purchased the inn in the 1760/70's and was later involved in the bankruptcy of a Mr Barker and is described as the 'politely inclined Vicar of Banbury'. The Banbury Historical Society intends to publish Matthew Lamb's letters to the Lord Guilford. Rev Lamb sold the pub in 1780.

A marble wall memorial in the church at Chipping Warden reads:-

19TH APRIL 1997,
AGED 64.
Edward Lamb of Sandford near Appleby married and had issue:-
  1. William, went to Queen's College and was ordained.
  2. George, went to Queen's College and ordained.
  3. Matthew Lamb, was born at Sandford in the parish of Appleby, Westmorland circa 1732, he was buried in Chipping Warden 15 Apr 1797, Will dated 6 May 1797. He had a son:-
    1. John, educated at Queen's College, Oxford. DD; vicar of Banbury in 1783; vicar of Charwelton; rector of Chipping Warden from 1815. He died in 1831.

    Thomas Haynes was mentioned as a Curate 1786-8 in Bailey's history.

    William Hutchinson, born 18 Jul 1765, Deacon 20 Sep 1789; Priest 30 Nov 1790; Curate of Harvington: 30 Nov 1790; Assistant Curate: St Andrew Curate: St Andrew, Pershore 14 May 1810 to 14 May 1810; Assistant Curate: Pinvin Chapel 14 May 1810 to 14 May 1810; Perpetual Curate: Stoulton 6 Sep 1813; Perpetual Curate: St Andrew, Wick Chapel 23 Dec 1817.

55 1797 Thomas James Reign of George III 1760-1820

Main sources:
  • Prattinton has Thomas James, D. D. v.p.m. M. Lamb. (4 Sept) 1797.
  • Church list has Thomas James 1797.

MA, DD 1778; deacon 7 Jun 1778; priest 14 Jun 1778; schoolmaster of Rugby Free Grammar School 1 Jun 1779; canon of 10th prebend, Worcester Cathedral 22 May 1797 to 27 Oct 1804; rector: Harvington 4 Sep 1797 to 7 Dec 1804. Died 27 Oct 1804.

Prattington has in his index of Incumbents: Th. James, of Kings College, Cambridge, rob. of Worcs. Master of Rugby School, died suddenly at Harvington 24 Sep. 1804. Gough ms. note in copy of Dr Nash. A notice of his death & charactor in Gent. mag. Oct. 1804, p.982.

Thomas James, 1725-1813. Married 1744 Mary Wood, born 1725. They had issue:-

  1. Harriet, 1745-1759.
  2. Thomas, born at St Ives, Huntingdonshire 19 Oct 1748. He was sent to Eton in 1760 and won a reputation for his Latin and Greek verses. He married 1stly Elizabeth, 1757?-1784, daughter of John Mander of Coventry. He married 2ndly Arabella, daughter of William Calldicot of Catthorpe, Leicestershire. She died in 1828. Rector of Harvington. He was headmaster of Rugby School. James published a Compendium of Geography and The Principal of Propositions of the Fifth Book of Euclid. There is a good deal more about Thomas James in the Dictionary of National Bibliography. He had issue by his first wife.
    1. Thomas, 1780-1853.
    2. Mary, born 1782.
    He had issue by his 2nd wife:-
    1. John Thomas, Bishop of Calcutta.
  3. Mary, 1750-1843.
  4. Ann, 1752-1761.
  5. Forby, 1755-1756,
He died suddenly on 23 Sep 1804 either while walking in the Nut Walk in the Rectory gardens or having retired to bed aged 55. He is buried in Worcester Cathedral. There is a white marble monument to him in the chapel at Rugby School.

56 1804 Richard Kilvert Reign of George III 1760-1820
Main sources:
  • Prattinton has Richard Kilvert, cl. M. A. v.p.m. Th: James. Instit. 7 December 1804.
  • Church list has Richard Kilvert 1804.

BA, MA Cambridge 1779; deacon: 19 Dec 1779; priest: 21 May 1780; domestic canon: Richard Hurd, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry and Worcester 6 Dec 1781 to 13 Jan 1802; canon of 4th prebend, Worcester Cathedral 7 Jul 1786 to 24 Jan 1818; rector: Knightwick 30 Nov 1786 to 18 Nov 1793; vicar: Grimley 17 Apr 1792 to 9 Jul 1798; rector: Alvechurch 25 May 1793 to 5 Nov 1804; vicar: Kempsey 27 Jun 1798; rector Hartlebury: 19 Oct 1801 to 15 Dec 1817; rector of Harvington: 7 Dec 1804 to 6 Oct 1813 when he resigned; domestic chaplain: Folliott Herbert Walker Cornewall, Bishop of Bristol, Hereford and Worcester 26 Jul 1813; vicar: Cropthorne 4 Aug 1813 to 15 Dec 1817. He died on 15 Dec 1817.

Richard Kilvert M.A. 1786-1817. Pres. by king issued 1 July 1786 (A 71 p. 55); pubd. s.d. (Lond. Gaz. no. 12764). Instit. 7 July (BA.2648/11 (ii) f. 106v). Instal. 8 July (A 71 pp. 57-9). D. 7 Dec. 1817; buried Worcester cath. (PR Hartlebury; Lond. Gaz. no. 17321).

Father is uncertain but he had issue:-

  1. Robert, born Bath 1803. Rector of Langley Burrell, Rev. He married at Kingston St Michael, Wiltshire 26 Jun 1838 Thermuthis Mary Coleman, 1808-1856. He died 1882, aged 79 and is bur in Langley Burrell. They had issue:-
    1. Robert Francis (Francis), born near Chippenham 3 Dec 1840. He became rector of Langley Burrell, Wiltshire. Author of 'Kilvert's Diary'. He was Curate of Clyro in Radnorshire at the time of Maria's death in 1870 and went to her funeral, attended also by his parents who lived at Langley Burrell, see Kilvert's Diary for details of the this funeral and also Kilvert Society publication. He died 23 Sep 1879, aged 38.
  2. Richard, canon of Worcester and rector of Harvington. He was married at Bedwardine, Worcestershire on 3 Nov 1787 to Maria Green. They lived in the Close at Worcester. Richard died on 15 Dec 1817 and Maria died in 1859 aged 95. They had issue:-
    1. Frances Maria (Maria), born 17 Dec 1789, bap Knightwick 8 Jun 1790. She continued to live at the Close (College Green) in Worcester after the death of her mother Maria, until her own death in 1870.

Thomas Thomas was curate of Harvington 14 May 1810 to 14 May 1810 and curate of Harvington on 12 Mar 1811.

57 1813 James Meakin Reign of George III 1760-1820
Main sources:
  • James Meakin, cl. M. A. Instit. 6 Oct. 1813.
  • Prattinton has James Meakin, cl. M. A. instit. 6 Oct. 1813.
  • Church list has James Meakin 1813.

BA, MA Christchurch, Oxford 20 Dec 1789; deacon 20 Dec 1789; priest 19 Dec 1790; perpetual curate St Thomas the Martyr 22 Jun 1795; curate; Lathbury 27 May 1801; canon of 7th prebend, Worcester Cathedral 30 May 1804; perpetual curate: Putney 3 Jan 1805 to 13 May 1811; vicar Walverley 4 Apr 1811 to 3 Dec 1813; domestic chaplain: Charles Marsham, 2nd Earl Romney/Viscount Marsham 24 May 1811; rector: Harvington 6 Oct 1813 to 5 Dec 1814, resigned; vicar: St John the Baptist, Bedwardine 2 Jul 1814 to 17 Mar 1818.

Oxford Alumni: Meakin, James son of George, of Sutton, Salop, pleb. BA, 1782, MA 1785. Prebendary of Worcester 1804; vicar of Worverley 1811; rector of St John's Bedwardine 1814; vicar of Lindridge, Worcs. 1817, until his death 6 Oct. 1842. [His Will is dated 19 Jan 1843].

58 1814 William Digby Reign of George III 1760-1820

Main sources:
  • Prattinton has William Digby, cl. v.p.ces. J. Meakin. Instit. 5 Dec. 1814. Ibid. Cotn. f. 18-.
  • Church list has William Digby 1814.

BA, MA Christchurch, Oxford 1798; deacon: 3 Jun 1798; priest: 19 May 1799; perpetual curate: Offenham 29 Aug 1800; perpetual curate: South Littleton 11 Dec 1807; perpetual curate: North & Middle Littleton 11 Dec 1807; prebendary canon of 1st prebend of Worcester Cathedral 16 Mar 1813; vicar of Wolverley 3 Dec 1813 to 30 Dec 1814; rector of Harvington 5 Dec 1814 to 16 Jul 1818 when he resigned; vicar of Cropthorne 25 Mar 1818 to 19 Aug 1826; vicar of Wichenford 12 May 1826 to 17 May 1831; vicar of Coleshill 7 Feb 1831; rector of Sheldon 24 Feb 1831; Master of St Oswald's Hospital, Worcester 16 Feb 1833. He died 21 Jan 1848, his Will is dated 2 Mar 1848.

William Digby, born 20 Feb 1661. BA in 1681; 5th Baron Digby. He married Lady Jane, daughter of Edward Noel, 1st Earl of Gainsborough. William died 27 Nov 1752, aged 91. They had issue:-

  1. John, born circa 1687.
  2. Mary, born circa 1689.
  3. Robert, born circa 1692.
  4. Edward, born circa 1693. He married Charlotte, daughter of Sir Stephen Fox and sister of Henry, 1st Baron Baron Holland. Edward died 1746, before his father. They had issue:-
    1. Edward, born 5 July 1730. 6th Baron Digby. He was known for great benevolence and never married. Died 5 Nov 1757, aged 27, and was succeeded by his younger brother Henry.
    2. Henry, 7th Baron, Created a peer in 1765 as Baron Digby of Sherbourne.
    3. Robert, Admiral in the Royal Navy. He died in 1815.
    4. William Digby, born 21 Jan 1733, a younger brother of Henry, 1st Earl Digby. He was Vicar of Coleshill and then successively Hon. Dean of Worcester and Durham. He married Charlotte, daughter of Joseph Cox. He died 18 Sep 1788. They had issue:-
      1. Charlotte Sophie, 1767-1835.
      2. Elizabeth Juliana, 1768-1807.
      3. Henry, born in Bath 20 Jan 1770. Knighted. Sir Henry Digby was an Admiral of the Blue, he was a senior British naval officer, who served in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars in the Royal Navy. He was created 1st Earl Digby in 1790 and commanded the HMS Africa at the battle of Trafalgar. He died 19 Aug 1842.
      4. Maria, 1771-1842.
      5. Frances Caroline, 1772-1835.
      6. WILLIAM, born 25 Feb and bap Worcester Cathedral 30 Mar 1774. He married on 1stly 20 Aug 1800 Almeria-Augusta, daughter of Hon Lucius-Ferdinand Cary, and 2ndly in 1803, his cousin, Charlotte-Elizabeth, daughter of Stephen Digby. Rector of Harvington 1814-1818.
      7. Charles George, 1780-1829. Served in the Royal Navy.
      8. Harriet, born 1780.
      9. Joseph, born 15 Jul 1786. Vice Admiral in the Royal Navy.
    5. Stephen, born 10 May 1742. Colonel in the Army. He married 1stly in 1771 Lucy, daughter of Stephen, 1st Earl of Ilchester and had issue amongst others, Charlotte-Elizabeth who married William Digby, one time Rector of Harvington.
    6. Charles, born 1742. MA, Canon of Wells.
  5. Wriothesley.
  6. Elizabeth.
  7. Rachel, died young.
  8. Jane, died young.
  9. Juliana.
  10. Catherine, circa 1702.
  11. Frances.
  12. Jane. born circa 1706.

59 1818 Henry Anthony Pye Reigns of George III 1760-1820, George IV 1820-1830, William IV 1830-1837 and Queen Victoria 1837-1901

Main sources:
  • Prattinton has Henry Anthony Pye, cl. M. A. v.p.ces. W. Digby. Inst. 15 July 1818. fed --- f. 812.
  • Church list has Henry Anthony Pye 1818.

Rev. Henry Anthony Pye (1766–1839), fellow of Merton College, Oxford

Henry Anthony Pye M.A. 1818-1839. Pres. by king pubd. 10 Jan. 1818 (Lond. Gaz. no. 17321). Instit. 24 Jan. (BA.2648/12 (i) f. 84). Subscribed to Articles before instal. s.d. (A 116 f. 62). D. 25 March 1839 (Gent. Mag. 1839, new ser. xi 551). Stall suspended in accordance with Stat. 3 & 4 Vic. c. 113 s. 8. (

Oxford Alumni: Pye, Henry Anthony, son of Anthony, of St Andrew's, Holborn, Middx. arm. Merton Coll. MA 1798; rector of Lapworth, Worcs 1793; vicar of Cirencester 1805; preb. of Worcester 1818; rector of Harvington, Worcs. 1818 until his death 25 Mar 1839. He moved to Cirencester in 1806 and died there (Bailey).

His will is dated 28 May 1839. The image of a Silhouette of the Rev. Henry Anthony Pye, is by W. Spornberg, 1773-1805. The original is to be found in the National Trust property Dyrham Park, Gloucestershire.

Rev Pye never resided in the village and had three curates: Thomas Eades, G Shute and William Preedy. Judging from the Registers G Shute appeared to have Thomas Rea Medwin acting upon his behalf. Medwin had studied at Oxford and Worcester and was ordained as Deacon 20th December 1835 and appointed Stipendiary Curate at Dorsington, a few miles north east of Harvington. He died in 1885 aged 74.

60 1841 E. Winnington Ingram Reign of Queen Victoria 1837-1901

Main sources:
  • Church list has E. William Winnington Ingram 1841.

BA; Edward Winnington-Ingram MA; rector 1841-45, succeeded his father as Rector of Stanford-on-Teme at the age of 29 from 9 Sep 1809 to 18 Jul 1822; vicar of Clifton on Teme 9 Sep 1809 to 2 Aug 1817; rector of Ribbesford 31 Jan 1815; Canon of 10th prebend, Worcester Cathedral. See Cambridge Alumni.

Winnington Family
See"> for more details.
Sir Edward Winnington, 2nd Baronet, 14 Nov 1749 - 9 Jan 1805, of Stanford Court, Stanford-on-Teme, Worcestershire. MP for Droitwich. He married Anne, daughter of Thomas 1st Lord Foley and had issue:-

  1. Francis Winnington, Rector of Sapey, Herefordshire.
  2. Henry Jeffries Winnington, died 25 Aug 1873.
  3. Elizabeth Winnington, died 19 Oct 1865.
  4. Harriet Winnington, died 5 Mar 1827.
  5. Thomas Winnington, born 1780, 3rd Baronet, knighted, died 24 Sep 1839.
  6. Edward Winnington-Ingram born after 1781, BA MA, succeeded his father as rector of Stanford-on-Teme at the age of 29 from 9 Sep 1809 to 18 Jul 1822; vicar of Clifton on Teme 9 Sep 1809 to 2 Aug 1817; rector of Ribbesford, Worcestershire 31 Jan 1815; canon of 10th prebend, Worcester Cathedral; rector of Harvington 1841-45.

    Edward Winnington legally changed to Edward Winnington-Ingram.

    He married on 7 Aug 1810, Jane, daughter of Very Rev Arthur Onslow and Frances Phipps. He died 7 May 1851. They had issue:-

    1. Francis Edward, died 31 Jul 1843.
    2. Frances, died 8 Jul 1884.
    3. Marianne Elizabeth, died 1844.
    4. Edward, born 17 Oct 1814. Rector of Stanford. He married Maria Louisa, daughter of Henry Pepys. He died 30 Apr 1892.
    5. Thomas Onslow, born 16 Mar 1816, Lt Col. died 14 Mar 1858.
    6. Arthur Henry, born 5th Oct 1818. Rector of Harvington. Hon. Canon of SWorcester. Justice of the Peace for Worcestershire. Died 6 Mar 1887 aged 68. He was married on 25 Jan 1849, Sophia Mary, born 1 Aug 1827 - died 19 Dec 1900, daughter of George Arnold, They had issue:-
      1. Arthur Rogers, born 2 Jan 1850, died 2 Jul 1928. He married 20 Jan 1910 Elizabeth Wheeler and had issue:-
        1. Sophia Elizabeth, born 30 May 1910, died 12 Feb 1969.
      2. Herbert Frederick, born 12 Dec 1820, Rear-Admiral. Died 13 Sep 1889.
  7. Charles Fox Winnington, born circa 1781, died June 1841.

61 1845 A. H. Winnington Ingram Reign of Queen Victoria 1837-1901

Main sources:
  • Church list has A. H. Winnington Ingram 1845.

Cleric. Matric Christchurch 19 Oct 1837, aged 19; BA 1841, MA 1848; hon. Canon of Worcester 1854; Rector of Harvington 1845 until his death on 6 March 1887. See Foster's Baronetage & Rugby School Reg.

Much of the following has been extracted from Marjorie Biley's History of Harvington.

Arthur Henry Winnington-Ingram was Honorary Canon of the Cathedral, an Inspector of Schools, Chairman of the Magistrates at Evesham. He was a geologist, an astronomer, an antiquary and a poet. His volumes of poetry were "The Doom of the Godds of Hellas" and "The Brides of Dinan" in which he describes the Battle of Evesham.

In 1879 he founded the Bonaker Charity in connection with Worcester Infirmary using a legacy bequeathed to him by his friend Rev. William Baldwin Bonaker. This amounted to over £20,000 the largest sum ever received. (before Lord Nuffield). His considerable collection both geological and archaeological is at Worcester Victoria Institute.

He was a strict disciplinarian and was known to have said to widow Mary Savage, who had been granted "a loaf and a shilling a week" from Evesham Board of Guardians "it's a poor hen that can't scratch for one chick". She had lost her husband and two children in a diphtheria epidemic in 1877. Another example of his strictness - he used to visit houses on Monday morning to see why the children were not in church on Sunday. Then he caned them at school.

Reverend Winnington-Ingram and his wife Sophia had a major influrence on Harvington over his 42 years incumbancy. He comes over as a typical Victorian vicar, in this case Rector. The Winnington-Ingrams came from a wealthy and long established family and found the existing rectory far too small, so they built the whole of the east wing with two large downstairs rooms making the Rectory a classic large Victorian rectory.

There was also a major restoration of the Church in 1855 under his incumbancy, see Bailey.

When Winnington-Ingram died on 6 March 1887, his wife had the Reading Room built in his memory. He and his wife are buried in the churchyard.

J Stephenson was a Curate for Arthur Winnington-Ingram and lived at Langton House.

62 1887 Theophilus Sharp Reign of Queen Victoria 1837-1901

Main sources:
  • Church list has Theophilus Sharp 1887.

St Catherine's College, Cambridge BA 1847, MA 1851; chaplain of Hickey's Almshouises, Richamond, Surrey 1859-66; vicar of Ansley 1866-7; rector of St Andrews, Worcester 1878; rector of Harvington 1887-1895.

Cambridge Alumni: Adm. pens. (age 27) at Caius, June 22, 1843. Son of Cato. B. at Greenwich. Matric. Michs. 1843. Migrated to St Catherine's Oct 27 1843; BA 1847, MA 1851; ord. deacon (Chester) 1847; priest (Manester) 1848; C. of Deane, Lancs. 1847-50; C. of Park Chapel, Chelsea 1851-2; C. of St Martin's, Birmingham 1852-4; C. of Bath Abbey Church 1855-9; chaplain of Hickey's Almshouses, Richmond, Surrey 1859-66; vicar of Ansley, Warcs. 1866-77. R. of St Andrew's Worcester 1878-87. R. of Harvington, Worcs. 1887-95. Died Apr. 12 1895, aged 78. Father of Arthur P. L. (1885) and Cato E. (1884).

In the 1881 Census he and his wife Ann were living in Barbourne Terrace, Worcester where he was rector. He was born in Greenwich, Kent circa 1817. He died, presumably at Harvington, 1995, aged 78.

Theophilus Sharp, bap Greenwich 11 Aug 1817, younger son of Cato Sharp of London, who died before 1854. He was married at Burton upon Trent in 1854 to Ann Elizabeth Emma Edwards, only daughter of William Edwards Evans of Bombey. She was born in the East Indies.

"Aris's Birmingham Gazette West Midlands, England - 11 Sep 1854: MARRIED.—On the 31st ult., at Tutbury, the Rev. H. Peach, M.A., the Rev. Theophilus Sharp, M.A., of this town, younger 31st ult., at Tutbury, the Rev. H. Peach, M.A., the Rev. Theophilus Sharp, M.A., of this town, younger son of the late Cato Sharp, Esq , of London, to Ann Elizabeth Emma Edwards Evans, only daughter of the late William Edwards Evans, Esq., of Bombay."

They had issue:-

  • Alice Rose Mary, born Bath 1856. Living at home in 1881.
  • Elizabeth Maria, born Bath 1858. Living at home in 1881.
  • Cato Easor, born circa 1859.
  • Gertrude E, born circa 1862.
  • Henry H, born circa 1864.
  • Josiah Francis Mainwaring, born Richmond, Surrey 1864. Living at home in 1881.
  • Arthur Percy Lawrence, born Ansley, Warwickshire 17 May 1866. Living at home in 1881.
  • Beatrice Elliot, born Ansley, Warwickshire 30 May 1868, bap Ansley 16 Aug 1868. Living at home in 1881. Married in Aston, Warwickshire 1897, Dr James Ryland Higginbotham, 1870-1955. She died Colchester 1919.

63 1895 J. H. Waugh Reigns of Queen Victoria 1837-1901 and Edward VI 1901-1910

Main sources:
  • Church list has J. H. Waugh 1895.

MA Keble College, Oxford; curate of St Catherine's, Gloucester 1885-9; curate of St Martin, Worcester 1890-5; rector of Harvington 1895-1908;

He went to St John's, Worcester and died in April 1941. (Bailey)

James Hay Waugh, born Cripplegate 8 Nov, bap Marylebone 27 Dec 1797. He married circa 1827 Sara Short Symes, 1801-1875. Lived in Wiltshire. Died Corsley 10 Oct 1885. They had issue:-

  1. Ann Symes, 1828-1893.
  2. Mary Elizabeth, 1830-1899.
  3. James Charles, Brixton, Surrey, bap Marylebone 7 Nov 1832. Lived in Oxford. He married Whitchurch 26 Jul 1865 Beatrice Lee, 1835-1899. He died Ashleworth, Gloucestershire 12 Mar, and was buried Hasfield, Gloucestershire 16 Mar 1883. They had issue:-
    1. James Hay Waugh was born in the Eastern Cape, South Africa in 1861. He married Bridgwater 1881 Agnes Mary Geraldine Swan, 1859-1922. Died Bretfortan 15 Apr 1941 and buried in Worcester.
    2. Charles Eustace Alexander, 1866-1894.
    3. Eva May, 1867-1923.
    4. William Laurence, 1871-1933.
  4. Alexander, 1840-1906.

64 1908 James Davenport Reigns of Edward VI 1901-1910, and George VI 1910-1936

Main sources:
  • Church list has James Davenport 1908.

James Davenport, was born 26 Jan 1857. An extract from the Cambridge University Alumni illustrates his career:-

Adm. pens. at Christ's, June 7, 1875. Son of Charles, surgeon. B. Jan. 26, 1857, at Bromsgrove. School, Bromsgrove. Matric. Michs. 1875; Tancred Student; B.A. 1879, M.A. 1882; ord. deacon (Worcester) 1880; priest, 1881; C. of Alcester, Warws., 1880-2. C. of Nuneaton, 1882-3. V. of St Barnabas, Worcester, 1883-90. V. of Wichenford, Worcs., 1890-1908. R. of Harvington, 1908-30. Hon. Canon of Worcester Cathedral, 1927-30. F.S.A. Author, The Washbourne Family of Little Washbourne and Wichenford; The Grove Family of Halesowen. Died Mar. 2, 1930, aged 73. (Peile, II. 642; Crockford; The Times, Mar. 4, 1930; Dover Coll. Reg.)

James Davenport, 1750-1841, Vicar of Stratford-upon-Avon for 50 years. Oxford Alumni: James Davenport, son of William, of Reading, Berks. St John's Coll. matric. 30 June 1769, aged 18; BA 1773, MA 1776, BD 1783, DD 1791. Proctor 1782. He had issue:-

  1. Charles Davenport, 1796-1864, Rector of Welford. Oxford Alumni: Doctor. Worcester Coll., matric. 21 June 1814, aged 17; BA 1818, MA 1842, He died Rector of Welford, co. Worcester 12 Oct 1864. He married Caroline and had issue:-
    1. Jane, born circa 1825.
    2. Caroline, born circa 1827.
    3. Charles Davenport, 1828-1875, a surgeon of Bromsgrove, Charles Davenport, Rector of Welford (1796-1864). He married Eliza Sarah and had issue:-
      1. Charles, born circa 1852.
      2. Jessie, born circa 1853.
      3. Henry, born circa 1855.
      4. James Davenport, born 26 Jan 1857. He was married on 6 June 1882 at Chaddersley Corbett to Fanny Rebekah Corbet. Fanny was born at Chaddesley, Worcestershire in 1851. In 1861 she was a visitor and in 1871 she was with siblings with no mention of parents. In 1891 she was staying with her brother Edward Corbett and family, along with her son Charles Davenport aged 7 in Cakemore, Chaddersley Corbett. In 1901 she was staying with her nephew Charles V Kennerley in Torpoint, Cornwall, while their son Charles is with James his father in Wichenford. No Census shows Fanny and James living together. She died in London in 1841, aged 91. They had one son:-
        1. Charles Davenport, born 1883. In 1911 he was a boarder Schoolmaster in Ecclesall, West Riding, Yorkshire. He married Wininfred Augusta in 1913 but they had no issue. He died at Monmouth on 10 Oct 1955 having been a teacher at Monmouth School.
      5. Kate, born 1858.
      6. Arthur, born 1860.
    4. Emma, born circa 1831.
    5. Mar-, born circa 1832.
    6. Francis W, born circa 1834.
  2. James, born circa 1792. Oxford Alumni: Doctor. Worcester Coll., matric. 14 Dec 1810, aged 18; fellow of St John's Coll. 1811-21; BA 1815, MA 1819.

Rev Davenport was interested in genealogy and history of his own family. He was also interested in the Parish records of Harvington. He catalogued the contents of the Parish Chest then in the church, transcribed the early parish registers and carried out a very good survey of the church and churchyard monuments. His material on Harvington is held by the County Record Office in Worcester.

Information on James Davenport and family by John Wintrip at

65 1930 H. T. Boultbee Reigns of George VI 1910-1936, Edward VII 1936 and George VII 1936-1952

Main sources:
  • Church list has H. T. Boultbee 1930.

Horace Townsend Boultbee MA ACF, Canon of Inkberrow 1909-1916; TCF 1917; Canon of Hartlebury 1918-1919; Rector of Shrawley, 1919-1928; Vicar of Ombersley 1928-1930; Rector of Harvington, 1930-47; Senior Chaplian in the Forces, 1939-1942; Vicar of Lifton, Devon, 1947-1954.

He was educated at Tonbridge School and then at Christ's College and Radley Hall, Cambridge, BA 1907, MA 1911; Ordained in 1909. In 1911 he went out to Australia, where he joined the Bush Brotherhood of St. Barnabas, North Queensland, working with them until 1916. He then became a Chaplain in the Australian Army and served in France until invalided out in 1917. In 1939, having been for many years a Territorial Army Chaplain, he was called up and went to France in 1940 with the 48th Division. He was on leave when the German Army broke through but returned to France at once. He was at St. Nazaire when recalled to take charge of the Garrison Church, Larkhill, Salisbury Plain, and to train young chaplains to the Forces. He was still Rector of Harvington so church services were taken by Rev R J Whitaker of Cleeve Prior, and Captain Whitaker CA. In May 1942 Rev Boultbee was retired aged 55 and returned to Harvington. He moved to Lifton, in Devon in November 1947 and died in 1954, aged 68.

Charles Eustace Boultbee, born 1854, married 1882 Mary Henrietta Townshend. [Also educated at Holbrook and Corpus Christi College like his brother. Ordained in 1878. Vicar of Chesham, Buckinghamshire from 1884 to 1921 and Rector of Birtsmorton, Worcestershire from 1921 to 1940. He died in 1946 and Mary Henrietta in 1942. Ed] Their children were:-

  1. Muriel Agnes, born 1883.
  2. Horace Townshend, born in the Amersham area 1885, He met Dorothea Edith Ffrench, born 27 Jan 1891, daughter of Austin Errington Ffrench of Rockhampton, Queensland. He returned to England with Dorothea and they married in the Alcester area in 1919. He died at Lifton in 1954, aged 68. His first cousin, Walter Richard Pownall Boultbee, who wrote down the above notes about Horace added -- He was a keen sportsman, a good shot, and an excellent dry-fly fisherman. Horace and Dorothea Edith's children were:-
    1. Joyce Dorothea, born Shrawley 1921.
    2. Faith Muriel, born Shrawley 1922.
    3. Pamela Constance, born Shrawley 13 Jul 1926.
    4. Esmé Lilian, born Harvington 1930. She married David R.C. Engleheart.
  3. Grace, born 1886.
  4. Mary Dorothea, born 1888. She married William Smith of Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1949.
After his death a memorial service was held in the church and 100 people commemorated his life.

A member of the Boultbee family may be Admiral Frederick Moore Boultbee who lived in the small village of Emery Down in the New Forest between 1856 and his death in 1876. He was a major benefactor to the village, building the parish church of Christ Church, the village school and five almshouse. He also donated his house as a vicarage.

66 1949 E. H. Downey Reigns of George VII 1936-1952 and Queen Elizabeth II 1952-

Main sources:
  • Church list E. H. Downey 1949.

Rev Ernest H. Downey, MA, TCD. Rector of Harvington 1949-1956.

Rev Ernest Harold Downey, born 5 Feb 1897, he was educated Trinity College, Dublin 1922; Ridley Hall, Cambridge 1932; Canon of Hartlebury 1933-5; Rector of St Clement's, Worcester from 1937; he moved from St Clement's, Worcester to Harvington in April 1949.

Henry Delmege Downey, 1860-1902. Married in 1895 to Laura Matilda Pemberton, 1876-1939. In 1901 they were living in Drumcondra, Dublin. They had issue:-

  1. Ernest Harold, born 5 Feb 1897, bap North Strand, Dublin 7 Mar 1897. He married in Haslemere, Surrey on 30 Aug 1933 to Phyllis Holland Budgett, born 20 Nov 1903 and died 1995. They had issue:-
    1. Sheilagh D, born Kidderminster 1934.
    2. John R H, born Worcester 18 Jan 1938 and died 1994.
    3. Peter T B, born Worcester 1941.
  2. Violet Constance, born 13 Apr 1898.
  3. Percival Raymond, born 20 Dec 1899.
Rev Downey, collapsed in the nut walk in the old rectory and died shortly afterwards on the 14th July 1956 aged 59 and was buried in the new churchyard at Harvington. His wife Phyllis Holland Downey, died 13th October 1995 aged 91.

Rev Downey's induction.

67 1957 C. P. Johnson Reign of Queen Elizabeth II 1952-

Pictured with George Savage, Parish Clerk Verger
and Reginald S Coley, Churchwarden, 1945-1970.

Main sources:
  • Church list has C. P. Johnson 1957.

He was educated at Queen's College, Birmingham 1951 and the Theological College, Lichfield 1952; He served at St James the Great in Dudley; Rector of Harvington 1957-68; In 1971 he retired to Cleeve Prior, living 30 The Close and died 6 Apr 1990.

Percival Byron Johnson, born Standlake 22 Aug 1871, married at Standlake, Oxon 4 Apr 1899 to Alice Florey, born Standlake 12 Feb 1875. A Midwright & machinist in Burton on Trent in 1911. He died Witney 10 Nov 1928. They had issue:-

  1. Christopher Percival, born Burton on Trent 27 Jan 1900. In 1939 he was a Grocer and Provision Dealer living with widowed mother, brother and wife Cecely. He married at Chipping Norton in 1926 to Cecily Venvell, born Chipping Norton 21 Aug 1901. They had issue:-
    1. Christine E, born Depwade area 1927.
    2. William H, born Solihull area 1933.
    3. David A, born Bromsgrove 1937.
  2. Ernest, born Burton on Trent circa 1904.
  3. Laural, born Burton on Trent circa 1906.
  4. William F, born Burton on Trent 4 Jan 1908. In 1939 he was a Provision Dealer working in the family shop and living with mother and brother Christopher at 7 Maypole Lane, Bromsgrove.
  5. Leslie, born Burton on Trent 1910.

68 1969 Bernard J. Palmer Reign of Queen Elizabeth II 1952-

Main sources:
  • Church list has Bernard J. Palmer 1969.

Rev Bernard Palmer MA, Rector of Harvington 1960-1977.

Born 1920. St Catherine, Oxford BA 1949; MA 1964; Worcester Ordin College 1964; Canon of St Stephen's by Saltash 1966-69; Rector of Harvington 1969-1978. Vicar of Stoulton, Drakes Broughton & Pirton 1978-1985. Retired to St Ives, Cornwall in 1985.

Frederick J Palmer, was married in Reading 1919 to Rose Walker, born 27 Jul 1879. They had issue:-

  1. Bernard Joseph Palmer, born Witney area 18 May 1920. He was unemployed in 1939 living in Station Hill, Witney with his mother. He died Penzance 2002.

69 1978 Cedric R. S. Eve Reign of Queen Elizabeth II 1952-

Main sources:
  • Church list has Cedric R. S. Eve 1978.

Born 23 Sep 1918. London College of Divinity 1963; Canon of St John the Baptist, Worcester 1968; Plumstead 1965-69; Ipsley Dio Worc from 1969 living Redditch. Rector of Harvington 1978-1984. Retired to Haslemere, Surrey in 1984.

Percy John Carter Eve, born 14 Sep 1880. He was married in Sutton, Surrey 27 Dec 1910 to Mary Rose Sutcliff, born 25 May 1886 and died in 1971. He died in 1956. They had issue:-

  1. John Harvey Sutcliff, 1911-1999.
  2. Raymond Percy Sutcliff, 1913-1997.
  3. Gerald Edward Sutcliff, 1916-1996.
  4. Cedric Robert Sutcliff, born Sutton 23 Dec 1918. He served in the Royal Engineers in 1939; transferred to the Royal Artillery in 1941; became a 2nd Lieutenant in the East Surrey Regiment in 1941. He was married in Cheam on 5 Oct 1946 to Kitty Staverman, 1923-2003. She was born at Rhenen, Utrecht, Netherlands on 15 Oct 1923. In 1949 he was transferred to the Regular Army Reserve of Officers in the Intelligence Corps and granted the honorary rank of Captain. They had issue:-
    1. Robert F, born Surrey 1947.
    2. John C, born Surrey 1949.
    3. Philip H, born Surrey 1953.
    4. Catherine Rosemary, born Surrey 1958, died 1990.
  5. Pamela Ruth Sutcliff, 1921-2015.
Cedric Eve died at Hindhead, Surrey 20 Mar 2006 and was buried at St Margaret's church, Fernhurst.

Cedric Eve was the last Rector to live in the Old Rectory.

70 1984 Jonathan Crane Reign of Queen Elizabeth II 1952-

Main sources:
  • Church list has Jonathan Crane 1984.

John (Jonathan) Walker Crane, born Grantham 1932. Chichester Th. Coll. Warden Dioc. Retreat Ho. Cropthorne, Worcs. Rector of Harvington, Norton & Lenchwick 1979-83; retired 1987 to Pershore.

He was apparently officiating at St George's Chapel, Windsor before he transferred to Harvington.

He had a wife called Meg and left the church by 1987. There was an interregnum between Rev Crane and Rev Freeth. He now (2015) lives in Pershore.

Rev Crane was the first to live in the present rectory on the corner of Station Road and Cress Hill. It had been a private residence. He was a colourful character and was often seen around the village dressed in a white tunic and driving a shorts car. On one occasion he sacked everyone in the church choir.

Jack Crane, born 29 Mar 1907. he was an agricultural mechanic in 1939 living Church Street, South Kestavon, Lincolnshire. He was married in Grantham in 1930 to Marjory Hackney, born 23 Sep 1905. They had issue:-

  1. Jean, born Grantham 1930. Married Bourne 1954 Douglas B Street.
  2. John Walker, born Grantham 1932. Married Bourne 1954 Maureen Brigg.
  3. Janet, born Bourne 1938. Married Bourne 1959 Horace G Wilkins.
  4. Jeffrey C, born Bourne 1946. Married Luton 1970 Linda S Oddboy.

71 1987 Barry J. Freeth Reign of Queen Elizabeth II 1952-

Main sources:
  • Church list has Barry J. Freeth 1987.

Rev Barry Freeth MA, Rector of Harvington 1987-1992. His wife Pat was later ordained. They now (2016) live in the Stroud area.

Barry James Freeth, born 1935. University of Birmingham BA 1960; Tyndale Hall, Bristol 1960; Canon of Selly Hill 1962-3; St John Ladywood 1963-71; Chaplain RAF 1971-75; P-inc Crudwell w Ashley Bris 1975-81; P-in-c Lanreath Truro 1981-84; P-in-c Pelynt 1981-84; Rector of Lanreath 1984-87; Vicar of Pelynt 1984-87; Rector of Harbington, Norton & Lenchwick 1987-93; Vicar of Raamsden, Finstock & Fawler, leafield etc. from 1993 lived at the Vicarage, Chipping Norton. He retired and moved to near Banbury where his wife was a Vicar. They now (2016) live in Leonard or Kings Stanley in Gloucestershire.

James A Freeth, was married in the West Bromwich area in 1930 to Nellie G Bryan. They had issue:-

  1. Barry John, was born in the West Bromwich area in 1935. Married in Birmington in 1967 to Patricia Collinson. They had issue:-
    1. Rachel Catherine, born Birmingham 1969.
    2. James Simeon, born Birmingham 1971.
  2. Janet E, was born in the West Bromwich area in 1938.

Barry passed away on 29th August 2022.

72 1993 S. C. Little Reign of Queen Elizabeth II 1952-

Main sources:
  • Church list has S. C. Little 1993.

Stephen Little, AKC., M.Ed. Ordained 1972; Priest in Charge, St Peter’s Rochdale 1975-1977, Sector Ministry Team Leader – Milton Keynes Christian Council 1977-84; Team Rector, Warwick 1984-93; Rector of Harvington, Norton & Lenchwick 1993-1998 and Chair Worcester Diocesan Board for Mission 1995-98; Executive Officer, Manchester Diocese Board for Ministry and Society 1998-2005. Canon Emeritus, Manchester Cathedral. He now (2017) lives in Bolton in Lancashire.

Canon Little married Shirley S Heymann in 1969 in Dulwich. They had two children:-

  1. Mark Stephen, born Cheshire 1973.
  2. Simon Matthew, born 1975.

73 1999 E. Ann Hadley Reign of Queen Elizabeth II 1952-

Main sources:
  • Church list has E. Ann Hadley 1999.

Prebendary Rev Miss Elizabeth Ann Hadley, born 1933. Dip Th 1983; St John Coll. Nottingham 1980; dss 1981, d 1987; p 1994; Aspley S well 1981-85; Stone St Michael w Aston St Sav Lichfield 1985-87; Par Dn 1987-92; p-in-c Myddle from 1992 P-in-c Broughton, Shropshire, from 1992; Dioc Voc Officar from 1992; Priest in Charge during an interregnum 1992-1999. She was Prebendary of Harvington, Priest in Charge during an interregnum 1999-2000.

74 2001 Richard James Gordon Thorniley Reign of Queen Elizabeth II 1952-

Main sources:
  • Church list has R. J. G. Thorniley 2001.

Rev Thorniley was born 1956. Educ. Portsmouth Polytechnnic, BA 1978. St John Col, Nottingham MTh 1995. C Bowbrook S Worcester from 1997, The Parsonage, Church Lane, Tibberton, Droitwich, Worcs. Recotr Harvington, Worcs. from 2001. Married Bournemouth 1980 Gillian L Roberts.



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