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History of Harvington Cricket Club
A visit to the library involving a few afternoons going through back numbers of the Evesham Journal on micro-fiche revealed that Harvington Cricket Club indeed existed and was playing cricket in 1901 as it was in 1900 and in the years preceding that back to 1893. No mention of the club was found before that year. Two games are recorded in 1893, one on the 17 June between Offenham and Harvington played at Offenham and one played at Harvington between Harvington and Dunnington on 24 June, HCC lost the first and won the second match. It appears therefore that Harvington Cricket Club was possibly formed in 1893. From reading back copies of the Evesham Journal it was apparent that in former years the village parson often was team captain.

In the late 1960s the club almost folded through lack of support but determined efforts by Max Byrd (former Club chairman) and Bob Russell (current [2006] President) and many others restored it. In the early 1970's combined efforts by the cricketers provided the finance to build our first pavilion for the princely sum of 3K. At about that time a Harvington Cricket Club skittles team was formed with the objective of keeping the cricketers together during the winter months. This team still plays in the second division of the Evesham Skittles League and many of the players are former cricketers. The Club progressed from playing social cricket on Saturdays and Sundays to a debut in the Morganite Crucible League later joining the Cotswold Hills League in 1993 in which we are at present. From 1992 we had an under-16 junior side playing in the Cotswold Hills League. Thereafter under the guidance of Trevor Knowles the number of junior teams increased to four by 2003. In around 1994 the idea of building a more suitable clubhouse was muted by Mr John Barrett of Harvington. Driven by the existing committee and supported by grants from the National Lottery, Wychavon, the Parish Council and Harvington Cricket Club the present clubhouse was built, and opened by Tim Curtis, Worcestershire and England, in 1997. This has provided Harvington Cricket Club with a most excellent facility for playing cricket and other sports. In 1997 we fielded one league side and had two Sunday Elevens. By 2000 we had two teams in the Cotswolds Hills League and St Benedicts had joined in playing Sunday and mid-week cricket. Currently there is one eleven in the fourth division of the Cotswold Hills Leagues and mid-week and Sunday matches are played. We hope to begin junior cricket again in 2005.

Written by R.B. Maude, for Harvington Cricket Club website in 2006.

The Club: the first recorded match played by Harvington Cricket Club (HCC) was in 1893. 1n the June of that year, Harvington lost away to Offenham and beat Dunnington at home. For many years the village parson was team captain. In the late 1960's the club almost folded through lack of support but was rescued by the determined efforts of a nucleus of players. In the early 1970's combined efforts by the cricketers provided the finance to build our first pavilion for the princely sum of 3K. At about that time a Harvington Cricket Club skittles team was formed with the objective of keeping the cricketers together during the winter months. This team still plays in the Evesham Skittles League. The Club progressed from playing social cricket on Saturdays and Sundays to a league cricket debut in the Morganite Crucible League later joining the Cotswold Hills League in 1993 in which we are at present. Our new clubhouse, opened in 1997, was built with the financial support of grants from the National Lottery, Wychavon District Council, Harvington Parish Council and the Cricket Club. Harvington Cricket Club is run by a committee of 14 which meets every month of which Mr Stuart Powell is secretary and lives in Harvington, there are some 60 club members.

The New Pavilion
This new pavilion comprises an entrance hall with boiler room and toilets leading off to a large well appointed function room with bar and cellar. The ample kitchen is well provided with all necessary appliances. There are team and umpires changing rooms with excellent hot showers. This has provided us with a most excellent facility for cricket and other sports and for hosting social functions for members. We have held highly successful summer balls, weddings, quiz nights, christenings, birthday parties, etc. in it. The pavilion and/or its grounds are available for private hire through a club member. Cricket
Cricket is played at Harvington from the end of April to the end of September. We have four thriving sides, our Saturday 1st XI who currently play in the Cotswold Hills League Division 4, our Midweek XI who play friendly 20/Twenty games, our Sunday XI and an Indoor Winter VI. Our associated members cricket club the 'Round of Gras' [gras - local name for asparagus] plays friendly matches on Sundays and on Wednesdays at Harvington.

Coaching for youngsters began again in 2007 at HCC. Two junior teams were formed, an Under 12s and an Under 14s and they competed and enjoyed their cricket in the North-East Division of the Cotswold Hills League. Junior cricket coaching, new teams and league games are plarmed for the 2008 season and Harvington youngsters wanting to learn and play the game will be made very welcome.

The full programme of cricket at Harvington in 2007 was only partially interrupted by rain and food. In the downpour of 20th July the playing field was flooded but the pavilion, which is built on raised ground, thankfully, was not. There were many memorable highlights during the season, just two are mentioned here. One was the 20/Twenty competition that was played on a very hot 5th August between Harvington and the Round of Gras and Flyford Flavell, Flyford Flavell won an entertaining three-way competition and everyone enjoyed the evening barbecue that followed. Another was the first HCC tour. It went to Cattistock and Abbotsbury in Dorset (8 - 10 September) and was so enjoyed by the players that it will be repeated next year.

During the winter months the playing field is used by Harvington Junior Football Club who have 7 teams of different age groups each group with its own manager. All the teams are guided and supervised by Mr Mark Lee. A senior football team based on the Coach and Horses Inn, Harvington plays at HCC on Sundays.

An Invitation
Visit our website at and find out more about the club. Why not join us, perhaps as a social member but why not as a playing member. We will welcome senior and junior players with open arms. To find us turn right at the bottom of Crest Hill and take the next turn left (about 400 yards on), signed Anchor Lane, cross the flyover bridge, turn left at the bottom of this and follow the road round into the cricket field.

Written by Robert Maude 30 October 2007, President, Harvington Cricket Club.

The club is at present (2018) under the Chairmanship of Trevor Knowles. Trevor joined the club in 1988. At the bottom of page is a link to the Fixture Cards.

A Newspaper cutting records the year as 1914.
Photograph from Harvington CC. C001.

J H Bomford (umpire), C H Taylor, J C Charlesworth, R L Brazier, H T Hodgkinson, W Hancock, B N Bomford

R Hodgkinson, W Chatterley, G F Bomford (Captain), C Myatt, H A V Maynard

"Harvington Cricket Club" 1949.
Photograph from Harvington CC. c002

M Newman, J H Bailey, E P Govin, R Prudden, C E Cox, R S Coley

A R Bartlett, F Fulford, P Ludlow, D Haywood, H B Brazier, J B Hughes, W F Canning

Pershore 6 a side KO - Harvington runners-up
Photograph from Harvington CC. c003

Bob Hartiss, Malcolm Tobin, Maurice Dillworth

Dave Lewis, Max Byrd, Graham Hale

"Harvington Cricket Club" 1960s.
Photograph from Coley Family Collection. c002a

John Bishop, ?, John Bull, John Hughes

Joe Bailey, Reg Coley, Brian Brazier, Dan Haywood

Roy Prudden

The team at Ragley Hall in 1965: Captain: R. Hartiss, Chairman: Rev. C.R. Johnson, Sec: J.P. Hughes.
Photograph from Harvington WI Scrapbook. c010

Rod Bull, R Hartiss, Bob Russell, Reg Coley, Richard Cadwallader, Roy Prudden, Rex Shailer, ?, ?, John Bishop, Sid Hall, Ron Knight

A newspaper cutting from 1982. c026

"A feature of Harvington Cricket Club's draw on Saturday was due last-wicket stand by V. Johns and P. Cotterill against their Birmingham visitor to earn a draw. Harvington were represented by: back row (left to right), P. Cross, R. Osborne, D. Coley, P. Cotterill, V. Johns and Dowick; front row, David Tuck, G. Catlow, George Coley, P. Taylor and P. Perry."

Photograph from Harvington CC. c014

M Blake, Paul Homans, George Coley, John Gardner, Dave Lewis, Rob Lewis

Darren Homans, D Strickland, Pete Cross, Dave Homans, David Tuck

May 1989.
Photograph from Harvington CC. c039

Standing: Alec Webb?, Carl Careless, Robert Bailey, ?, ?, Paul Clarkson, David Peterson

Crouching: Adam Oakes, Robin Locke, Paul Symonds, ?, ?

16th July 1989 Home Harley Heald, picture by Eric Hall.
Photograph from Harvington CC. c009

Neil Wheeler, Peter White, Dave Lewis, Cliff Haines, Max Byrd, R Dewick, Bernard Dyson

Andy Salter, Rob Lewis, Dave Homans, David (Tommy) Tuck, Darren Homans

Bidford KO Cup 1991, Harvington CC Team XI.
Photograph from Harvington CC. c011

Back row: Eric Hall (Treasurer), Darren Homans, Andy Salter, Trevor Knowles, Cliff Haines, Mick Phipps, Dave Baylis, Andrew Hart

Pete Cross, Dave Lewis (WK), Peter Taylor (Captain), Dave Tuck, Dave Homans

Photograph from Harvington CC. c041

Back: Trevor Knowles, Adam Oakes, Carl Careless, Daniel Ogilvy, Robert Bailey, Richard Tarling?, Roger Smith

Sitting: Paul Clarkson, Max Rowan, Dan Byrd, James Thorpe

Kneeling: David Knowles

Harvington Devon Team 1993.
Photograph from Harvington CC. c042

Cliff Haines, Max Rowan, David Bishop Rowe, Andy Salter, Jim Ford, Darren Homans, Pete Hall

Daniel Byrd, David Tuck, Trevor Knowles, Dave Homans, Mick Phipps

April 1993.
Photograph from Harvington CC. c004

Cliff Haines, Trevor Knowles, Dave Homans

Daniel Byrd, Richard Tarling, Darren Homans

Photograph from Harvington CC. c008

Doug Wright, Trevor Lloyd, Jim Ford, Paul Homans, Andy Salter, Peter Stanley, Ed Cottrill

Nick Mytton, Dave Homans, Max Byrd, John Barrett, Darren Homans

Photograph from Harvington CC. 1994. c008

Jamie Paul, Andrew Knowles, Toby Gourlay, John Haynes, Trevor Carter, Trevor Knowles

Robert Alderton, David Knowles, David Barrett, Chris Barrett, Edward Swainson

Photograph from Harvington CC. c012

Neale Wolder, David Bishop Rowe, Cliff Haines, David Baylis, Trevor Lloyd Andy Salter, Jim Ford, Daniel Byrd

David Tuck, Dave Homans, Trevor Knowles, Bob Byrd, Darren Homans, John Barrett

Photograph from Harvington CC. c013

Max Byrd, Andy Salter, Ed Cottrill, John Gardner, Trevor Knowles, Mike Biltcliffe, Darren Homans

Dave Homans, Barry Mann, Paul Homans, Andrew Cottrill, Charlie Jelfs

Photograph from Harvington CC. c040

Back: ?, Mick (Jagger) Archer, Cliff Haines

Middle: Andy Salter, Darren Homans, Dave Baylis, Dave Homans, Neale Wolder, Eric Hall

Front: Trevor Knowles, Daniel Byrd, David Tuck, David Phipps, Mick Phipps

Photograph from Harvington CC. c037

Back: ?, Mark Onens, Chris Drinkwater, Stephen Wheeler, Mike Biltcliffe, David Knowles

Front: Stuart Drinkwater, Barry Mann, Andy Salter, ?, Trevor Knowles

circa 1995.
Photograph from Harvington CC. c038

Andrew Knowles, Trevor Knowles, Dave Baylis, Cliff Haines, Max Byrd, Roger Beard

Bernard Dyson, Doug Wright, Bob Maude, David Tuck, Ian Attwood

19th Aug 1996.
Photograph from Harvington CC. c015

Bob Byrd, Bernard Dyson, Garry Freeman, Cliff Haines, Nick Mytton, Richard Leighton, Trevor Lloyd, Paul Homans, Max Byrd, Geoff Badham (Umpire)

Jim Ford, Dave Homans, Andy Salter, Trevor Knowles, Darren Homans

A newspaper cutting from 1997 confirms the event and individuals.
Photograph from Harvington CC. c005

"Harvington Cricket Club, members of the Morganite Villages League, had Worcester CCC Captain Tim Curtis (third from right) as chief guest at its recent annual dinner in Abbey Manor, Evesham. Club officials are (from left to right) Bob Maude (Secretary), Jim Strickland, (Vice-president), Mick Phipps (Captain), Trevor Knowles (Junior coach), Cliff Haines (Publicity officer), Bernard Dyson (Chairman)."

Photograph from Harvington CC. c024

New pavilion opening - 1st August 1997

  1. Max Byrd (Vice Chairman HCC)
  2. Bernard Dyson (Chairman HCC)
  3. Tim Curtis (Worcester & England)
  4. Robert (Bob) Maude (Secretary)
  5. Beverley Harris (Camelot)
  6. Michele Hammond (English Sports Councel)

1999 Season.
Photograph from Harvington CC. c035

Standing: Martin Ludlow, ?, David Knowles, ?, Graham Jones, Mike Biltcliffe

Sitting: ?, ?, Trevor Knowles, Andrew Cottrill, Stephen Wheeler

Harvington 2nd XI, 2002 Season.
Photograph from Harvington CC. c007

Daniel Marshall, Alex Cook, Andrew Knowles, Lee Oliver, Jamie Onens, Ross Quiney

Stuart Drinkwater, David Moulson, Trevor Knowles (Captain), Andy Green, Chris Drinkwater

Photograph from Harvington CC. c018

Josh Tamcken, Ben West, George Chadwick

Lewis Austin, Fraser Goodlad, Josh Colwell

Harvington & St Benidict's Cricket Club 2005.
Photograph from Harvington CC. c019

Graham Jones, Nick Goodman, Dave Moulson, Trevor Knowles, Stuart Powell, Ian Taylor, Bret Allard

Tim Sara, Steve Shepperd, John Gardner (Captain), Andrew Green

Photograph from Harvington CC. c017

Ben Warren, Josh Baylis, George Whiston, Chris Davis, Mark Onens, George Chadwick, John Burman

Mark Lee, Steve Shepperd, Trevor Knowles, Dave Moulson

Photograph from Harvington CC. c006

Hugh Swainston, Jamie Paul, John Haines, Toby Gourlay, Trevor Carter, Chris Barrett, Trevor Knowles

Andrew Knowles, Robert Alderton, David Knowles, David Barrett, Edward Swainston

Photograph from Harvington CC. c036

Standing: Geoff Badham (Umpire), Darren Homans, John Gardner, ?, ?, Trevor Lloyd, Mike Biltcliffe, Eric Hall

Sitting: Andy Salter, Dave Homans, Paul Homans, Trevor Knowles

1st XI 2009 Worcestershire County League Division 5 Champions.
Photograph from Harvington CC. c020

Steve McKelvie, Adam Lee, Mark Lee, Raja, Luke Fisher, Jon Coleman

Jethro Chadwick, Stu Powell, Simon Price (Captain), Nathan Gage, Liam Brignall

Under 14s 2009 Cotswold Hills Champions.
Photograph from Harvington CC. c021

Matt Atkinson, Fraser Goodlad, George Chadwick, Ben Green (Captain), Jordan Beckley, Josh Baylis

Lewis Bastow, Ash Hemming

2nd XI 2009 Worcestershire County League Division 8 and KO Cup Champions.
Photograph from Harvington CC. c023

Paul Towey, Warren Harding, Graham Jones, Tom Tew, Cain Onens (Umpire)

John Burman, Steve McKelvie, Pete Smith, Steve Shepherd

James Towey, Jethro Chadwick, George Whiston, Ali Mclellan, Andy Green (Captain)

Harvington 1st XI 2010 WCL Champions Division 4 (South).
Photograph from Harvington CC. c022

Steve McKelvie, Adam Lee, Simon Price (Captain), Zak O'Neill, Andre Delport, Nathan Gage, Jethro Chadwick

Stu Powell, Jack Smout, Tom Tew, Pete Smith, James Towey

Photograph from Harvington CC. c016

Jethro Chadwick, Brian Tarling

Curtis Coare, Euan Hardy, Catherine Vose, Angus Hardy, Tom Hardy

Josh Hoyes, Joe Vose, James Russell

Photograph from Harvington CC. c025

Standing: Alex Smith, Euan Hardy, Sam Oliver, Simon Oliver, Toby Turner, David Knowles, Angus Hardy, David Turner, Sean Witherford, Andrew Knowles, David Walker, Selwin Jones, George Whiston, Fraser Goodlad, John Swift, Tim Smith, Craig Witherford

Sitting: Alan Taylor, Jeremy Turner, Trevor Knowles, Peter Smith, Howard Voisey, Joe Vose, George Burford

2015 Chairman's Team.

Back: Alex Smith, Angus Hardy, Sam Oliver, Andrew Knowles, David Turner, Toby Turner

Front: Jeremy Turner, Alan Taylor, Trevor Knowles, Howard Voisey, John Swift, David Knowles

2015 Club Team.

Back: Euan Hardy, Simon Oliver, Sean Witherford, David Walker, Selwyn Jones, Fraser Goodlad

Front: George Burford, Craig Witherford, Joe Vose, Peter Smith, George Whiston, Tim Smith

Photographs from Harvington CC. c 29/30

2016 Chairman's Team.

Standing: Guy Shears, Oliver Timperley, Jeremy Turner, Alan Taylor, Jack Taylor, Ruari Shears, Dexter Shears

Sitting: Andy Green, Trevor Knowles, Howard Voisey, John Swift

2016 Club Team.

Standing: Ruari Shears, Joe Vose, George Burford, Angus Hardy, Selwyn Jones, Felix Shears, Sam Oliver

Sitting: Tim Smith, Tom Tew, Simon Ricketts, David French

Photographs from Harvington CC. c031/32

2017 Chairman's Team.

Standing: Owen Bates, Paul Haynes, Jeremy Turner, Toby Turner, Luke Atkins, Matthew Watton

Sitting: Paul Towey, Andrew Knowles, Trevor Knowles, David Knowles, Andrew Green

2017 Club Team.

Standing: Fin Burford, Angus Hardy, Felix Shears, Patrick Atkins, Euan Hardy, Joe Vose

Sitting: Steven Coleman, Selwyn Jones, Simon Oliver, David French, Sam Oliver

Photographs from Harvington CC. c033/34

2018 Chairman's Team.

Standing: Dexter Shears, Felix Shears, Jeremy Turner, Ben Turner, Ruari Shears

Sitting: Lucas Deakin, Alan Taylor, Trevor Knowles, David Knowles, John Swift

2018 Club Team.

Standing: Dexter Shears, Ruari Shears, Tom Tew, Selwyn Jones, Peter Taylor, Sam Oliver

Sitting: Steven Coleman, Mike Hoyes, Simon Oliver, David French, Phil Thomas

Photographs from Harvington CC. c043/44

Fixture Cards