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The history of Harvington Cricket Club needs to be written but we do have a foundation date of 1893 and that the new pavilion was built in 1997. It is at present (2018) under the Chairmanship of Trevor Knowles.

A Newspaper cutting records the year as 1914.
Photograph from Harvington CC collection.

H Bomford (umpire), C H Taylor, J C Charlesworth, R L Brazier, H T Hodgkinson, W Hancock, B N Bomford

R Hodgkinson, W Chatterley, G F Bomford (Captain), C Myatt, H A V Maynard

Photograph from Harvington CC.

M Newman, J H Bailey, E P Govin, R Prudden, C E Cox, R S Coley

A R Bartlett, F Fulford, P Ludlow, D Haywood, H B Brazier, J B Hughes, W F Canning

Pershore 6 a side KO - Harvington runners-up
Photograph from Harvington CC.

Bob Hartiss, Malcolm Tobin, Maurice Dillworth

Dave Lewis, Max Byrd, Graham Hale

Photograph from Harvington CC.

?, Peter White, Dave Lewis, C Haines, Max Byrd, R Dewick, Bernard Dyson

Andy Salter, Rob Lewis, Dave Homans, David Tuck, Darren Homans

Photograph from Harvington CC.

Doug Wright, Trevor Lloyd, Jim Ford, Paul Homans, Andy Salter, Peter Stanley, Ed Cotter?

Nick Mytton, Dave Homans, Max Byrd, John Barrett, Darren Homans

The team at Ragley in 1965: Captain: R. Hartiss, Chairman: Rev. C.R. Johnson, Sec: J.P. Hughes.
Photograph from Harvington WI Scrapbook.

Rob Bull, R Hartiss, ?, Reg Coley, ?, Roy Prudden, Rex Shailer, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Photograph from Harvington CC.

M Blake, Paul Homans, George Coley, John Gardner, Dave Lewis, Rob Lewis

Darren Homans, D Strickland, P Cross, Dave Homans, David Tuck

A newspaper cutting from 1982

"A feature of Harvington Cricket Club's draw on Saturday was due last-wicket stand by V. Johns and P. Cotterill against their Birmingham visitor to earn a draw. Harvington were represented by: back row (left to right), P. Cross, R. Osborne, D. Coley, P. Cotterill, V. Johns and Dowick; front row, David Tuck, G. Catlow, George Coley, P. Taylor and P. Perry."

Photograph from Harvington CC.

?, Trevor Knowles, Dave Homans

?, ?, Darren Homans

Photograph from Harvington CC.

?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Andy Salter, ?, ?

David Tuck, Dave Homans, Trevor Knowles, ?, Darren Homans, ?

Photograph from Harvington CC.

Max Byrd, Andy Salter, Ed Ch----, John Gardner, Trevor Knowles, Mike Bi-----, Darren Homans

Dave Homans, Barry Mann, Paul Homans, Andrew Cott

A newspaper cutting from 1992 confirms the event and indivuals.
Photograph from Harvington CC.

"Harvington Cricket Club, members of the Morganite Villages League, had Worcester CCC Captain Tim Curtis (third from right) as chief guest at its recent annual dinner in Abbey Manor, Evesham. Club officials are (from left to right) Bob Maud (Secretary), Jim Strickland, (Vice-president), Mick Phipps (Captain), Trevor Knowles (Junior coach), Cliff Haines (Publicity officer), Bernard Dyson (Chairman)."

Harvington Devon tour 1993
Photograph from Harvington CC.

?, ?, ?, ?, Andy Salter, ?, Darren Homans, ?

?, David Tuck, Trevor Knowles, Dave Homans, ?

19th May 1996
Photograph from Harvington CC.

Bob Byrd, Bernard Dyson, ?, A--- Haines, Nick Mytton, Trevor Lloyd, Max Byrd, God

?, Dave Homans, Andy Salter, Trevor Knowles, Darren Homans

Photograph from Harvington CC.

New pavilion opening - 1st August 1997

  1. Max Byrd (Vice Chairman HCC)
  2. Bernard Dyson (Chairman HCC)
  3. Tim Curtis (Worcester & England)
  4. Robert Mauder (Secretary)
  5. Beverley Harris (Camelot)
  6. Michele Hammond (English Sports Councel)

Photograph from Harvington CC.

?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Trevor Knowles

?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Photograph from Harvington CC.

?, ?, George Whiston, Chris, Mark Orem?, George Chadwick, John Burman

Mark Lee, Steve Shepperd, Trevor Knowles, Dave Moulson

Photograph from Harvington CC.

?, Sam Bannister, ?

George Whiston, Fraser Goodlad

Joshua Keyes, Joe Vose, James Runell

Harvington 2nd XI, 2002 Season
Photograph from Harvington CC.

Daniel Marshall, Alex Cook, Andrew Knowles, Lee Oliver, Jamie Oliver, A N Other

Stuart Drinkwater, David Moulson, Trevor Knowles (Captain), Andy Green, Chris Drinkwater

Harvington & St Benidict's Cricket Club 2005
Photograph from Harvington CC.

Graham Jones, Nick Goodman, Dave Moulson, Trevor Knowles, Stuart Powell, Ian Taylor, Bret Allard

Tim Sara, Steve Shepperd, John Gardner (Captain), Andrew Green

1st XI 2009 Worcestershire County League Division 5 Champions
Photograph from Harvington CC.

Steve McKelvie, Adam Lee, Mark Lee, Raja, Luke Fisher, Jono Coleman

Jephro Chadwick, Stu Powell, Simon Price (Captain), Nathan Gage, Liam Brignull

Under 14s 2009 Cotswold Hills Champions
Photograph from Harvington CC.

Matt Atkinson, Fraser Goodlad, George Chadwick, Ben Green (Captain), Jordan Beckley, Josh Bayliss

Lewis Bastow, Ash Hemming

2nd XI 2009 Worcestershire County League Division 8 and KO Cup Champions
Photograph from Harvington CC.

Paul Towey, Warren Harding, Graham Jones, Tom Tew, Colin Onens (umpire)

John Burman, Steve McKelvie, Pete Smith, Steve Shepherd

James Towey, Jephro Chadwick, George Whiston, Ali Mclellan, (Andy Green, Captain)

Harvington 1st XI 2010 WCL Champions Division 4 (South)
Photograph from Harvington CC.

Steve McKelvie, Adam Lee, Simon Price (Captain), Zak O'Neill, Andre Delport, Nathan Gage, Jephro Chadwick (Club mascot)

Stu Powell, Jack Smout, Tom Tew, Pete Smith, James Towey

Photograph from Harvington CC.

S--- Chadwick, Brian Tarling

?, Angus/Evan Hardy, Catherine Vose, Angus/Evan Hardy, Tom Hardy

Joshua Keyes, Joe Vose, James Runell

Photograph from Harvington CC.

Harvington Cricket Club fixture card for 2005.