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The census was taken on the 2nd April 1911, a day or so before or after would have effected the listing with those who had not arrived or had moved on. The initials of the inumerator is JBC, which stands for John Bazaleel Cook. At the time he was shop assistant to the Cook family business based at Cotswold View, he was aged 26 and later became the village Postmaster.

The 1911 census is particularly important to us as it records names of many of the properties thereby helping us to locate families in the parish. Another addition is a record of the number of rooms within the home of the particular family. Many of the tenements, such as in Crooked Walls, has three rooms each. It is assumed that in most cases there would have been two rooms above and one room below. Many of the properties had not acquired names and much effort has been made to identify families within these properties, helped greatly by the inumerator following a precise route.

The survey also tells us how long a couple has been married and how many children there has been in the marriage.
Julian Rawes, Crooked Walls, 2023.

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