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This is an incomplete list of the burial certificates available. The following certificates were photographed at Worcestershire Record Office while working on another project. There is also another batch of the certificates lodged at the church in Harvington. This webpage has been created to display what has been gathered so far with a date range of 1949 to 1956.

The value in the burial certificates is in the extra detail they offer such as the individual's address and date and place of death. They also compliment the details in the burial records.

4 March 1949 William Hughes Plot 420 Burial Ground

at Harvington

25 March 1949 Hubert Tonks Plot 546 Burial Ground

at Ivy Bank, Harvington

8 April 1949 Ann Morgan Plot 79 Burial Ground

at 5 Avonside, Evesham

7 June 1949 Elizabeth Matilda Mansell Plot 87 churchyard

at Cress Hill [Avon Bank], Harvington

1 July 1949 Frederick John Holder Plot 84 Burial Ground

at [12 Glebe Cottages] Harvington

27 March 1950 Mary Anne Ludlow Plot 100 Burial Ground

at Malthouse Cottages, Harvington

11 April 1950 Frederick Charles Richards Plot 56 Burial Ground

at Summerfields, Moreton-in-Marsh

5 May 1950 Charles William Joyner Plot 461 Burial Ground

at Harvington [6 Glebe Cottages]

13 October 1950 Arthur William Blotheridge Plot 419 Burial Ground

at Black and White Cottage, Harvington

27 January 1951 Catherine Ellen Grove Plot 179 Burial Ground

at Station Road, Harvington

23 March 1951 Caroline Sophia Westbury Plot 38 Burial Ground

At Evesham

30 March 1951 Harry Wicks Plot 545 Burial Ground

at 5 Avonside, Evesham

2 July 1951 Mabel Kate Meek Plot 36 Burial Ground

of Poplar Cottage, Harvington

11 August 1951 Mary Elizabeth Page Plot 62/3 Burial Ground

at 215 Evesham Road, Redditch

27 August 1951 Elizabeth Dawson Plot 545 Burial Ground

Blakebrook Hospital, Kidderminster

28 August 1951 Lydia Mary Langston Plot 502 Burial Ground

at Pool Cottage, Harvington

31 October 1951 Julia Gardner Plot 544 Burial Ground

at Bredon Grounds, Harvington

22 November 1951 Ann Sylvia Massey Plot 157 Burial Ground

at 146 Stanhope Road, Smethwick

7 December 1951 Blanche Christine Fife Plot 501 Burial Ground

at the Hospital, Evesham

10 January 1952 Fanny Dutton Plot 87 Burial Ground

at Stratford on Avon, Hospital

26 June 1953 David Ramsay Plot 459 Burial Ground

At Evesham

9 October 1953 Walter Canning Plot 29 Burial Ground

at 19 Leys Road, Harvington

7 December 1953 Sidney Charles Ashmead Plot 214 Burial Ground

of 5 Hopkiln Cottages, Harvington

9 December 1953 Mrs Lucy Rose Bailey Plot 418 Burial Ground

At Evesham

15 March 1954 Ellen Langstone Plot 417 Burial Ground

of The Brickyard, Harvington

3 August 1954 Barbara Philomena Ffield Plot 462 Burial Ground

at Hastings [of Crooked Walls]

30 August 1954 James Dolphin Plot 543 Burial Ground

at The Steps, Harvington

3 September 1954 Esmeralda Bessy Shailer Plot 110 Burial Ground

at Evesham

7 September 1954 Cyril Raynor Eden Prowlin Plot 500 Burial Ground

at The Retreat, Harvington

15 October 1954 Anthony Macnaughton Plot 181 Burial Ground

at Evesham

22 November 1954 Caroline Ruth Cutler Plot 134 Burial Ground

at Cedar Lodge, Harvington

29 November 1954 Sarah Ann Dolphin Plot 543 Burial Ground

at Evesham

16 February 1955 Charles Henry Shailer Plot 458 Burial Ground

at 5 Avonside, Evesham

21 March 1955 Jane Marshall Plot 416 Burial Ground

at The Bungalow, Hughes Lane, Harvington

29 June 1955 George Robert Beasley Plot 542 Burial Ground

at Bredon Grounds, Harvington

8 July 1955 James Gardner Plot 544 Burial Ground

at Avonside Hospital, Evesham

6 October 1955 Joan Mary Cook Plot 499 Burial Ground

at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

14 November 1955 William Edward Stead Meek Plot 36 Burial Ground

at Poplar Cottage, Harvington

5 February 1956 Thomas Mayfield Plot 457 Burial Ground

at Ronkswood Hospital, Worcester

27 April 1956 Emily Grimmitt Plot 415 Burial Ground

at The Hospital, Evesham

1 June 1956 Ernest Cresswell Plot 541 Burial Ground

at Avonside Hospital, Evesham

17 July 1956 Reverend Ernest Harold Downey Plot 540 Burial Ground

At the Rectory, Harvington [Rector of Harvington]

18 August 1956 Edith Towers Plot 199 Burial Ground

at The Hospital, Evesham

20 August 1956 Margaret Withers Plot 154 Burial Ground

at 15 Brinklow Road, Coventry