1937 - 1996

The earliest document in the Deeds of Ivydene is dated 2nd September 1937. This is a Conveyance between Mr Edward Hughes and Mrs Lily Louisa Mansell. The first transaction mentioned in an Abstract of Title of 1945 is 28th March 1887. It is assumed that the conveyance of 1937 is the first document relating to Ivydene as a separate property. It is likely that the original deeds are with nearby Mona Cottage which Edward Hughes also owned.

  • No.1: dated 1937 - Conveyance.
  • No.2: dated 1945 - Abstract of title.
  • No.3: dated 1945 - Conveyance.
  • No.4: dated 1945 - Conveyance.
  • No.5: dated 1967 - Assent.
  • No.6: dated 1971 - Conveyance.
  • No.7: dated 1972 - Abstract of title.
  • No.8: dated 1972 - Conveyance.
  • No.9: dated 1983 - Conveyance.
  • No.10: dated 1996 - Registration.

No.1:         Conveyance dated 2nd September 1937 between Mr Edward Hughes and Mrs Lily Louisa Mansell.

No.2:         Abstract of title dated 1945, regarding past transactions concerning Ivydene or the land upon which it stands.

No.3:         Conveyance dated 10th January 1945 between Mr Reginald Ludlow and Mrs Lily Louisa Mansell.

No.4:         Conveyance dated 11th January 1945 between Mrs Lily Louisa Mansell and Mr George Grove.

No.5:         Assent dated 12th October 1967 for George Grove, deceased.

No.6:         Conveyance dated 26th August 1971 between Mrs Muriel Ellen Grove and Mary Drucilla Scott & Shirley Frances Robinson.

No.7:         abstract of title dated 1972 of Shirley Frances Robinson.

No.8:         Conveyance dated 27th March 1972 between Mrs Shirley Frances Robinson and Barrie Edward & Mavis Ann Nutter.

No.9:         Conveyance dated 1st December 1983 between Mr & Mrs B E Nutter and Hugh Edward & Christina Mary Swainston.

No.10:         Land Registration dated 1st August 1996 when Andrew Brown Muir and Rebecca Ann Muir purchased the property.