1902 - 1924

The earliest document within the bundle of Deeds for Finch Hay is dated 18th March 1946 although an Epitome of the Deeds refers to a conveyance dated 1915 between The Rev Winnington-Ingram, Rector of Harvington and Rosa Malin, of Bank House. Here to be found are images of most of the documents up to the time when Konrad and Wendy Monks purchased the property in 1995. Konrad and Wendy kindly gave permission for these documents to be published.
Julian Andre Rawes, Crooked Walls, Harvington, 2018.

  • Finch014: dated 1979 - Declaration.
  • Finch015: dated 1979 - Conveyance.
  • Finch016: dated 1979 - Conveyance.
  • Finch017: dated 1988 - Mortgage.
  • Finch018: dated 1988 - Further charges.
  • Finch019: dated 1989 - Will and Probate of Leslie Walker.
  • Finch020: dated 1989 - Assent.
  • Finch021: dated 1989 - Declaration.
  • Finch022: dated 1989 - Conveyance.
  • Finch023: dated 1989 - Epitome of Title.
  • Finch024: dated 1990 - Land charges.
  • Finch025: dated 1995 - Probate for Clarice Walker.
  • Finch026: dated 1995 - Land Registry.
  • Finch027: dated 1995 - Certificate of Title.
  • Finch000:         Epitome of Title relating to Finch Hay dated to 1995.
    Finch001:         Assent dated 18th March 1946, relating to Amila Maud Malin, deceased.

    Finch002:         Assent dated 18th March 1946, relating to Rosa Malin and Amila Maud Malin, deceased.

    Finch003:         Land charges dated 31st July 1956.

    Finch004:         Mortgage dated 11th August 1956, by Mrs A Walker.

    Finch005:         Extract of Will of Raymond Edgar Walker dated 1959.

    Finch006:         Assent dated 20th July 1959, relating to Raymond Edgar Walker, deceased.

    Finch007:         Land charges dated 20th February 1962.

    Finch008:         Land charges dated 25th April 1964.

    Finch009:         Land charges dated 9th May 1964.

    Finch010:         Further legal charges dated 21st May 1964.

    Finch011:         Extract of Will of Annie Walker dated 1972.

    Finch012:         Assent dated 24th March 1973, relating to Annie Walker, deceased.

    Finch013:         Assent dated 24th March 1973, relating to Annie Walker, deceased.

    Finch014:         Declaration dated 12th March 1979, relating to Clarence Mary Walker.

    Finch015:         Conveyance dated 11th June 1979 between Mr & Mr L J Walker and Rose Cottage Developments Ltd.

    Finch016:         Conveyance dated 23th July 1979 between Leslie James Walker & Clarice Mary Walker and Rose Cottage Developments Ltd.

    Finch017:         Mortgage dated 4th April 1988, relating to Finch Hay.

    Finch018:         Further charges dated 14th February 1989, relating to Finch Hay.

    Finch019:         Grant of Probate dated 23rd March 1989, relating to Leslie James Walker.

    Finch020:         Assent dated 29th June 1989, relating to Finch Hay.

    Finch021:         Declaration dated 30th June 1989, by C M Walker.

    Finch022:         Conveyance dated 28th July 1989, between C M Walker and G C Underhill.

    Finch023:         Epitome of Title presumabnly dated to 1989.

    Finch024:                 Land charges dated 14th Aug 1990.

    Finch025:                 Probate for Clarise Mary Walker dated 13th March 1995.

    Finch026:                 Land Registry document dated 22nd May 1995.

    Finch027:                 Certificate of Title dated 2nd October 1995, for the purchasers Konrad and Wendy Monks.